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Network Changes and New Tech Needed to Get More From Batteries
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Network Changes and New Tech Needed to Get More From Batteries

There is only so far we can go as far as having increasingly thinner smartphones with long battery life. These are the noises eminating from Qualcomm's John Stefenac. Stefenac believes that there is an enormous amount of pressure for being put on smartphone manufacturers to deliver cool, sexy, ultra-thin devices that have a long battery life.

Android phone battery drain fix
There is a limit to how far we can go as far as battery life is concerned / © techfreeks.com

The Qualcomm chief says that new technology is needed for us to attain our dreams for thin batteries that manage to last without a charge for days. 

"The demands we put on these devices is extraordinary. We have all these devices, but now we're carrying around battery packs. If we compromised a little bit maybe we could get a little thicker and get a little more battery out of it."

Stefenac did not mention where the actual paradigm shift in terms of batteries needs to go, but he did mention that network providers have a huge role to play in terms of preserving the battery life of our smartphones. He says that the manner in which the networks have been optimized have smartphones pinging between different base stations.

The Qualcomm supremo has said that his company has saved up to 30% battery life on smartphone devices just by working with mobile operators to change a couple of parameters on their networks and also opitmize them.

Stefenac also added the a good part of the public doesn't really know whether their device is connected to Wi-Fi, LTE or 3G. All they want to know is whether they are connected or not and this is something that networks will have to work on to optimize battery life for smartphone users.

Where do you think we are headed in terms of device sizes and battery life and what is your optimal smartphone size? Please leave us a comment below

Source: CNET


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  • I seriously don't care if my phone is a little heavier and thicker if it means the battery will last longer. I've never been bothered by pocket camera weights either - they are important so you're going to carry them regardless (well, maybe not anymore with the rise of good smartphone cameras, but you get my drift!).

  • I am in the group of users that accept a slightly thicker handset for more battery capacity and a useful camera.

  • My1 Jul 11, 2013 Link to comment

    I personally hope that the phones dont get extremely slim, coz if they are too slim, they will break easier, rather a thickness of Note 2 would give Huawei, in case of the p6 a "huge" amount of space for battery, even if it looks like nothing