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Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks: 10 you should try now

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of 2014's best flagships. Its great CPU and a stellar camera make up for its comparatively unattractive design. Now that the Galaxy S5 is more than a year old, it's time we showed you some ways to improve your handset. Read on for our best Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks. 

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Get the best Samsung Galaxy S5 tips right here. / © ANDROIDPIT

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1. Cinema mode

Cinema is the best viewing mode for watching videos, playing games and even shopping online. It's easily located in Settings Display. Cinema mode provides the best color replication and makes your viewing experience more enjoyable. Try checking out the tips and tricks video below in cinema mode for a start.

2. One-handed operation 

Small-handed folk might find using the 142 x 72.5 mm Galaxy S5 one-handed difficult. Luckily, Samsung has a feature that's designed to help. It's called one-handed operation mode. It reduces the size of the screen you're using, so you can reach everything within it with just your thumb.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Sound and display > One-handed operation. Once it's enabled, you can trigger it by swiping your thumb in and out of the sides of the screen. It includes quick access to certain apps on the bottom and side of the minimized window; you can also adjust their size by pulling on the outer corner of the screen.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 02
One-handed operation is a cool feature and it works effectively. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Private mode

It's not unusual for phone users to worry about their privacy, so Samsung built a privacy feature for the Galaxy S5. Private mode allows you to hide documents, videos, pictures, etc, so that they are only accessible by entering a PIN code.

First, enable the feature in Settings > Personalization, then create a PIN. You’ll see that the mode has been activated in the notifications bar. Now, go to your gallery app, for example, and long press on the pictures you want to keep private.

Tap the menu button and select Move to private. These pictures will then be moved to another folder, which will disappear when you exit private mode.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 03
Private mode is Samsung's solution for keeping your personal data and photos under wraps. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. S Finder

You can use S Finder to find anything on your Samsung Galaxy S5, whether it's an app, an event, a contact, a Google Drive document or another file. Simply pull down the notification bar and you will see the S Finder button.

Tap on this and it will open a new window where can enter your search criteria. This will save you a lot of time spent wandering in the smartphone wilderness.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 06
You can use S Finder to find anything on the S5. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Switch to List View in settings

When I first saw the new TouchWiz settings menu, I couldn't believe how unwieldy it was. To help make navigating it a little easier, you should switch the default icon view to the much-easier-on-the-eye list view. This should reduce time spent scrolling through it.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 09
Switching the settings menu to List View can pay off. / © ANDROIDPIT

6. Turn on Power Saving Mode

If this isn't one of the first things you do when you get a new Galaxy device, it should be. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the S5's two power saving modes and what they actually do. Ultra power saving mode is an extreme case, road-trip, long-day, no-power, emergency-situation option that will largely cripple your S5's functionality in order to drag out the battery life. This mode is not ideal for everyday use but great in emergencies.

The regular power saving mode, however, can be used more often, but you might want to enable background data and perhaps turn off grayscale mode to adapt the function so it's just right for your needs.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 11
Choose the power saving settings that you can live with easily. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Use Samsung's Toolbox

Samsung's clever floating bubble, Toolbox, gives you quick access to a customizable group of your favorite apps from any screen. It's a nifty little feature that everyone should be using.

Just head into settings (easily accessed by dragging from the top down with two fingers from any screen) and turn Toolbox on. You can then drag the little triple dot bubble around to keep it out of your way, or tap it to open your favorite shortcuts.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 12
Toolbox is a great addition to the S5. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. Set up the finger scanner properly

Despite the criticism of the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner, it does work consistently, if you know how to set it up properly.

When you register your prints, make sure you hold the phone exactly as you would when you unlock it, so you swipe your thumb down sideways over the home button. This means the print that the device registers is actually the one you'll be using to unlock it, and not some awkward version that requires two-handed unlocking.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 15
To register your fingerprint, ensure you make full contact with the home button. / © ANDROIDPIT

9. Use it with gloves on

There's no need for a special pair of touchscreen gloves with the Galaxy S5. By increasing the pressure sensitivity, it's possible to quite easily navigate it even when your hands a warmly clad in wool. Simply go to Settings > Display and tick Increase touch sensitivity.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 touch sensitivity
Increase touch sensitivity to user your Galaxy S5 outside in the winter months. / © ANDROIDPIT

10. Enable the Download Booster

Samsung equipped the S5 with Download Booster, a tool that helps you grab larger files more quickly when you're in a rush or impatient. The way it works is by combining the Wi-Fi with LTE. In doing this, the feature can dramatically increase download speed. But be aware that this does mean you're going to be using a considerable amount of mobile data, so unless you have a very generous payment plan, or you're really desperate, it's best not to use it too much.

To enable it, you just have to go to Settings and scroll down to Network connections. There, you will see the Download booster option. Press on that, and then slide the toggle to the right.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 download booster
Download Booster might use mobile data, but it makes for extremely fast downloads. / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you know of any other helpful tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5? Let us know in the comments.


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  • How do I hide the secret icon from my files so it is not visible

  • Ko Sis Mar 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I used samsung galaxy s5 mini, sm- G800F was shown internal storage running out and
    internal storage is mostly full , phone storage is always free 95% .How do am I slove this problem,please advice !!

  • Mark G. Dec 13, 2015 Link to comment

    The floating Toolbox app is ok, they could have made it much better, I now use "floating Toucher app" which is similar to Toolbox though it's much better with various customisations and app / settings shortcuts.

    My fingers scanner works great, if you register it properly, using your thumb sideways.

    Another very cool feature is "Air Wake" (settings/accessibility /Dexterity and interactions/Air Wake). It allows you to wake up the S5 by waving your hand over the front camera /light sensor. I find it very useful especially when you just want to check notifications.

    I also like to use "Air View" which let's you swipe through your pictures in gallery without touching your phone. You just swipe left or right over the sensor.

    Peace ✌

  • True to connect Chromecast to Wifi kept get if neighbors signal from Charter WIFI!

  • Are the cinema option details from Samsung, personally the Dynamic setting is crisper, and more vivid than the cinema. Cinema seems very dull and lifeless as if the whites are washed out

  • It is good to know such tips and tricks of your Samsung Galaxy S5. You must make the most of your smartphone so that it can be of big help to your personal and business work.


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