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Google has announced its next event: new Pixels and more coming soon
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Google has announced its next event: new Pixels and more coming soon

Here we are, Google has officially announced its next event dedicated to Made by Google products. The new Pixel smartphones will finally become official. In addition to smartphones, we can also expect new devices related to the world of smart home and more…

It's official: the new Pixel 3 and 3 XL will be unveiled on October 9 in New York during a dedicated event that will take place at 11:00 am local time. For our UK readers, this means that you'll have to place yourself in front of your PC (or your Chromecast TV maybe) at 16:00 to watch all the announcements Google has in store for us.

The teaser of the event only shows the words "I <3 NY" which underlines the presence of the third generation of Pixels at the event, indicated by the number 3 used to draw the heart.

google invite
The invitation to Google's NYC launch event. / © Google

Pixel 3 and 3 XL

We have to expect to see the Google Pixel 3. The leaks in recent days have certainly not been missed. The Pixel 3 XL is probably the most leaked smartphone in history. So much so that you can already find photos of the smartphone in high quality and even a full review coming from Russia.

We know that the smartphone will once again have a single rear camera while introducing a second front camera in a huge notch in the display. The Pixel 3 should look more like Pixel 2 XL with not so small edges but at least without a notch.

pixel3xl unboxing leak
Google will not have much new to say about the Pixel 3 XL... / © Android Police

New Google Home?

We can expect to see new Google Home devices as well, but not as a substitute for existing hardware. Google Home (especially its Mini version) are selling well and they are well received by users. What we can expect is a smart display produced by Google, similar to the one launched by Lenovo.

AndroidPIT lenovo smart display back
Lenovo's smart display has a stylish look that fits every room in the house. / © AndroidPIT

The second generation of Pixelbooks and Pixel Buds

At the event, there might be room for a new generation of Chromebooks. Once called Google Pixel, and renamed the Pixelbook last year, Google's high-end laptop with ChromeOS is great, and a second generation would be exciting.

New Pixel Buds are also expected. The company's wireless headset equipped with Google Assistant and touch commands, as well as being integrated with Google Translate for the near real-time translation of all languages supported by Google software, could see a revamp.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 8025
What would you like to see improved on the Pixel Buds? / © AndroidPIT

Will you follow the Google event live? Let us know in the comments.


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