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Google Play Store Reaches 700,000 Apps 1 Month After Apple


Android and Apple are not only battling it out in courts and for market share, but also in their respective app marketplaces.. Android recently turned the heat up in that battle, as the big G announced this week that the Google Play Store just reached 700,000 apps. The news comes just a little over a month after Apple announced that their App Store hit the exact same number of applications.

I do hope that this bit of information silences all those who feel that developers are turning away from Android. Apple launched its App Store back in July of 2008, with Google launching theirs in October 2008. Since then, it’s been an ongoing battle between the 2 tech giants, which apparently won’t end anytime soon.

Google Play has been criticized often recently for its lack of tablet optimized apps, a problem that Google openly admits to. Google is hoping that the release of the new Nexus 10 tablet will encourage developers to take tablet apps more seriously, and have recently taken a more active role in encouraging developers to pump out more tablet optimized applications.

Whether or not the Nexus 10 can successfully accomplish that is yet to be seen, but it’s great knowing that there’s still plenty of developer interest when it comes to Android.

Picture credits: androidtapp.com

Source: The Verge


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  • I wonder if GOOGLE & APPLE will monitor the sales / downloads of the Apps they have available .... & if said Apps are not being sold / downloaded .... they get taken off (it is a waste of space if an App being offered is worthless) ....

    C J

  • @Rutger
    Wow I thought that couldnt be true so I searched a bit. I found this post and I'm shocked really. Heres the link:

    Man, Apple always brags about their app store but did they really didnt know this, or couldnt they figured it out that this was going to be searched eventually.

    Well Google seems to brag about the Google Play nowadays too. It would be sucky to see more dead apps at Google Play, which I'm guessing there will be more, due to the fact that there is little to no app approval thing at Google Play like there is on App Store. Lets wait for those Android analytics.

  • Rutger Oct 31, 2012 Link to comment

    Tablet opt. apps is no. 1!

    I read somewhere that about 400.000 out of Apples 700.000 apps were never downloaded, so called dead apps. So the amount of apps doesn't say anything, it's the quality of the apps that is important.

    I wonder if it is the sam at Google Play?