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Google Analytics – How's your website doing today?

Google Analytics – How's your website doing today?

For some of you, Google Analytics will be synonymous with data and information collection—and while it's true that Google Analytics does collect useful statistics for domain owners (some of which are absolutely essential for the well-being of the business), it's by no means some kind evil spy from the depths of the internet.

If you're a domain owner (or simply interested in how Google Analytics actually work) read on for our review of an app to go with Google Analytics.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.4 3.7.5

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.1
Root: No
Modifications: None

Google Analytics is integrated as a JavaScript on a website and registers every click that is made to that website. The web UI as well as the app then graphically show how many clicks are being made, as well as real-time statistics.

So let's get started: if you've already registered your website with Google Analytics you can simply log in using your Google account. Your websites will be presented in individual files, and you need only choose a file to access the statistics you want.

The dashboard marks viewer statistics regarding visit duration and unique visitors. Hit the button at the top left to add more statistics, though I should point out that this did not always work out smoothly during our test runs, in the sense that at times new graphics could not be added, at least not at the first attempt.

Right swipe in order to access real-time stats. These are almost identical to the web UI ones and are updated just as frequently. This is a good tool for keeping track of how many visitors are on your site. Furthermore, if you keep an eye on these stats you can also ascertain whether your site is reachable or not, provided your site is popular enough as to always have more than 0 users on it.

Switch to the right on the Dashboard to view a few automated notifications that Google Analytics deems as important. Unfortunately, these notifications won't show up in the notification bar, which is too bad as otherwise you could keep your finger on the pulse of average visit duration, as well as what is attracting the most commotion (positive or negative).
The web UI also has an options for personalised notifications, but this is not true for the app, unfortunately. But then again this is a fairly advanced feature.

There are no settings options, but I don't feel this is any great loss, seeing as you can configure stats in the Dashboard (sampling intervals, time frame, etc.) and that's all you really need.

Bottom line:

Google Analytics is a simple app for Android which informs domain owners and admins of some key users stats. We recommend the app for those of you who which to glance at your stats even when you're on the go. If you're looking for more detailed informations we recommend gAnalytics.


Screen & Controls

Google Analytics controls are simple enough and shouldn't be much of a problem for anyone who's familiar with running and managing a domain, especially if you're already familiar with the Google Analytics web UI.

We also like the classic Google apps design.


Speed & Stability

Google Analytics performs well overall: it's fast and stabile, even when loading data via networks such as EDGE.


Price/Performance Ratio

The Google Analytics app is available for free.


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