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How to take a screenshot with the Galaxy S3

How to take a screenshot with the Galaxy S3

If you're a Galaxy S3 owner but don't yet know how to take a screenshot, then today we'll get you sorted with two easy methods. Once you know how to do it, you'll be screen capturing everything, from web page glitches, to social media commentary to Snapchats. Wait, no, don't screenshot Snapchats, it's better for everyone. Here's how to screenshot everything else though.

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Any screen, any time. Screenshots are an essential Android skill. / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy S3 screenshot: hardware button method

The first method is super easy, simply navigate to the screen you want a screenshot of and press and hold the Power button and Home button for a second until you see the edges of the screen flash. This means your screen has been captured and it will now appear in a Screenshots album in your gallery. You can access it quickly, or share it immediately, via the notifications shade. Just swipe down from the top of the screen.

Galaxy S3 screenshot: palm gesture method

Samsung has also included another cool way to capture a screenshot on the Galaxy S3: simply swipe the edge of your palm across the screen and you'll see a scanning animation. The same deal applies as above: your screen will be captured and appear in your Screenshots folder and the notification shade. Here's both techniques in a video:

Link to Video

Once you've learned how useful screenshots are, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. You can screen capture a website and then use an image editor to crop a particular picture, or share a problem or weird glitch you're experiencing with a friend by using visuals. Screenshots are also useful for documenting fleeting things, like when new devices get leaked and promptly pulled from the web. Screenshot or it didn't happen!

Did you know both techniques for your Galaxy S3? What do you take screenshots of? 

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  • I got the first method to work after taking off the screen protector but still doesn't work with palm slide.

  • And for dummies like me, it just adds to confusion because neither option works on my S3.

  • red Aug 22, 2014 Link to comment

    it was a good refresher for me since I don't take screenshots on my S3 every day. Thank you for the article and keep them coming.

  • It's good to know this trick because we can't deny the fact that still many of the high-end Android phone users don't know how to screenshot, so this article will also their problem.

  • I didn't get it. What's the point of teaching how to take screenshots of a more than two years old device? Please don't get me wrong but I'm subscribed here to see *news* and seeing articles like this is really strange.

    • Hey Joel, sorry if you didn't find the article helpful but we try to write a mix of news as well as helpful article for the devices our readers use. The S3 may be a couple of years old but there are still a LOT of them in the hands of Android fans.

      • No need for sorry, I just wanted to understand. I still finding odd an user having a phone for two years and still not knowing how to take a screenshot but well, that's just my opinion. Thanks for taking your time to clarify this.

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