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Google Calendar Now Available As Standalone Download On Google Play
Google Apps 2 min read 6 comments

Google Calendar Now Available As Standalone Download On Google Play


I’ve always had the luxury of using Google’s calendar app on pretty much every Android device I’ve ever owned due to the fact that I always root my devices. But unfortunately for those who purchase Android devices with a skin (like Touchwiz or Sense), a different calendar is used in favor of the already awesome Google calendar app. While those calendars are also good in most cases, it will probably please many Android fans to know that the official Google calendar app can now be downloaded as a standalone app in the Google Play Store, which should work fine on any Android device running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

The calendar app was normally only available on Nexus devices running stock Android. The application makes it very easy to manage all of your calendars from one application, and includes support for multiple Gmail accounts. It also naturally allows you to create and edit events, as well as respond to invitations.

Google has added some extra features of the calendar to help you manage your day even more efficiently, which inlcude:

  • Snooze events directly from a notification if you’re not quite ready and want to be reminded later.
  • Use predefined messages to send quick "I'll be late" updates to your event participants directly from the notifications or the event itself (of course, you can always write your own).
  • Pinch to zoom in and out of a day.
  • Set a home time zone to help you manage your time better when traveling.

Google added the option of reviewing past events of up to one year thanks the newly extended sync period, which is useful for when you need to check where that meeting you attended took place 7 months ago. I have been using the app for a long time and am really pleased with it, and I’m sure compatible Android owners will be just as satisfied.

If you're  running Android ICS 4.0.3 or higher, you can download the application directly from Google Play here.


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  • Exactly Patrick. Why have an amoled screen if a every app has a white theme?

  • I love the SPlanner and the 30 day widget. I just hope Google learns and acknowledges the advantage of an amoled screen. I agree with Anna that a black theme would be awsome, not just for looks but for batt life as well.

  • Atlas Oct 18, 2012 Link to comment

    I prefer the Samsung calendar also above the Android standard one because it offers more features, and some which I really needed when I used the android standard calendar

  • Nope, not good for me. I'm going back to my Galaxy's default calendar. Believe it or not, the main reason I bought the Galaxy S2 was the fact it was so black; by that I mean every app had a dark/black theme: the calendar, the dialer, the contacts... everything! I knew nothing about Android back then, so the fact the S2 was Android's flagship phone and had the most impressive specs was a pure coincidence. Also, due to its Super AmOLED+ screen, the phone can display real black; no light whatsoever. I'm photophobic so couple that with setting the brightness to the lowest level and you've got the perfect phone for me.

    So, if Google adds a Holo Dark theme as well, I'm gonna switch to using Google calendar instead. In fact, I think I'm gonna go ahead and email them although it probably won't make such a big difference.

  • @Clouds - Thanks for that! I will look into 4.1.2 and see what I can find out.

  • clouds Oct 18, 2012 Link to comment

    It's really a useful app once you get a hold of it.
    Talking about Google, yesterday I received the new update 4.1.2
    It was 15mb and I didn't notice any difference, not even in performance, so I wish if you can write something about the new benefits of the update.
    I posted a link to a snap shot I took for my device after updating. It's in the updates section under new bean coming. Thanks Eric