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Galaxy S4 Ships 10 Million Units in a Month, A New Android Record!

Galaxy S4 Ships 10 Million Units in a Month, A New Android Record!
galaxy s four sales
Galaxy S4 sales are already through the roof: 10 million devices and counting. © Samsung

It's official: the Galaxy S4 has hit 10 million global shipments! In case you were wondering, this makes the Galaxy S4 the fastest selling Android in history!

The device went on sale just last month (on April 26th) with 327 carriers in more than sixty countries around the world. Now, Samsung says, the company is shipping 4 devices every second! Samsung has also announced they'll be introducing new colors this summer, including "Purple Mirage" and "Brown Autumn."

The launch was brilliantly orchestrated by Samsung; carriers around the world received the phone simultaneously, and there were none of the supply chain shortages which characterized the launch of the HTC One, which is said to have sold 5 million units.

In comparison, the Galaxy S3 didn't reach the ten million mark until 50 days after its release, while the Galaxy S2 took five months and the original Galaxy S took seven months. 

No doubt the media blitz Samsung engineered – including renting out Times Square and Radio City Music Hall and releasing prime-time commercials – has helped sales in the U.S.

One note on terminology, though: Samsung has shipped10 million units to carriers, but that doesn't mean they've actually been directly purchased by consumers. Some of these phones could still be sitting on shelves, but it's an impressive figure nonetheless. 

Source: The Verge

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  • It's all up to those other OEMs to release products that differentiate them from the pack. HTC did it with "blinkfeed" and those wonderful front facing speakers. Samsung does it with numerous software features and the best specs found in an android phone. The rest need to find their own ways to stand out or get left behind as an unprofitable also ran.

  • ljhaye May 23, 2013 Link to comment

    Are you surprised that its Samsung, Really!! In two years they may 75% marketshare of android and I will wonder how open Android really is. I already find t annoying that its always iPhone vs GS3/4 , whatthe hell is happening to the other OEM's. You guys better start paying attention and stop heaping praise on Samsung, they are going to fork Android and cripple the platform. I say this due to the increasnig number of Samsung GS3/4 apps coming out by developers and the number of preinstalled samsung apps that mimic either iPhone or Google Apps.

    Remember the Pentagon ONLY approved Samsung GS3/4 devices not Android devices. Can Android survive witout Samsung? Some say "yes" but those are the same people who only Buy samsung phones/notes or are planning to do so.