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Gameloft Announces New Android Spiderman Game For Upcoming Movie


While I’m still not sure how I feel about the upcoming Amazing Spiderman film, I certainly welcome the addition of a new Android game featuring everyone's favorite web slinger! Gameloft announced that the new title, The Amazing Spiderman, would be released alongside the upcoming film, with Marvel and Gameloft working side by side (as with the original Spidey Android title) on its development.

The new title is expected to have improved 3D visuals over its predecessor (Spiderman Total Mayhem), along with lots of missions. You will naturally be able to web sling through the city and protect its citizens, all while improving your skills and beating up super villains! As Lizard is the villain Spidey faces in the movie, I’m guessing you will also face him as the end opponent in the game.

The movie is being released on July 3rd, and although not officially confirmed, it just makes sense that the game will launch on the same date. Until then, you can always satisfy your web slinging needs by checking out Spiderman Total Mayhem, which can be purchased here

Below is the official press release, courtesy of Droid Gamers.

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Source: Droid Gamers


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  • I really enjoyed it as well. Can't wait to get my hands on this one! :-D

  • Dogukan Jun 6, 2012 Link to comment

    Hell yeah! I really liked the Spider Man Total Mayhem 3D on my 3VO. Beat the game 4 times!
    Loved Spidey's jokes and the tactical Boss Battles.

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