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HTC One M7 and M8 bug alert: voice calls blocked!

HTC One M7 and M8 bug alert: voice calls blocked!

A major glitch is reportedly disrupting call services to the HTC One M7 and HTC One M8. The complaint popped up last month on the XDA Developers forum and has since become more widespread. 

phone call
Many HTC One users are frustrated by the glitch, which prevents calls from being heard. / © Sergey Nivens / shutterstock 

According to reports, the glitch prevents users from hearing anything during calls. Apparently, it has been impacting OTA calls but not Wi-Fi.The problem was first reported by forum user PondaRox.

"I got a couple of phone calls , and when I answered, I found that I couldn't hear the other person and they couldn't hear me either. When I made some calls myself, I couldn't hear the tone in my own phone, though I could hear the phone I was calling (my landline) ringing. Answering on the landline, I couldn't hear anything on my phone and the landline couldn't hear anything either."

Users have been trying to troubleshoot the glitch and have proposed a few culprits. Some suggest that a Google Play update from HTC could be the problem. Others recommend flashing a ROM other than the HTC Sense will clear up the issue. Another workaround involves turning the phone to safe or airplane mode, restarting the phone, then returning to normal mode. 

Aside from this speculation, there is currently no clear solution for the glitch. A commenter on Phandroid, Tom Cantwell, said he has talked to HTC about the call problem.

“They are well aware of the problem and taking full responsibility they are currently gathering data on who all was affected in order push a permanent solution to customers ASAP. Temporally you can disable google services framework and restart the phone and it should work after a few hours turn re-enable google services framework. This of course is only a temporary solution and does not work for everyone. Also Wi-Fi calling is not affected.”

I find this glitch very troubling. While I don't make voice calls very often, I do expect my phone work in case of emergencies. 

What do you think about the reported call problems on the HTC One? How should HTC act to solve the problem?

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  • For those of you running the Viper rom, they released a bug fix for this issue!! Just go to settings and then Venom HUB and it should be there =)

  • Hi!
    I have an HTC One (M7) and the problems described above, affected me a few days ago.
    I could almost completely solve this problem as follows:
    I updated the Service Pack HTC to its latest version from Google Play.
    Then I just did a Soft Reset (pressing the power button 10 seconds until the counter restart the Smartphone).
    And ready! .. Everything OK! .. Normal Operating without problems!

    P.D. You forget to restart and/or turn off your smartphone routinely to prevent the problem
    returns. ALWAYS makes a Soft Reset when you require.

    Regards and I hope that this procedure is useful ...

  • My HTC ONE M7 did exactly the same thing last week. The only thing that fixed it was a factory reset after I tried everything else. It seems fine now. I hope that it doesn't recur.

  • I've had the problem for a while now on my M8 too. At first I thought it was the same problem I had on my last HTC, which was the Sprint spark application somehow blocking my calls, but after a few days I realized this one was different. I was especially surprised when I couldn't find anything about it online. So I'm really glad this has come to the developers attention. Let's just hope the next update won't mess something else up while fixing this glitch.

  • Dean Dec 17, 2014 Link to comment

    I have had no such problem on my m8, my OTA calls have been working fine, and i have never experienced this problem, and i have downloaded the latest htc service pack update and it had no effect, my carrier is sprint, and as for the fast reboot setting, i have never had it on because my phone just never worked the same as to if i let it slowly restart on its own, and to be honest I've even dropped this phone in water without a case and it didn't mess with anything, and this happened 2 weeks a go, as far as I'm concerned, my m8 is pretty solid in every aspect other than it's cpu overworking sometimes which can lead to power drain, but the clean master app has that taken care of as long as i check it

  • That is seriously a ridiculous for all HTC users like me. In this way HTC will no more able to survive in this competitive world of Android based Smartphones. Earlier, I even face quick battery drainage problem in my HTC and to overcome the issue I purchased a fast charging based rapid USB charger from Amazon www.amazon.com/dp/B00MBDGVPM
    with 6 ports in just $20.79

    • HTC may have to fix this, but from info here and on other blogs, the problem was clearly caused by an update to Google Services Framework. If you disable Google Services Framework the phone will work. Why this update should have a negative impact only on HTC phones is something I guess HTC techies are currently trying to work out. I personally like my HTC enough to stick with it while they do.

  • As I said in my description of the problem, I got the problem BEFORE I downloaded the Service Pack. I then downloaded it in the hope that it might fix the problem, since it was labelled bug fixes. It didn't. I've tried uninstalling it - no better.

  • do not download htc service pack if you want to avoid this issue

  • I have an almost 2 year old HTC One - four days ago I started to experience the same problem. Curiously, I had NOT applied the HTC Service Pack Update when the problem started. Applying it made no difference.
    If I do a soft reset, the phone works for the next call, then fails again. When it's not working I don't hear a ring tone when I call, and once the call connects, there is no voice transmission in either direction. The phone still vibrates when it connects. No voice transmission for calls I answer either. Everything else works - texting, wifi hotspot, mail, internet, camera - it's clearly a software glitch and not the phone. Just hope HTC gets on with diagnosis and fix - submitting this on the grounds that it might help diagnosis.

  • I had this, went to settings, power, and unchecked fastboot and it sorted it right out

  • haha. saw the title on my notifications, had to check the story it to know if it's a bug that was causing it or an app called 'Glitch' :-D

  • mike Dec 15, 2014 Link to comment

    i have the issue on the M8 on tmobile

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