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Five Reasons Why Google's New Gloves Sound Amazing

It's stories like this that make me so thrilled that Google exists. According to Gotta Be Mobile, Google is developing some kickass virtual reality gloves to accompany their futuristic Google Glasses. They just patented these gloves, and, predictably, they sound incredibly useful. Here are five reasons why we'd want to own a pair:

Wearing Them Will Be Like Wearing a Computer

The technology involves a combination of cameras on the fingertips, a gyroscope, a compass, accelerometer, motions sensors, CPU, memory, onboard storage and wireless communications. That is totally insane. You're basically going to be wearing a computer on your hands. Can you believe we've moved from a time when you sat at a computer to one when where you could fit one into your pocket, and now you can wear one on your hand? The future: it's here.

You Can Use Your Fingers as Microscopes

Because there are cameras on the fingertips, someone could place their finger on a surface and – coupled with an augmented reality interface – see the opbject magnified. Imagine being able to see to the bottom of a lake by placing your fingers in it. Okay, so we're not sure if these gloves will be waterproof (read: they probably won't be), but that would be an incredible feature to have if you want to judge the depth of a lake. Are we getting too metaphysical here?

They Recognizes Gestures

Meanwhile, the accelerometer, compass and motion sensor act as input devices for motion. Just a flick of the ginger, a wave or touching a surface will send signals to a computer or a device. This could be incredible for augmented reality gaming. Choke zombies with your bare hands, slash through samurais with an invisible sword, or hit a home run with an imaginary bat. Or, you know, you could just use them to scroll through your Facebook news feed. In any case, I WANT.

They Could Revolutionize Sign Language

I think this one is a given. Deaf users could sign what they want to say and Google's gloves could translate their motions into printed word. This could seriously help deaf people communicate with folks who don't understand sign language.

You Can Sync 'Em with Google Glasses to Play AR Games

The new gloves will play nice with Google Glasses thusly: want to zoom in on something in your field of vision? Simply make a zooming gesture over the object or sign you want to see, and your glasses will zoom in on it. Imagine being able to see Google Earth on your glasses and zooming in on a specific place with your fingers. Amazing.

The  future is looking more and more like Minority Report by the minute. Can you think of any other cool uses for gloves like these?

Source: Gotta Be Mobile


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