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Google Confirms Nexus Devices Sold Out Due to "Overwhelming Demand"

Google Confirms Nexus Devices Sold Out Due to "Overwhelming Demand"

Android fans the world over are in a tizzy over the seeming scarcity of the new Nexus family of devices. Theories abound as to why the devices seem to have sold out, with some wondering whether third-party retailers snatched up the majority of the early units to sell on their websites for a massive mark-up.

Google UK has yet to respond to the shortage in Britain, but we just received confirmation from Google Germany spokesperson Stefan Keuchel that both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 have sold out there. "We are overwhelmed by the demand," Keuchel told Focus Online. Keuchel offered no timeline as to when the devices may be available again.

The quote seems to put to rest the theory that a server error had caused the Google Play Store to be unable to process transactions.

While the European shortage is worrisome, the U.S. could fare better. It could be that Google failed to prepare for European demand. One U.S.-based Reddit user named Foxbiscuits claimed he talked to Google support over the phone and was told not to worry. He was also told to clear his browser's cache and re-load the Play Store "every 15 minutes or so."

If it turns out that Google failed to prepare for European demand specifically, it could cause a further rift between Google and customers outside the U.S. Google was late to bring devices to Google Play Stores outside the U.S. and this launch could cause more consternation among the Android faithful not located in Google's backyard.

Selling-out of a device so quickly may seem like good PR in the short term, but Google may have just alienated their biggest fans. What do you think: is selling-out so quickly good or bad for Google in the long run?

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  • Well it would depend on the cause of the shortage. Did demand for the product truly outstrip the manufacturer's production capacity or did Google, Samsung and LG intentionally release a small initial batch to create a false impression of unavailability of the product due to high demand?

  • Maybe this is why Google has more than one manufacturer working on Nexus devices, adn the Motorola acquisition, so they can keep up to increasing demand?

  • I should add, my Cedar Shake and Shingle mill has been sold out for most of this year, and I have standing orders from four clients who will take every shake or shingle I can manufacture.
    It doesn't mean I'm bad at my job or don't care about my customers... it means I make an exceptionally good product, and everybody wants it.
    Similarly Google is sold out because they're good at their job, everybody wants it. If they were to wait a few months until the factories could manufacture enough to fill demand in both Europe and the US before releasing they would run into a few major problems; everyone crying due to delays, not just you, huge stockpiles and investment, a huge burden on their shipping department and a bottleneck there, and risk of over-producing if demand isn't as high as they'd hoped.
    There are, of course, other factors, but the down low is, make phones, sell them. Make them as fast as you can, sell as fast as you can. if demand is higher then supply go from there, but you can't SLOW delivery to make one customer happy or ALL of them will be unhappy.

  • Rutger Nov 13, 2012 Link to comment

    4) To give the Siri-workers a clue about how it should work.

  • They were probably bought by Apple, for a few reasons;
    1) To disassemble and reverse engineer
    2) To give to their employees to show them what "customize" means
    3) To prevent the consumer from getting them and enjoying them, and be left with Apple as their only option when Andoid devices can't be delivered.

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