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Gauge Battery Widget - Running Out Of Juice?
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Gauge Battery Widget - Running Out Of Juice?

Battery power has always been a major thing to complain about - and not just with our beloved Android phones. The battery has been the Achilles heel of virtually every single mobile device, including electrical cars. As a huge fan of electrical automobiles, even I understand that it’s going to take a while before these new vehicles can match standard gasoline engines in terms of power and performance. On a smaller scale, we all hope that future Android will include truly long-lasting battery power. In the meantime we can let apps such as Gauge Battery Widget run in the background in order to keep a better eye on battery consumption. Find out how well Gauge Battery performs on our Android phones in our test.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.7.0 RELEASE NOTES: New Icon, Facelist of the widgets, Performance optimization, Status bar icon works without widget, Non widgets configuration dialog. Varies with device

Features & Use

Even though every Android phone has a small battery icon in the status bar, you can never tell precisely just how much juice is left in your device. Accurate battery information is crucial in order for you to know when to charge up your device. My battery usually doesn’t make it past the 12 hour mark. The Gauge Battery Widget may not be able fix my battery problem, but it gives me a better idea of when I need to recharge my phone.
Gauge Battery Widget makes a nice impression as either a widget on your homescreen or an icon on your status bar. You can instantly see what your current battery level in percentages. There a couple of different status icon variations, but two of them are only available in the donate version.

One tap of the widget opens up a detailed settings menu, where you can customize just about anything. The homescreen widget is available in three different sizes:

  • 1x1
  • 2x1
  • 2x2 ic

So regardless of whether you need to save space on your homescreen or have plenty of room to spare – there’s something here for everyone. In the settings you’ll find three shortcuts to your system settings. This includes Wireless & Network Settings, Location & Security and Top Battery Consumers. The shortcut to the last settings saves you a lot of time searching around your phone’s settings.

  • Battery power at a glance
  • Customizable
  • Battery level in status bar


  • Circle battery icon for your status bar available only in the donate version
  • Few functions
  • Only in-app donations possible

Bottom Line:
Gauge Battery Widget shows you your battery life at a glance and does a better job than the standard Android status bar icon. Being able to adjust the widget’s colors is also definitely a bonus. If you want to get your hands on the fancy circle battery icon for your status bar, you’ll have to donate a small amount to the developer. It’s still worth considering.


Screen & Controls

Just add the Gauge Battery Widget – and end of story. You don’t have to do anything else. If you want to customize the widget’s colors, you may need to go through a couple more steps. You can choose to use the color templates or create your own styles. The widget’s size is also adjustable.


Speed & Stability

Gauge Battery Widget runs quickly and without crashing.

Price/Performance Ratio

Gauge Battery Widget can be downloaded for free from the App Center. 


Gauge Battery Widget - Running Out Of Juice? Gauge Battery Widget - Running Out Of Juice? Gauge Battery Widget - Running Out Of Juice? Gauge Battery Widget - Running Out Of Juice?

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