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Google's AR Glasses Are Coming Soon!

(Supposedly, Google's glasses look similar to Oakley's "Thump" glasses)

Think augmented reality glasses are a thing of the future? Think again! Google says they're planning on releasing the first generation of Google glasses before the end of this year. Developed at the now-famous Google X Labs, the glasses will overlay information from Google services like Maps and Latitude, allowing users to get directions and see where their friends are when they put on the glasses. More details and our opinion after the break!

Here's what we know so far about Google's glasses:

  • Will cost about as much as a new smartphone: You can expect to pay anyhwere from $250 to $600, putting the cost in line with that of the newest HTC or Samsung marvel.
  • Head-tilt navigation will help you get stuff done: Apparantly the glasses will have sensors alowing you to tilt your head to navigate through menus, scroll and click. We just hope this part works intuitively
  • Augmented reality will inform you of pertinent information: The glasses will overlay information from apps like Google Latitude and Google Maps, allowing you to pinpoint your friends location and get directions. 
  • Privacy could be an issue: Since the glasses contain a camera, engineers are wondering how they'll be able to inform folks not wearing the glasses that they're being recorded. Also, Google could, potentially, mine tons of information from you from you, since what your glasses see will be sent to Google's cloud.
  • Will be released by end of year: Google said they don't have a "business plan" for this concept – kind of like with Google TV – but that if companies want to "join the expirement" they're welcome to.

Ever since I was young, I wondered what it would be like to walk around and see digital information overlayed on my environment. Reading Super Sad True Love Story, though, totally turned me off to the idea. I think Google's glasses are a great idea, but I wonder about my privacy. I don't know how comfortable I am with the idea that all of the information I see is sent to Google's servers. That creeps me out, frankly. 

That said, I'm still intrigued. VERY intrigued.

Source: New York Times


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