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Giveaway: Win a UMIDIGI Z PRO in an AndroidPIT exclusive contest

Update: Winner announced!
Giveaway: Win a UMIDIGI Z PRO in an AndroidPIT exclusive contest

The UMIDIGI Z PRO, as we introduced yesterday for your chance to take advantage of a $50 discount on the device in a pre-sale deal, could be yours for free. AndroidPIT is currently holding its own community-oriented contest to offer you a chance at winning this brand new Android smartphone, just shown at the MWC 2017. A winner has been announced! Find out at the end of the article (can you hold the suspense!).

The UMIDIGI Z PRO follows the current smartphone trend of adopting a dual camera on the rear of the device. What this does is improve and increase camera functionality and features in a significant way thanks to the use of two lenses. As is often the case, the smartphone encompasses both a color and a monochromatic lens, which allows better pictures to be shot directly in black and white; according to UMIDIGI, this is better than ones that are post-processed. The dual lens feature also allows you to take 3D pictures as well as choose the focal point and aperture of the picture in a cool depth-of-focus Bokeh effect.

umi z pro front
We took a closer look at the UMIDIGI Z Pro at MWC 2017. / © AndroidPIT

The camera is just one of the phone’s highlights: the UMIDIGI smartphone is packed with a large 3,780 mAh battery that fits into the thin 8.2 mm metal unibody. It’s got a brand new processor that has never been seen on the market before, the Mediatek Helio X27, plus it comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, which can be extended to 256 GB with an SD card. Another cool feature: it’s got dual SIM slots. We’ll be doing a hands-on review of the UMIDIGI Z PRO in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more details on how the phone works and the advantages it has.

In the meantime, here’s your chance to win a free one in our very own AndroidPIT Z PRO giveaway contest. It’s really simple: take a closer look at the UMi Z and let us know in the comments below what you like the most about the phone. You have until March 9 at 10 PM EST to participate and on March 10, we will choose and announce the winner. The best comment will be chosen as the winner.

umi z pro back
The back in matte black looks great! / © AndroidPIT

A winner has been chosen...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! After much deliberation over the array of great and some very lengthy and detailed comments we received in response to this AndroidPIT / UMIDIGI contest, it has been decided that AndroidPIT community member Dave Tran would be the lucky winner and take home the UMIDIGI Z PRO. What we hope to promote is more interaction in our community: if we see more people interested in giveaways, then we will do more, on the condition that we see you giving back to the AndroidPIT community, seeing as you make this site great! For the next contest, we will not only judge the best comment but also community engagement, so you'd better get a head start. Chances are the next giveaway is going to be golden.

Why did we choose Dave Tran? He provided a thought-provoking comment, and found a way to make an underdog Android smartphone undermine an iPhone (even if it is just the iPhone 5). He was able to point out some things that we hadn't in the text, such as the physical home button, rounded design and glossy front, which show he had a good look at the phone with a keen eye. But, we also liked that he was realistic, especially in regards to Android updates. Last, but not least, he was humble enough to wish this new phone for any fellow Android lover, with the true sentiment that this phone would actually better someone's life. I hope you agree with our decision, but don't fret, we'll be sure to hold another giveaway soon. Dave, we'll be in touch!

If you didn't win, you can always receive $50 off on your purchase of the phone, which a pretty good deal.

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  • John Mar 18, 2017 Link to comment

    I am too late, hope next time I can be a winner, lol.

  • Hands down is the dual camera along with the storage capacity

  • Good morning. Has the winter been announced? Just asking since I haven't seen any updates that I can find. Thanks and have a great Monday

  • I adore this phone it is well-priced and don't even get me started on the cameras on the back it has 2 13MP Dual Lens from Sony and the front is also 13MP with a selfie soft light and also the 3D live photo feature.It even turns your pictures into videos.It even has one of the most powerful processors on the market today,the MTK Helio X27.The phone it self is thin and light and the unimetal body is just magnificent to look at.It's screen is one of the best I have seen an FHD Display.The battery is a 3780mAH High Density battery and for the big battery,the phone has quick-charge.It has a fingerprint scanner which will come in handy in terms of privacy.I have a two phone but with this phone it has dual-sim and even fast LTE.It has Android 6.0 but with OTA it can easily be upgraded to the latest Android software Android 7.0.I love this phone,everything about it is just what I am looking for.

  • Fun question xD ! Seriously tho: its not BAD. Simply: its not for me. I strongly prefer to invest a little more in more compact phones ( i like them durable); so in that line… Agm got it best this time, sorry Umi....

  • Sacz Mar 11, 2017 Link to comment

    Definitely the dual camera 3D feauture + the exquisite looking black and white style photos.

    I've done my research and Umi Z Pro at $249 price range has already killed all the flagships. Yesterday I read that Google Pixel has microphone hardware issues. I know Umi have improved quite a lot in the hardware front and if Umi Z supports me for 3 years or more, then that would be more than enough. Seriously, everyone switches phones in 2 years, so why sepend thrice the amount on just brand value.

    Truth hurts for those who wasted big bucks

  • The live photo feature is worth the WHISTLE..!

  • I would have to say that the dual cameras arey favorite feature... But that battery is a close second.

  • Because I consider myself a hopeless case regarding photography, the aspect of the phone I like most is the suite of camera options that give me hope that all is not lost. The "shoot first, focus later" is particularly appealing for a noob like me. When combined with dual 12 MP lenses, 3D Capture, and Live Photo, I get a little misty. Perhaps there is hope yet. Cool phone!

  • What I like about the phone surely has to be the design of the UMIDIGI Z PRO, it's constructed in a very unique and simple way that's just gorgeous to look at. Simple details like it's camera placement and the logo in the centre articulates this truly well crafted phone.

  • Live & 3 D Photo, Very Competitive Pricing and the Best of all, Dual Sim !!

  • Janne Mar 9, 2017 Link to comment

    Phone is great. Price is that thing I like most.

  • For me I'd have to say its the 4GB of RAM, multitasking should be a dream on this bad boy!

  • To start off, Im suprised at the value for money this phone offers. Other mainstream brands cant come close.

    Im a power user so the big battery seems very good and along with the new Helio x27 chip, it should perform on par with other smartphones costing more than double compared to the UmiDigi Z Pro.

    The dual camera also seems to be good from what I have seen so from videos etc. I love taking pics with bokeh effects and im interested in trying out the live photos

    Good luck to everyone, hope I win! XD

  • I think that the advanced photography features are what caught my interest the most. Attractice design overall.

  • The ability to take black and white pictures

    • what does that means? xD dude... its not a bad model but other brands like, idk: AMG are actually doing something better than Samsung/iphone clones

  • Love the look plus the32gigs of storage

  • Jay C Mar 8, 2017 Link to comment

    Beautiful Phone but not quite as Beautiful as Ms Loie Favre 😉

  • It certainly shows itself to be the total package, but even though it has a great sounding battery, will it actually last? will the camera & its features live up to its hype? The only answer at this stage is "I certainly hope so"

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