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Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5: Who Will Win "Best Display?"

The Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors keep on pouring in. Today, DigiTimes is reporting that Samsung Display is working on a new sub-pixel arrangement for their AMOLED displays. They're also reporting that this display is the one that will likely grace the Galaxy S4.

We already knew that the Galaxy S4 was going to have a 1080p display, but now we're learning more details about this display. Samsung is rumored to be using a hexagonal and diamond-shaped layouts as opposed to the traditional side-by-side pixel arrangement in order to maintain a pixel density of 440ppi.

If Samsung pulls this off, the Galaxy S4 will have more than a hundred pixels-per-square-inch than the iPhone 5 – quite an impressive feat, and even more so when you realize the phone will also nearly an inch longer in diameter.

Now, just to be clear, Samsung won't be the first manufacturer to crack 400ppi – that title goes to HTC for their Droid DNA. But if you were worried that the Galaxy S4 display wouldn't be a scene-stealer, you can put those worries to rest.

I wonder how this will affect Apple – they may need to hurry along their production schedule if they seriously believe the iPhone 5 is going to be able to compete with the Galaxy S4. 

(Top picture: Galaxy S4 artist's rendering)

Source: DigiTimes


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  • You're comparing a device from last year to one that's not yet released.... If you want to do a fair comparison, you should compare iPhone 6/5s to galaxy s4.

  • bits Jan 24, 2013 Link to comment

    Mmh more " Oppo's " rendering i'd say :-).....though looks good too on a Sammy

  • bits Jan 24, 2013 Link to comment

    Mmh more " Oppo's " rendering i'd say :-).....though looks good too on a Sammy