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Grab Your Party Hat, Google Play Just Hit 25 Billion Downloads
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Grab Your Party Hat, Google Play Just Hit 25 Billion Downloads


Google Play – or Android Market, as it was once known – first hit its first 1 billion downloads nearly two years after launching. Since then, the numbers have really picked up. A little more than a year after that first 1 billion download milestone, Google Play hit 10 billion downloads, which is an increase of insanity percent. Then things got really crazy wihen 20 billion downloads were announced in June of this year and 25 billion downloads announced a mere three months later. It looks like Google Play is now averaging more than a billion and a half downloads per month. 

In other words: WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

To celebrate, Google is offering a bunch of popular apps for just $.25, including titles by Gameloft, EA, Rovio, Runtastic and Full Fat. They'll also be offering special collections of films, books and albums at a discount with titles like "25 banned books," "25 albums that changed the world," and "25 movies you must own." We'll let

For those keeping score, Apple's App Store hit 25 billion downloads 6 months ago. But unlike on iOS, Android owners can install apps from multiple stores (including AndroidPIT, yo!) which means the total number of installed apps is probably much, much higher. 

In any case, 25 billion is certainly nothing to scoff at, and it looks like the pace is picking up even more recently, since it was only in April that Google announced they were seeing 1 billion downloads per month, and now that number has increased by 50% to 1.5 billion downloads per month. No doubt those 1.3 million activations per day are helping! 


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  • Its taken time, but I have a feeling that Google Play will outgrow iTunes ... even Amazon.com is giving iTunes a good challenge by offering "on demand" content

  • Ohhh I'd so like to get those "banned books" :( Too bad I live in Europe!!! >:((((( why is the iTunes content available to everyone internationally and the Google play content isn't?! :'(

  • @clouds, google is just ironing out the licensing deals. They don't want to be shut down for an intellectual property right violation. The playstore/market was the same in circa 2008. Only free apps were available to the rest of the world and only US residents could avail of paid apps. It'll soon be available to us non US/UK residents.

  • No, you deserve to live and enjoy unlimited books and films! Believe me, I feel your pain as I am also in Europe... :)

  • clouds Sep 26, 2012 Link to comment

    Google Play is playing with us outsiders non US or UK citizens. No movie, music, book download. We are not people, we deserve to die!