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Google Passes Microsoft To Become Worlds 2nd Most Valuable Tech Firm
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Google Passes Microsoft To Become Worlds 2nd Most Valuable Tech Firm

Around a week ago I reported on Google stocks hitting an all time high, which literally occurred just days after Android’s 4th birthday, and 72 hours before Google’s 14th birthday. Google is doing well folks. Let’s rephrase. Google is doing insanely well. So well in fact, that the big G, the company behind everyones favorite search engine, Android, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome (most popular browser as well), and so much more, has officially surpassed Microsoft to become the worlds 2nd most valuable tech company. WINNING.

This huge milestone occurred yesterday when Google's market cap rose to and closed at $249.1 billion, putting it comfortably ahead of Microsoft's $247.2 billion. Keep in mind that the amounts are still close enough to where they could switch back and forth, but as of now, Google has taken the number 2 slot away from Microsoft.

Google and Microsoft have naturally become extremely competitive with one another, and it’s actually quite amazing to see what Google has accomplished in just 14 years. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser (and all other browsers for that matter) has been dethroned by Chrome, Google Maps has literally changed the game in the navigation world, Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms, Android has dominant worldwide smartphone market share, and so many people use Google to search on the net that the term “let’s check it on the web” has simply became “let’s Google it”. If that ain't power, I don't know what is.

Combine that with self driving cars, augmented reality glasses, super high speed internet connections, a new social network, an ever improving Office Suite, and a newly bought Motorola, and it’s pretty safe to say that Google’s future is looking pretty freakin good.

So now that Google is the 2nd most valuable tech company, who do they have their sights on now? Who holds the number 2 spot? That would be Apple folks, and they own it by a pretty large margin. As of now, their market cap is $624 billion, which is more than double than the 249 billion Google has now. But keep in mind that Apple has existed since 1976, and didn’t achieve widespread success until 2007. So all in due time folks...all in due time.

So hats off to Google for delivering so many great products, great ideas, innovations, the worlds most popular mobile operating system, and for overtaking "the Godfather" of tech! Google is definetely the new kid on the block, and I feel very confident in making this prediction:

Apple will suffer the same fate alot sooner than you might expect.  

Picture credits: makemoneyinlife.com

Source: The Verge


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  • I'll handle him :)

  • lol - we are getting SPAM again ....

  • @Eric ... I agree except for when Microsoft bought Corel Word Perfect (which is still a better document software then Microsoft Word - Office ever will be) ... I guess I always felt that if someone like Microsoft, or Facebook, or Apple bought a software co (or an app developer) it was to improve upon an existing idea vs shutting down the competition ...

  • @CJ- True, but that's the way of the world in multiple sectors isn't it? I mean, its the same in sports..if a Chinese basketball player is playing great ball in China, and dominating all other players, the NBA buys him. Guess it was the same for Microsoft and software. And I mean..why not? If they can buy the talent to improve products, then its a pretty smart move!

  • @Eric - as much as I admire Bill Gates' charitable ways in retirement, under his direction Microsoft kept purchasing any software developer who was openly competing with them (later on, it was various websites - but what did consumers gain from these hostile tactics? nothing!) ...

    @ least Google hasn't behaved like Microsoft (they tend to partner with another Company before purchasing it) ...

  • @CJ - Bill Gates probably doesn't care at all, and I bet he knew that this would happen eventually anyway. Microsoft will always make their money though. That seems pretty certain.

  • Bill Gates is a retired billionaire, so I doubt this is making him sweat (unless he still has stock in Microsoft & its value is going down (lol) .... & I have to blame Microsoft for being lazy in so many ways when it comes to developing something new (serves them right for purchasing the competition, then shutting said Co's down) ...

    Chrome Book - if I don't buy another Toshiba Laptop? I just may be investing in a Chrome Book (made by Samsung & Acer) once they're available in a 17" size with enabled 4G lte - unless I go straight to a Nexus Tablet ...



    & don't forget the Chromebox (Google keeps coming out with more devices then I can keep track of - unlike - yawn - Microsoft) ....


    more over Apple, Google is set to take over

    C J

  • True that Atlas. If I had to choose anyone to get all that info, Google over Microsoft any day of the week.

  • Atlas Oct 2, 2012 Link to comment

    Even though I don't like Google becoming more powerful and having control of more and more of our private information, I'd rather like them over Microsoft.