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Google Now Launches on iOS, Siri is Screwed

Authored by: Steven Blum — Apr 29, 2013
google now launches
Google Now for iOS. / © Google

Siri has a new direct competitor on the iPhone, and its name is Google Now.

Android owners have been enjoying Google Now's mind-reading service for almost a year, but the predictive voice-searching app wasn't available in any form on the iPhone. That is, until today. 

As of a few hours ago, Google has released a version of Now for iOS users to enjoy. That means anyone with an iPhone (a newer one, 'natch), can download the functions via an update to Google Services.

The app will allow Apple owners to see whether their flights are running on time, if a friend has a birthday coming up, and the fastest route to work, among lots of other helpful information.

You'd think Google would want to keep Google Now on Android, but naturally Google just wants to make as much money as possible by getting Google services on as many devices as they can.

Google Now will compete directly with Siri on the iPhone, which might have been why Google waited so long to release the update, knowing it would upset Apple's overlords. Siri doesn't have the ability to display information before users ask for it and is slower than Google Now when it comes to voice searches.

The update comes amid rumors that Google is planning on releasing a desktop version of the app as well. 

Here's a list of all the specialized cards currently available to Google Now users:

  • Activity Summary (Walking and Biking)
  • Birthday
  • Events
  • Flights
  • Gmail: Events
  • Gmail: Flights
  • Gmail: Hotels
  • Gmail: Package Tracking
  • Gmail: Restaurants
  • Movies
  • News
  • Next Meeting
  • Photo Spot Nearby
  • Places
  • Public Alerts
  • Public Transit
  • Research Topics
  • Sports
  • Stocks
  • Traffic
  • Travel: Attractions Nearby
  • Travel: Time Back Home
  • Translate
  • Weather

Source: Tech Crunch

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