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Patent peace as Google and Samsung sign 10-year ceasefire

In a move that some of us thought might never happen, two major companies have come to a peace agreement on the patent front, with Samsung and Google agreeing to license each other's patents for the next 10 years. What this might mean for other high-profile patent conflicts remains to be seen but we can only hope that it will set a precedent other OEMs will look to follow.

Google Samsung Logos
What could this peace agreement mean for other OEMs? / © AndroidPIT/Google/Samsung

The deal, a global patent cross-license agreement, will cover a wide variety of existing technological and business patents. The deal will also include those patents filed over the next decade and will contribute heavily to technological advancements as two major driving forces cooperate in a litigation-free zone. Considering this is Samsung and Google we're talking about here, this is a partnership that will mean grim tidings for other OEMs unless other patent licensing deals are soon struck.

Samsung and Apple are set to enter patent talks soon; could we see the hatchet buried? / © CNET

By focusing on innovation and not litigation, major strides forward will be possible, contributing to a much nicer Android playground, even if Samsung does eventually move away from the Android ecosystem. It is uncertain whether the lawful licensing of patents works out cheaper or more expensive than patent infringement and litigation, but the move is a welcome one that will benefit not only consumers but the mobile technology industry in general.

Are you happy to finally see some patent peace? Do you think other OEMs will sign similar deals? What do you think will happen if they don't?


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  • Then I hope Google strikes a patent sharing deal with HTC and LG next (send a message to Apple and Microsoft to chill out with these lame patent legal battles)

  • Good news. Let's just not hope it is a lonely duck in the pond.

    • Agreed. I'm hoping that this will make an impact on the Samsung/Apple patent talks in mid-February. Perhaps Google's addition to Team Samsung will help Apple decide to settle out of court? Although, I worry what a Samsung/Google team up will mean for LG and HTC if they don't manage to make the same agreement with Google. I can imagine without that agreement they could get left for dead pretty quickly.