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Hilarious Pixel 3 XL bug gives you another notch to love
Google Pixel 3 XL Hardware Google 2 min read 3 comments

Hilarious Pixel 3 XL bug gives you another notch to love

A handful of owners of the Pixel 3 XL are currently affected by a strange bug and we're not sure whether to laugh or cry. As if the somewhat unsightly display notch up top wasn't bad enough, this glitch adds a second notch to the side of the screen as it rotates. At least a small number of Pixel 3 XL owners are affected by the bug. Google wants to provide the update with the bug fix soon.

Until a proper fix comes from Google, this weird manifestation can be banished with a restart. So it's just a minor inconvenience, though you have it admit that it does look pretty funny:

Android Police were the first to report on the phenomenon that appeared to pour salt into the wounds of those who swallowed their distaste for the notch and bought the new XL Pixel for its other good qualities. Fans of the notch as a design choice can now enjoy another one. Google has declared that the highly anomalous bug was known and that a corresponding fix was "coming soon". By "soon", Google means the planned monthly patch with security updates for November 2018.

Only owners of the Pixel 3 XL are affected - if at all. The smaller Pixel 3 has no notch and therefore no problem. It is clear that not all manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon, and there are good top smartphones available without notches

Did you get a Pixel 3 XL? Has it started sprouting extra notches?



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  • Sorin 7 months ago Link to comment

    It would have been a lot more aesthetic if the notch appeared at the bottom of the screen, where I do not think anyone was thinking of positioning it. Thus, the screen would become completely symmetrical, and can be used in any position. However this fake notch does not have a camera!
    So I have to understand that Pixel 3 has the purest Android, the most trusted ...

  • Incompetent company. Seems like Google is only good at making expensive crappy devices.

  • When Apple came out with them, I realized from that moment on no screen, or any humanly constructed rectangle, will ever be complete without a notch. Temporarily I cut post-it notes to stick on top of my eyeglasses, which solved it for a while. But gradually notches will enhance all windows, doors, frames and screens - only natural and "ahead of the curve" for Google to anticipate, innovate and disrupt in this way.