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13 tips and tricks to improve your Chrome experience

Update: Update from Google makes it easier to read pages offline

Google Chrome is now one of the most used browsers in the world on both computers and smartphones, especially those running Android. The browser facilitates deeper integration with the little green robot's system, and is one of the fastest options for available for anyone looking for speed on the web. With this in mind, as we all want to be able to access things that little bit faster, here are a few tips and tricks to help make your Chrome experience even better. A new update makes it easier to download webpages for offline viewing.

Take a shortcut

Copy, cut and paste web addresses Speed up page loading with Brotli
Disable open tabs between apps in multitasking  Quickly switch between tabs
Add a shortcut to a website on your home screen Synchronize tabs and favorites with other devices
How to navigate in anonymous mode Save data with Chrome
Reader Mode Get Facebook notifications for Chrome
Compress media files with Opera Max Open tabs side-by-side with Nougat's multi-window feature
Read webpages while offline  

1. Copy, cut and paste web addresses

Share the address of specific web pages and content from websites you like using the Android copy and paste tool. In Chrome, click on the URL of the site and press the cursor for a few seconds. If you're using Android Marshmallow, you'll see that in addition to copying and pasting, there's the option to share apps and search for specific terms in Google Now.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 1
Copy, cut and paste in Chrome / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Speed up page loading with Brotli

Enabling the Brotli function improves the page loading speed as sites are unzipped faster. To do this, you need to open a new page in the browser and enter the following URL:  chrome: // flags / # enable-brotli.

On the next page you'll see a page with several features. At the top of the screen, highlighted in yellow, is the section that is most relevant to us. It's called "Brotli Coding" content. You must now select the "Default" menu and then click "Activate". You'll then need to restart Chrome to apply your changes.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 9
Activating Brotli speeds up Chrome. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Disable open tabs between apps in multitasking 

From Android 5.0 Lollipop the recent Chrome tabs are opened one over the other mixed with the apps, which let's face it can be confusing. Happily you can undo this action. To do this, open Chrome in Lollipop, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser, and then go to:  Settings > Merge tabs and apps > Disable. After that, your Chrome browser will be faster and more organized.

4. Quickly switch between tabs

If you followed the above instructions, you'll be able to enjoy yet another advantage. You can now move tabs quickly by simply dragging the address bar to the right or left. However, you should know that Android can be controlled in part by gestures. So in the following article we've put together 10 gestures that will enhance both your Android user experience and using Chrome:

5. Add a shortcut to a website on your home screen

If you find yourself frequently visiting a website adding it to your home screen will save you some time and a few taps. To do so, simply tap the three-point menu and select "Add to home screen." Then just choose a label for the icon that will be added to your home screen. Too easy!

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 4
Shortcuts on Chrome. / © ANDROIDPIT

6. Synchronizing tabs and favorites with other devices

This feature is certainly not new, but it's not used very often. To make it really useful, you need to set up some options. Go to your Chrome settings, use your Google account, and enable sync. Before syncing, open Chrome on your computer, sign in with the same account, then "Sync" in the account settings and confirm that the "Open tabs" option is enabled.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 3
Sync Chrome with your computer. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. How to navigate in anonymous mode

Incognito mode prevents Google Chrome from saving your browsing history. To access it, just touch the three-point menu (upper right corner of the window) and touch "Navigate without a trace". The search bar and anonymous tab icon are grayed out, and do not change according to the website you visit.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 5
For anonymous browsing, switch to incognito mode. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. Save data with Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can reduce the use of your plan's mobile data by compressing them. Simply open the Chrome browser and go to: Menu > Settings > Data Saver. With this option enabled, you will certainly save yourself some internet data.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 6
Use Chrome to save internet data on your smartphone. / © ANDROIDPIT

9. Reader Mode

Not all sites have been optimized to open on a smartphone. To improve your user experience with these sites, Google has enabled Reader Mode in Chrome. To enable this function open the browser and enter the following URL:  chrome: // flags / # reader-mode-heuristics.

