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Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android
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Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android

The homescreen wallpaper on your Android smartphone or tablet is probably the thing you see the most often. Personalising homescreens is so easy to do and really says something about a user’s personal taste and style, which is no doubt part of the reason why live wallpapers have seen their hey day—a good live wallpaper really packs a punch in the wow-effect department.

Let’s find out whether Galaxy Pack will delight or bore you.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2 1.5

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2
Android version: 2.3.6
Root: No
Mods: None

The app Galary Pack will not appear in your launcher once you’ve downloaded it. In order to use one of the wallpapers, long press on any given empty spot on your homescreen or hit the menu button and the add button.

Once you’ve selected a wallpaper you can check out what it will look like in the preview window. Either you select a wallpaper as is or do some editing via the settings.

Here’s an overview of the available options:

  • Predefined Galaxies: A list of all available galaxies. There are eight different types to choose from. Hit Galaxy background to view the five available backgrounds.
  • Galaxy rotation speed: There are five speeds to choose from.
  • Galaxy Core Type: This feature goes into a bit more detail than the others: you can select the core colour for your galaxy (red, blue or white).
  • Galaxy core size: Select how big the centre of the galaxy should be. Admittedly, the options here are somewhat confusing as it isn’t clear just how big 40%, 70% or 100% is.
  • Galaxy Core On/Off: De/Activate the galaxy core.
  • Stars Type: Select colours for individual stars as well as 3D effects for the backgrounds.
  • Stars Count: Determine how many free stars there should be: 15, 25, 50, 75 or 100.
  • X-Ray Type: Again, you can pick and choose colours for rays of light that are emitted by the core.
  • Galaxy X-Ray On/Off: De/Activate the light rays. In order to activate the light ray option the galaxy core has to be activated, too.
  • Moving Animation: Determines if the galaxy should move when the screen is moved.
  • Set battery saving tips: Again, the confusing percent based options are listed. You can choose to save up to 50%. My guess this is related to the number of frames per second, though I couldn’t say for sure.

Bottom line:
In my humble opinion Galaxy Pack is one of the best live wallpaper apps currently available for the Play Store. There’s a decent amount of settings options, allowing users to set up a highly personalised wallpaper. The graphics and animations are top notch.

I would say that the some of the settings options are a bit confusing, but that’s not much to have to contend with in light of the great results that can be achieved using this app.



Screen & Controls

Whether you like the style or not, you can’t argue that Galaxy Pack isn’t a superbly designed app. The animations are well done, but the menu is somewhat plainer design-wise.

My one complaint would be that the settings are described very well.

Speed & Stability

Galaxy Pack loads live wallpapers in a jiffy and runs smoothly. I wonder, though, whether the absence of any lagging can be credited to the app or the high performance test device itself (a Galaxy S2). If you happen to try out the app on a lower end device please do let us know how it runs.

Battery life did not suffer because of the app.

Price/Performance Ratio

Galaxy Pack costs EUR 1,49 which is a bit steep if you ask me. That said, if you love these types of wallpapers the app is definitely worth purchasing.



Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android Galaxy Pack – The Final Frontier For Your Android

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