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Google Play Store not working? Here's how to fix it

Google Play Store not working? Here's how to fix it

We've all experienced a Google Play Store problem at some point. Whether it's an error message when downloading new apps, the Play Store crashes or simply won't open, rest assured there are solutions. Here's what you can do when the Google Play Store doesn't work for you, and how you can fix it.

There are quite a few factors that could possibly affect the Play Store, we'll run through the troubleshooting methods beginning with simple solutions down to the more complicated.

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1. How to pinpoint the problem

First of all, you'll want to make sure the problem is on your end and not a wider problem with Google. Check the Play Store status on a service like downdetector, for example. If a lot of users are reporting a similar problem, then chances are it's on Google's side and you'll need to wait for them to fix it.

If you suspect the problem is on the user end, you'll first want to restart your phone. It seems obvious, but this can be a quick solution to many issues. If your problem repeats, then it's time to get to work. (Please note: We have separate articles for when you're getting a specific Google Play Store error code, or a "Google Play authentication is required" error)

To start off, we want to check a couple of simple things outside of Google Play that might be affecting its performance. Make sure that your date and time settings are correct and that your Internet connection is working properly.

Check your Internet connection

It may seem too simple or easy, but checking your Internet connection could solve the problems you're having. Try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data, or vice versa, and see if the problem persists. You should also try switching your phone to "airplane mode" and back again. Finally, you can reset your router to make absolutely sure you have a good connection.

Check your date and time settings

Google checks your Android smartphone's date and time for the Play Store. If the store does not find a time, then it could cause some issues. Google's servers could have a tough time syncing with your device and cause your Play Store to act up.

To fix this issue, you need to go into your the Settings in your Android device. Under System, you should see Date and Time. Tap on this and you will see whether your phone is on the Automatic date and time provided by your network. If it isn't already then you should toggle it on.

If your device is on automatic and your Google Play Store is still not working then you should manually set the date and time. You first need to turn Automatic date and time off. Then start by entering the date and time with as much accuracy as possible. If this doesn't work, don't worry, there are still many more solutions for getting your Google Play Store up and running again.

AndroidPIT google play not working 2
Setting the date and time could help if your Google Play Store is not working / © AndroidPIT

2. Check your Google apps

If the Play Store is frozen or glitching, force close it by swiping it away or going to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps select the Google Play Store and hit Force stop.

Then, you'll want to make sure that Google Play itself is up to date and clean. This involves making sure you have the latest version of Google Play installed. If you still have problems, you'll want to do some housekeeping. This means clearing the Google Play Store cache and, if this doesn't solve things, going further and clearing out your Play Store data.

If there's still an issue after the Play Store has been cleaned up, we'll have to go a little deeper, and clear data and cache on Google Play Services, as well as make sure to install the latest version of Google Play Services. If the issue persists, the next step (make sure to record your passwords, etc.) is to reset your Google account on your device.

Install the latest version of Google Play

It's silly, but sometimes a Google Play update is available but won't automatically download until days after being released. If you get the APK, you can have the newest version immediately though. Read this article to find out how.

play store screenshot
Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Store / © AndroidPIT

Clear the Google Play Store cache

In some cases, you can get the Play Store going again by just emptying the cache. The cache is a storage area that temporarily holds data so it can be quickly retrieved without needing to be reloaded. This could solve your problem and emptying it is easy.

First, go in the Settings from your smartphone’s home screen. You should then go into your Apps or Application manager, it depends on your device. From there you should either be able to scroll down and hit Clear cache or you might have to first go into Storage then Clear cache.

Once this has been completed, go back into your Google Play Store and see if your problem has been solved. If not, you should try one of the other solutions here.

AndroidPIT google play not working 1
Try clearing the cache / © AndroidPIT

Clear out your Play Store data

Deleting your data from the Play Store is similar to our first tip but erases quite a bit more. It sets the app back to square one and gets rid of your saved information, hopefully including whatever glitchy data was causing the problem.

Remember, when you do this your files, settings, accounts, databases and other information will be erased. You should make sure you have the log-in information for the account as it will be taken off the Google Play Store account.

To get started, head into your Settings and find the Apps or Application manager. From there you should be able to scroll down to Clear data or go into Storage first then Clear data.

AndroidPIT google play not working 4
Clearing your cache and/or data could fix the problem you've been having / © AndroidPIT

Clear data and cache on Google Play Services

It is possible that Play Store problems could stem from issues with Google Play Services. If Google Play Store is the heart of your Android device, then Google Play Services is its soul. Play Services is the mysterious background process that allows apps to communicate with different parts of your device, enabling them to sync, send push notifications and so on.

If clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Store didn’t work then you may need to go into your Google Play Services and clear the data and cache there. Doing this is easy.

