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Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy

Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy

Many of us have a number of important personal informations saved to our smartphones. Heaven forbid a device should ever fall into the wrong hands, another party could very easily have access to all sorts of accounts and services, including those we wouldn't ordinarily consider a top priority when it comes to security.

Most Android users feel that privacy and security are major issues, and as as result we choose to protect our data using passwords and block apps.

Today let's take a look at our app of the week which promises to protect and even hide pics in the gallery: Gallery Lock Pro.



Reviewed version Latest version
3.3 4.9.1

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1

At first I was slightly taken aback by the sheer number of required permissions. I dug into it and realised that each permission was directly linked to one of the app's functions, so it all seems pretty clean.

Once the app has started up every user will be prompted to enter a four digit code. The standard code is 7777, but you can change this in the settings. An alternative to a code is opting to unlock the screen with means of an unlock pattern.

Gallery Lock Pro then has an inbuilt info screen which links to a comprehensive tutorial video. Once you've digested the infos you can move on to the main landing screen.

The main screen harbours three folders which can be used to categorise hidden pics. Should you wish to set up more folders to hide pictures in that is also an option.

Check the top of the display for options regarding changing the view and navigating the inbuilt MP3 player (which can be used when setting up slideshows, etc.).
Pictures within these folders can be displayed and sorted in many different ways, and there's even an option for adding videos.

The context menu also has a few options up its sleeve, including an option to delete the hidden function, change the name of a pic or delete the pic, add the pic to a folder or share it with others.
As you can tell, the app works much in the same manner as a normal gallery app, just with a few extra features.

The settings are equally interesting: for instance, the hide function/stealth mode will completely remove the app from the app drawer and launcher. In order to access it you can either use the telephone mode to enter *7777 (or *+digit combination you have selected). This is precisely why the app requires access to outgoing calls.

More fun features include an automatic scan of media files and various unlock options.

The only drawback I came across is that photos are not actually encoded but rather simply placed in a folder in the SD card with another file ending. This means they are not actually really hidden, at least not in the way they'd be if they were encoded.

Bottom line:

We love the Gallery Lock Pro concept and it takes no time at all to simply and efficiently hide photos.

If you're an amateur techie and have a minimum of patience you can quite easily locate pics on the SD card and need simply rename them in order to view them, BUT unless someone is curious enough that they'll actually take the time to inspect the SD card for possible hidden pics you can rest assured that your photos are safe.

The stealth mode is a great bonus seeing as it removes the app from the app drawer.

Screen & Controls

The Gallery Lock Pro design is not really my cup of tea personally, but I get that it's well-made and fully functional.

Navigating the application feels intuitive; the brief intro makes the app very accessible.


Speed & Stability

Gallery Lock Pro is stabile and solid overall and we encountered no difficulties with the app's functionality.

Brief loading times are to be expected.


Price/Performance Ratio

Gallery Lock Pro usually costs EUR 2.68, but seeing as it is our app of the week (until January 6th) we are pleased to offer you a special deal: only EUR 1.59. This is a decent price for an app with some very nice features.

Should you wish to get to know the concept first go ahead and check out the free version of the app.



Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy Gallery Lock Pro – Protect Your Privacy

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  • I downloaded this app on my phone and placed it in stealth mode, now I forgot the log in pin, does anyone know how to reset the pin?