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Here's how to survive losing your text messages

Here's how to survive losing your text messages

You’ve just discovered that important text messages have been deleted. They’re gone, erased. Maybe it was an accident. Or perhaps you did a factory reset and forgot to back them up? We’ve all been there before and it can feel like a disaster. But is it possible to get back deleted text messages?

androidpit facebook messenger hero 16
There's a way to recover deleted texts. / © ANDROIDPIT

It sure is, but you need to act fast. This is because once the messages – now floating around in your phone’s memory – are overwritten by new data, you can’t get them back. We’ve got a tutorial right here showing you how to get your messages back even if you’ve deleted them thanks to cool apps such as Wondershare Dr.Fone.

It can happen

This happened to me once. I accidentally deleted a chat with a good friend of mine. It was nice to have the messages there for sentimental value, and there were some quite hilarious conversations buried in there. But I also knew there were addresses, passwords, phone numbers and other important data that were stored in there.

At the time, I didn’t know these messages could be recovered. In that moment, I accepted that they were deleted. Permanently deleted. It was frustrating, but I didn’t think I had any other choice. I had to accept it.

androipit smartphone battery attack 9
Relax... you can still get back your chats. / © ANDROIDPIT

Snap decision

Have you used Snapchat before? This popular messaging app is based on the idea that messages should be temporary, so they’re automatically erased after they’ve been viewed. It is possible to save them but, by default, they’ll be deleted.

Unless you’re flirting or sending something really private, I don’t think the majority of us would want to erase our conversations. Not that paper really matters anymore, but would you burn every handwritten letter someone sent you? That would be weird.

AndroidPIT Snapchat app icon teaser 1
Snapchat is great, but for very specific purposes. / © ANDROIDPIT

There is hope

What’s the overall lesson here? It is possible to get deleted text messages back, to undelete them. The value you place in the text messages you’ve lost might be too great to put a number on. So, for next time, you might want to consider backing up your texts before losing them. If you use WhatsApp, you can simply do this via Google Drive.

Or you could use an app like Wondershare Dr.Fone and resurrect the texts yourself. Good to know that it’s possible, right?

Have you ever tried to recover deleted text messages? Share your experience in the comments section.

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  • golaok Dec 15, 2016 Link to comment

    Yes, you are right. It's possibe to recover deleted text messages if they were not overwritten by new data. There are lots of such Android message recovery tools online.

  • storm Feb 5, 2016 Link to comment

    It's like with physical mail. Touch it the least amount possible. I take my mail directly to the recycle bin and sort it there. I often walk away with nothing in my hands. If you take from the box to the table. Then from the table to the couch. Sort it. Come back later and throw away the junk. Tomorrow, riffle through it for that coupon. Next week, riffle through it for your bill. No, that's eating you up.

    Same with your email. You don't want to leave stuff lying around in the server. It's not particularly secure, it's a computing burden and most companies have policies on cleaning up old email. You should have a personal policy too and it should also apply to your texts.

    Add any calendar item to your calendar when you read it. Same for a contact detail. Delete it after reading if it's not important beyond that. Or Delete it after the thread is done Noting any action item. Save or file it away if important.

    The Share menu is your friend in Android. I share heavily to my Evernote account. There are set times in the day I deal with my Evernote inbox notebook where this stacks up. But by processing your texts, notifications and such when you're touching it the first time, the bloat is decreased and you become less reliant on flawed apps.

  • wondershare dr. fone does not work every time in 90 percent cases it asked for rooted device

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