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Samsung Galaxy S3 Finally Revealed? I Hope Not!

The Galaxy S3 release date is, without a doubt, the hottest thing in the Android community. But Samsung has expertly fended off all attempts to find out details about their new super phone. Yesterday brought word that the S3 may have already entered mass production, meaning the release of Samsung's new flagship is right around the corner. So it makes sense that the first renderings of the new Android phone would start 'leaking' out. So is this what the Galaxy S3 will look like? I hope not!

This isn't the first render we've seen for the upcoming Galaxy S3 but it is probably one of the most realistic ones so far. The pictured handset does look like it could have been cooked up in the Samsung labs but if you ask me, it seems like a re-purposed Samsung Galaxy S2 which leads me to hope that it wont be the final version of the S3. I'm not saying that the Galaxy S2 has a bad design (I have one and I love it) but I 'm hoping Samsung will go a new direction with their next handset.

Also there is no sign of the rumored ceramic casing which has been dominating the rumor mill since Eldar Murtazin tweeted that the S3 was production ready.

As with all rumors surrounding the Galaxy S3, we won't know anything until Samsung makes an official announcement.


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  • I do agree it does make sense for them to keep the same basic design but I really want to see something new come out of Samsung. Here's to hoping....

  • it does make sense to keep the s2 look and that isnt an ugly phone per se but from what the rumor mill has been spouting something different and sexy is what we should expect and something we all want

  • You're right; looks aren't everything but after how much the Galaxy s3 is getting hyped I want to see something that will make me say wow.

  • Since I cannot see the back it looks like a thin slab of goodness. I mean, how much does the front need to change?

    For me, it is whats under the hood. I would like to see a luscious display (very high-rez) and quadcore Exynos with LTE and lots of RAM, a 12 MP camera too.

  • chinu Mar 15, 2012 Link to comment

    hope so eric.......

  • chinu Mar 15, 2012 Link to comment

    m going crazyyy

  • This BETTER NOT be the Galaxy S3