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Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy

Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy

Intergalactic warfare? Check. Enemy starships? Check. Hardcore strategy game? Hell, yeah!

Galcon is an intense strategy that includes all of the above. It’s up to you to protect your galaxy from any possible intruders.

Find out what Galcon has got under its hood in today’s test.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.9.13 1.9.13

Features & Use

Galcon is an instant strategy game. The aim of the game is to beat your opponent by conquering all of their planets.

On the map, you’ll find around 25 planets, where units can be produced if they are under your control. The bigger the planet, the more units it can manufacture. Every player starts off with one planet and 100 units.

You’ll need to use your units to capture planets. Every planet takes a specific number of units to be conquered. This number is random and has nothing to do with the size of the planet. You can conquer your opponent’s planets in the same manner.

The game speed is really quick. Based on first impressions, it seems virtually impossible to use any strategy, but after a while you get used to the game rhythm. The game may be simple to learn, but pretty difficult to play.

Winning this game takes a lot of thinking and effort. If you don’t manage to produce enough units, you won’t be able to stand up against your opponent’s attacks. Defense, defense and defense – it’s very important to keep your planets safe before attempting to launch an attack. The worst thing you could do is send all your units to one plant. That’s basically a suicidal strategy to use. Flexibility is key here and you have to make sure to split your time evenly between protecting and attacking.

With every one of the ten different difficult levels, you’ll need to take your strategies up a notch. Against Cabin Boy you won’t need to do anything complicated, but you won’t last even 10 seconds against the Grand Admiral without some serious tactics.

In the first couple of easy levels, you can see how many levels are stationed on your opponent’s planets. In the more difficult levels, however, you won’t have that option anymore.

In addition to the classical mode described above, there are also the following options:

Multiplayer Mode: Here you can play via a local Wi-Fi network or just online with other users.

Single Player Modes: In these modes, you can choose between the following difficulty levels in addition to the normal mode:

  • Beast: In this scenario, your opponent starts off the game with some units on every planet. You begin with two planets with 100 units on each one. The opponent tries to launch attacks at regular intervals.
  • Stealth: Same as the normal mode, except for the fact that you can’t see your enemy’s movements.
  • Vacuum: Forget about beating your opponent; in this mode you have to conquer as many planets as possible within a limited time frame.
  • 3-Way: Two opponents instead of one. It’s all against all, so you can’t form any teams.

Bottom Line:

I love this game and it really sucked me in. With all the different modes available – especially the multiplayer – Galcon offers enough entertainment for multiple hours. The only drawback is that you can’t combine several modes into one.


Screen & Controls

Galcon’s control are straight-forward, but very well-designed. Just tap from one planet to another to make your units move. Select all planets at once by double-clicking. To move units between planets that are already under your control, you have to click on an empty space next to the planet to transfer your units.

Another great things is that you can adjust how many units you would like to use by adjusting their percentage in the bottom corner of the screen.

The graphics are also quite alright. Planets are strewn about a beautiful galaxy. The units are represented by colored triangles that fly whiz around from one planet to the next. The phone vibrates when units land on a planet – nice little addition.


Speed & Stability

Quick gamespeed, no lags, and no crashes - a perfect score for Galcon!

Price/Performance Ratio

Galcon can be downloaded for $1.99 from the Android Market without any ads. 


Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy Galcon - Ruler of the Galaxy

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