You will soon find the "Activate Reader Mode", then click the "Default" button and choose "Always". Each new page you'll open after this will have a note appear in the footer of your display indicating that the website can be optimized for your smartphone.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 7
Chrome Reader Mode. / © ANDROIDPIT

10. Get Facebook notifications for Chrome

If you use Facebook through your browser, and you don't want to miss out receiving notifications, these can be sent to you through Chrome. When you first access the site with the browser, Facebook asks permission to send notifications to the user. This new feature finally makes the Facebook app useless!

However, if you want to enable or disable this option you'll need to go to: Profile settings > Notifications and then tap on the gear icon. Then click "Mobile on" and manage.

chrome tips tricks COM Setup 8
Chrome Facebook notifications. / © ANDROIDPIT

11. Compress media files with Opera Max

Opera Max saves data and gives you full control over your consumption. The application works with 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi networks, and is really effective as it compresses videos, photos and media in general, applications and websites, and without much loss of quality. 

If that wasn't enough to get you interested, Opera Max also allows you to save battery power by blocking applications running in the background. Last but not least, when managing WiFi networks, Max also tracks what apps do in the background when connected to WiFi. To get these features, download the app from Google Play Store:

Opera Max - Data manager Install on Google Play

For more information on how Opera Max works, visit the article below:

12. Open tabs side-by-side with Nougat's multi-window feature

This will only work with phones running Android Nougat. Open Chrome as you normally would, then long press the recent apps button on your phone to open the multi-window menu.

chrome tips tricks multi window tabs
Long press the square button on the bottom right to go to multi-window mode. / © ANDROIDPIT

At this point, go to the Chrome-occupied half of your screen and tap the three dots button on the top right for more options, and select Move to another window. Then you'll be able to open a new Chrome tab on the other half of the screen. 

13. Read webpages offline

For a year now, it has been possible to download a webpage to view it later while offline, but a new update makes it even easier. Just long press any link and choose "Download link". Or, when you're offline, you can tell Chrome to download it when you're back online. This is great for when your connection is spotty. Just open a link while offline, and when you get to the "You are offline" page, tap the big blue "Download page later" button.

chrome offline pages tip
Download pages to view them offline later. / © Google

Once you've downloaded one or more pages, you can get to the content by opening a new tab. You'll see your downloaded pages listed in their own "Downloads" section at the top, above some suggested online articles from Google.

How to download Chrome for Android

To enjoy these functions on your Android, download Chrome from the Play Store if you have not already installed it on your device. Click the button below:

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Install on Google Play

So now that you've assessed out tips and tricks, are there any which you think you might use yourself? Are there any other tips for Chrome that you use on your Android? Let us know in the comments below.



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  • I don't use Chrome anymore on my phone I use Opera Mini because Opera Mini blocks pop-up Ads which eat your data,I have been using it for two months and the data saving is tremendous.It is worth checking out and trust me on that.

  • Reg Joo 10 months ago Link to comment

    The brotli function works good, except one thing, that may be disturbing. After opening chrome, and putting it in floating window mode, it crashes.

  • Pieter Uys 11 months ago Link to comment

    Can one download ad block add-on like with Firefox?

    • Not on Chrome browser. In Android exist nonetheless other browsers that allow blocking ads (Opera is one notorious example, but many exist).
      On Chrome you can block pop-ups (usually used for ads). Open up Chrome, and then hit the three dots menu icon in the top righthand corner. Scroll down to 'Settings' and select it. Scroll down to, and select, 'Site Settings', and then 'Pop-ups'. Deactivate them.

  • kf1957 11 months ago Link to comment

    When enabling Brotli and Reader mode, eliminate the backslash after flags, and use no spaces.

  • parayil h. 11 months ago Link to comment

    Go to settings>storage>apps/ appication manager> all>select chrome> uninstall updates.
    Open chrome menu settings and,
    See merge tabs
    Activate/ deactivate merge tabs,then,
    Open Google play store menu my Apps and games.
    Update chrome.

  • No one 11 months ago Link to comment

    How about text reflow? A browser without text reflow is useless to me. I will not pan back and forth to read.

  • Ehm, maybe it's just me, but the "Merge tabs and apps" has been removed from settings since some updates now ... BTW, while I knew the others, I didn't know about brotli compression, thank you Bruno :-)

  • it's the best browser and does not require any modifications

  • Chromer seems to be good application to Speed up Chrome

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