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Watch the Galaxy S6 Edge destroy the iPhone 6 in this speed test
Samsung Galaxy S6 Hardware Samsung 1 min read 7 comments

Watch the Galaxy S6 Edge destroy the iPhone 6 in this speed test

The Galaxy S6 Edge is faster than the iPhone 6 - and we have proof right here. You might have already decided which is your favorite, but a new speed test has pit the Galaxy S6 Edge against the iPhone 6 to show which is the speedier device. Read below for the details.

samsung galaxy s6 edge front
Which is the fastest? Galaxy S6 Edge or iPhone 6. / © ANDROIDPIT

The test was conducted by AndroidGamE, and while not exactly scientific, it does make for interesting viewing. During this test, the Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 are put side-by-side while various apps and games are loaded. It's actually just a pleasure to see how fast the S6 Edge is in action (rather than based on benchmark numbers).

The S6 Edge is the leader for most of it until Real Racing 3 appears, where the iPhone 6 catches up, but still the Galaxy S6 Edge beats it by eight seconds in the end. Check it out the video underneath:

In a similar test pitting the iPhone 6 against the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, the iPhone 6 beat the Galaxy S5 by more than one minute. My, how the tables have turned. 


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  • nice post man you may also like thisIphone 7 : rumours for specification and Innovation

    Mod Edit: External Link removed

  • I'm an Android fanboy and all, but destroy is not the word I would use. Phone Buff does a very similar comparison but he cycles back through the apps to make it a little more realistic. Most of us use the same apps all day. If you don't have to wait for them to open each time that makes a big difference.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 ram 3gb LDDR4 and iphone6 ram 1gb !!!!

  • Samsung Ga;laxy S6 looks better than iphone 6. For a full visual comparison visit outfresh.

  • May I ask how you guys have a Galaxy S6 Edge before it even came out?o.o Are you guys given an early release in return for advertising it? Or do you go somewhere to use the phone daily?

  • lol thats what i call samsung :D

  • I feel like opening all of these apps in a normal situation would cover a span of over an hour, assuming you actually used the apps once opened. If you told me I could save a whole 8 seconds over the span of a few hours, it wouldn't matter that much.

    That said, it seems that they have REALLY fixed the camera lag issue, which at least on the Note 4, is pretty bad.