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Galaxy S8: whether curved or flat, it will be a smashing hit

All eyes are on the Galaxy S8 even though we likely won't see the smartphone until April, if the latest rumors are true. Just like the one in regards to its release date, rumors regarding Samsung’s next flagship are flowing in each day hot off the press. Some announce only a curved model, while others speak of a flat model. Regardless of the display's final design, the Galaxy S8 can only be a success. Samsung on its side is also sure of this fact. 

A flat variation could be on the agenda

The rumor mill has been busy pumping out news (both real or fake) about the Galaxy S8, having only increased after the Note 7 fiasco. Up until this point, we were (almost) convinced that, unlike the two previous generations, the S8 would only be presented as an edge model, leaving the characteristic of a flat display in the dust. However, recent rumors have pointed towards the two models: a standard one and one equipped with a larger display and the name “Plus”.

The latest rumors claim that there will be a flat (SM-G950) and a curved (SM-G955) S8

The last rumor reported by SamMobile has clouded the issue, declaring that there will be a flat (SM-G950) and a curved (SM-G955) S8. Of the two models, the latter should offer a larger display of about 6 inches. Obviously, this is an unconfirmed rumor probably fed by several prototypes currently being tested in China.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 REVIEW 1
Is a flat model also on the agenda for the Galaxy S8? / © AndroidPIT

Samsung bets all its chips on the Galaxy S8

Beyond the design of either model, one thing is sure, the Galaxy S8 can only be a success. After the flop of the Note 7 and the excellent sales recorded by the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, the South Korean brand can't allow itself to do any less than demonstrate to its users once again that it is capable of achieving not only beautiful and well assembled high-end devices but also performing ones.

The first to believe in the success of the Galaxy S8 was Samsung itself

Samsung has no doubt that it will have a successful 2017 will the Galaxy S8. According to reports from ET News, the manufacturer has declared having prepared some 10 million units for the launch of the device. The production plan seems to have been delivered to various suppliers and mass production should begin in March, just in time for the rumored release scheduled for April.

After the flop of the Note 7, Samsung will have to do its best to deliver the best in mobility in order to not further damage its reputation. 

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7589 off white flag
Samsung should use the Galaxy S8 to re-confirm the brand’s expertise in mobile telephone. / © AndroidPIT

In 2016, the company had reached a new record with 10 million Galaxy S7's sold a month after its release onto the market. Taking it at face value, as reported by the Korean magazine, Samsung seems therefore ready to achieve the same success (if not exceeding it) with the Galaxy S8. Moreover, that of the Note 7 was only a bad and unfortunate episode, this chapter in Samsung's history is now closed. However, it is one Samsung should not forget about it, as it was an important lesson to learn.

Will Samsung succeed in its intent? Probably yes, but to find out for sure, we're going to have to be a bit patient yet. What are you expecting from the launch of the Galaxy S8?


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  • I hope so. I went from the Note 7 to an S7 Edge. The Edge is a dog by comparison. It's laggy and gets very hot. I have to reboot it at least once per day.

  • Now Case Makers have been showing off images of cases being made for the Galaxy S8,some internet sites are now showing render images of what the galaxy S8 will look like,but some people opinions of what they think of the Galaxy S8,they do not like the missing home button on the Front,but you always get people slagging a phone down until it finally released,Samsung seems to have realised that consumers nowdays love Playing Games or Videos and Films on there phones,so having more of the Screen on a phone is just right on the Galaxy S8

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

    I don't care what feature it has. If it doesn't have a removable battery and Micro SD, I won't buy it. Plus it needs a flat screen. Curved screens may look nice, but the are uncomfortable to hold.

    PS yes Mrnote5 and Itprolondon I am very happy buying LG, so there is no need to reply.

    • What's with the craze of the removable batteries anyways? Are you that obsessed with the phone that you use it 24/7 and need like 3 batteries ready-to-use or what?

      • Mark
        • Admin
        Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

        Removable batteries extend the life of a phone from a couple of year to indefinitely. Some time I am away from power sources hiking or fishing they are a lot less weight than a brick AKA a power bank. Plus there is no need for wires. A battery as it ages loses capacity and voltage. The loss of voltage is why your phone starts lagging and gets slower as it ages. Non removable batteries is just a way for manufactures to make more money though planed obsolescence. forcing you to buy a phone more often. Removable batteries have other advantages too. 1 if your phone is not working right removing the battery resets the phone. Yes you can do a hard restart, but it is not the same and does not have the same effect totally removing the power source. Remember the instructions on products unplug it for ten seconds to reset it. That way all the residual power in the circuits can bleed away. A hard restart there isn't enough time for that to happen. 2 if your phone gets wet being able to remove the battery prevents damage to the phone. It will not sit there and short out with out power. That will give at least an idea why I want removable batteries.

