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Google Implements Advanced Search Features for Gmail

Authored by: Briley Kenney — Nov 15, 2012

According to Google, or at least according to what they announced on their official Gmail blog, the search feature within Gmail has been updated. More specifically, Google has made it easier to search for email content in Gmail.

The new advanced search feature in Gmail

Now, you can filter messages by searching for a particular date, attachment size and more. The update was implemented through a new syntax code, which is relatively easy to use. The code for the advanced search feature uses the following rule: ‘syntax_code:value’

So, if you want to filter out messages that are less than two years old, you will use the following syntax: ‘older_than:2y’

If you want to see only the emails that contain an attachment, you will use the following syntax: ‘has:attachment’

Hopefully by now you get the gist of it. The advanced search feature essentially adds a plethora of new filters you can use, in order to find what you’re looking for.

Google has the complete list of syntax commands on the Gmail support page.

Between minor updates like this new search feature and the recent Google+ install button, I’m falling for Google more and more every day.

Source: Gmail Blog

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