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Loie's Wrong: Keep is an Evernote-KILLER

Loie's Wrong: Keep is an Evernote-KILLER


Keep is a keeper. / © AndroidPIT

Watch out Evernote and Any.Do…Google has just dropped a bomb on your business models.

We are now, more and more, using our phones to organize our lives. The success of Evernote and Any.Do testify to the growing popularity of apps that help you get things done. Now Google is entering the realm of utility apps with a much-needed app called Google Keep.

Think of Google Keep as a more aesthetically-pleasing version of Any.Do and Evernote. You can remember things one of four ways – by writing a note, creating a check list, recording a video message or taking a picture. Once you're done, the app displays your to-do items in cascade of multi-colored mosaic tiles. You can re-arrange the homescreen by dragging and dropping. It looks a little bit like Pinterest or Flipboard. It's fun, it's easy – it's an Evernote killer.

Sure Evenote was first, but Keep gets the job done better. The app auto-syncs your data with your Google account, and To-Do items also appear in your Google Drive at drive.google.com/ keep – where you can also add more notes. Evernote has a web site, but it's nowhere near as conveient as using Google Drive. There are also convenient widgets that allow you to see your to-do items on your lockscreen or homescreen.

Overall, it's a beautiful and helpful new app which could easily bite into the downloads of Evernote and Any.Do. Not only does it offer a more aesthetically pleasing package, but it also syncs with one of the most-used Google apps ever – Google Drive. Evernote can't compete with that. Still, there are a few features lacking, including  Any.Do's alarm reminders and the cute "plan your day" feature which displays your to-do list every morning with a theme. But overall,  Keep just upped the compeition in a big way.

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  • Why does everything have to be a this or that killer? Regardless Keep is the app I was waiting for: simpler than evernote which has too many options IMHO. I do however see a place for both and honestly if you are an evernote user there's little reason to switch.

  • I don't know about win. Google will get a share of the market from people who want to try the new Google app.

    People who have android and don't have evernote or any do probably don't feel the need, but may try Keep anyway. I'm not sure how many existing customers Keep will steal.

    Time will tell but Google may only win the casual customers that haven't found the likes of Evernote or Any.Do

  • I agree with Sean mostly.... for the moment I will continue using Evernote but will happily try it and if its good enough then I might even use it for my large list of quick notes :)

  • Google going to win because all android users has google account but not everyone willing to register another account with Evernote.

  • Ti Mo Mar 21, 2013 Link to comment

    Nice upcoming tasks Steven :D

  • I'm a big fan of Evernote and Google. I'm not sure I'll move over to keep though.

    Evernote keeps adding and improving with fair regularity. While I may be tempted to try Keep. What happens if I like it and move all my digital notes over, start gathering and organising everything in Keep.

    Then suffer another Reader disaster as Google decides that Keep didn't meet some unpublished Google target / expectation.

    At the level that Evernote functions I believe that you'll struggle to find something that genuinely works better. Rather than with a different interface that you have a preference for.

    Evernote will still be here in 2 years. Before I invest in using Keep can you guarantee that it will be here in 2 or 5 years.

  • D********m Steven! You put my arguments to shame! Well done ;)

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