      • Well said Mark. They gotta make it with all Note 4 features + new stuff NOT removing anything.

    • Curved screens are not uncomfortable to hold, I do not hold the phone by the screen :V

    •   12
      Deactivated Account Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

      You live in a silly useless world most definitely Removable battery won't happen on the LG G6 so get use to it. Always get use to the fact that LG is useless on the Android platform always will be. The S8 and S8EdgePlus for 2017 pimp slaps any silly LG handset.

      • Mark
        • Admin
        Jan 14, 2017 Link to comment

        Mrnote5{isnot}boss- The 4 is boss. You are a total bias uninformed idiot. Let make a deal don't respond to my post and I will not respond to your mindless post.

        PS I am being rude to you because you are rude everyone who disagrees with you. There is no need for that here we are all entitled to our opinions. Quit insulting people!

  • Just after a Superb phone is being upgraded, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as been a Top Class phone from Samsung, but the Note 7 saga is putting loads of pressure from Samsung, and anything that goes wrong with the Future Galaxy S8 the critics will be jumping all over Samsung, rumours can be good or bad for a Future phone, as they have said Samsung will copying Apple again by removing the 3.5 headphone jack, but now that looks totally wrong with images of cases for the Galaxy S8 showing the hole for the Jack, Delaying the release of the Galaxy S8 shows that Samsung must confident in there phone selling well, but that might depend on the pricing of there future phones

    • Headphone jack is deal breaker for me. I dont want the hassle of having a separate set of earphones just for my phone.

      •   12
        Deactivated Account Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

        The S8Edge and S8EdgePlus will have the 3.5mm headphone jack trust that.

  • Samsung users laugh at those who can't afford them? Really? Well... as much as I love Samsung products, that kinda makes me not want to buy another one. I'm poor. Sorry 'bout 'dat, some of us have bills to pay, and paying for the latest greatest tech toy is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the list of priorities.

    •   12
      Deactivated Account Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

      We all have bills not just you but most of us pay those bills gladly then move on and pay for the things we want. After taking care of priorities then live life taking care of the wants also. That's a well rounded person period

      • True... I just got a ZTE Zmax Pro for xmas, because I was SICK of how slow my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime was. 6" HD screen, FAST octacore (compared to that Galaxy Core Prime anyway!)... $99 at MetroPCS. I'm thrilled with it. :) In a couple years, I may buy one that's even better, but it'll be an unlocked phone at that point -- right now I'd be afraid of an unlocked phone, as little as I know about Android. :) The only thing I miss about the Samsung is the built-in auto-reject list ability; I had to get an app to preserve ANY of that functionality to not be annoyed by telemarketers, scammers, spammers, and Verizon trying to collect from the person who last owned my number. I've had a Samsung wide-screen monitor since 2008, still just as good as day 1. Got a 48" Samsung Smart TV last summer, which is simply amazing -- we may get an even bigger one this summer. :) There's just a lot of other good stuff besides phones -- got a new truck just before xmas, a 2016 Silverado for an AMAZING price. So yeah, I won't be buying another phone till at least 2018.

      •   30
        Deactivated Account Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

        a well rounded person engages in need as opposed to want....
        a well rounded person knows that satisfying want is all about feeding an insecure ego ...

        personally I'm happy with a 2yr old Moto X.. and looking forward to reading about Sammy's latest flagship and probably keep my much beloved X for another year...

      • You just replaced garbage with newer garbage.

      •   12
        Deactivated Account Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

        Be careful with ZTE they are not trusted by carriers in the United States especially since ZTE is under investigation from the FBI and other federal agencies for compromising users information.

  •   12
    Deactivated Account Jan 13, 2017 Link to comment

    80 Million is real easy when you are buying the the Android platform has to offer everything else pales in comparison. Samsung is technology and Android it's been that way since March 2011 nothing else matters on the Android platform. Every year people reup on either Galaxy S line or Galaxy Note line or now the GearS line of products matter of fact most of us buy new products yearly because we don't have financial restrictions or restraints as other users of lessor products. Anyone betting against Samsung is nothing more than a typical hater or just can't afford to buy Samsung products so why not hate on those who can afford to buy the best.

    • Then why has the best as you refer to samsung not yet released nougat, why does the best not have enough employees to streamline their firmware division so that they can release firmware early and/or at least on time? Why do the best have to take short cuts and then their devices blow up in their faces (fig.) and in some cases literally? hahaha...

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