You need to go into your Settings and hit Application manager or Apps. From there, find the Google Play Services app (the puzzle piece). Depending on your device, you should be able to tap the Clear cache button or you might need to go into Storage first then hit Clear cache. If that fails to solve the problem, come back to this page and hit Manage space or Manage storage then tap Clear all data.

AndroidPIT google play not working 3
Clearing the data and cache in Google Play Services can fix your Play Store problems / © AndroidPIT

Install the latest version of Google Play Services

Another thing that may help is to download and install the latest version of Google Play Services and the Google Play Store. The most current version of the software is likely to be the most stable, so it's useful to keep it updated.

Firstly, you need to make sure your Google Play Store is up-to-date. Go into the Google Play Store app and hit the menu button (three lines in the top left-hand corner of your screen). From there tap Settings and under General you should be able to see when your Google Play app updates. Tap Auto-update apps and ensure that Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi is checked. Now, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Getting the latest version of Google Play Services is much more difficult and too long to mention here. Read our tutorial here for a detailed explanation on how to get the latest version

AndroidPIT google play not working 5
Is your Google Play Services app up-to-date? / © AndroidPIT

Reset your Google account on your device

We're now coming to the slightly more drastic solutions. If your Play Store app still isn't working, then you may need to refresh your Google account on your Android device. This will mean your Google account on your entire phone will be reset and not just in the Google Play Store. Make sure you know the account(s) before you start this. You could lose the entire account if you’re not careful.

So to do this, remove your account then add it again. It’s pretty simple to do. Go to your Settings and tap Accounts. Now you need to tap the Google account you want to remove, then tap the menu icon (three dots at the top right) and tap Remove account. Do this for every Google account on your device.

Now you need to re-enter your Google account. Go back into your Settings and tap on Account again. The only thing you should see is Add Account. If you see an account then you forgot to remove one. Tap Add Account and follow the on-screen steps to re-add your account.

AndroidPIT google play not working 1
Removing your Google account then re-adding it could help / © AndroidPIT

3. Check third party apps

The steps above should confirm whether the issue lies with the Google Play system itself, but sometimes the problem can originate from a different, related app, that can be interfering with the Play Store. First, check your disabled apps, and make sure that you enable Download Manager. You should also disable your VPN if you have one.

Check your disabled apps

Many apps need other apps in order to function properly. This is especially true when you're dealing with system apps such as the Google Play Store. If you recently disabled an app that could be your problem. Luckily, this is easy to fix.

Go into your Settings and Application manager or Apps and scroll to the bottom. This is where disabled apps end up. If you see any disabled services, just go into these and hit Enable and see if that helps.

AndroidPIT google play not working 6
Enable your disabled apps / © AndroidPIT

Disable your VPN

Having a VPN is a great way to get all your favorite media outside your geographic location. You can even use a VPN to install an app in the Play Store of another country. But your VPN could be causing you problems with your Google Play Store in the region you're currently in.

If you have a VPN enabled on your Android device you should disable it. Go into your Settings and tap More or More networks depending on your device. Hit VPN and toggle it off. 

AndroidPIT google play not working 9
Disable your VPN and that might help / © AndroidPIT

Enable Download Manager

There is a chance that the Play Store will stop working if your download manager is disabled. If this is the case, the solution is simple.

Go into your Settings and tap either Apps or Application manager (depending on your device). You should either see all of your apps or you might have to choose All. From there find Downloads or Download manager and hit this.

You should be able to see if Download manager is disabled. If it is then you'll see a button marked Enable. Simply tap this button to switch Download manager back on. If all you see are buttons for Force Stop and Disable (possibly grayed-out, as seen below), then Download manager is not disabled and you can rule this possibility out.

AndroidPIT google play not working 7
Disabling the Android Download Manager wreaks havoc on your system / © AndroidPIT

4. Go for the drastic solution

Now, we're getting to some more technical solutions that need to be done with care, so make sure you've tried the above methods first. Now, if you've rooted your device, then we recommend deleting the file "hosts.txt" in your system directory. If this doesn't work or if you don't want to root your phone, then return to the Play Store and uninstall previous updates.

Finally, as a last resort, you can always perform a factory data reset on your smartphone. This will erase all your data, so make sure to back up first.

Delete the file "hosts.txt" (requires root)

For advanced users who have already rooted their device, open your root-privileged file explorer of choice. Then go to your root/system directory and search for "hosts.txt" and delete the file. Note: do not touch any of the other system files!

Uninstall previous updates to Google Play

Generally, when you have a problem with an app you can just uninstall it and then reinstall it. Well, that works for some apps, but the Google Play Store is a system app on your Android device. What you can do instead is uninstall previous updates to the app and this might help your problem.

You first need to head into your Settings, tap either Apps or Application manager, and you should either see all of your apps or you might have to choose All. From there find the Google Play Store and tap Uninstall updates.

If your Google Play Store is still not working then you need to go back and reinstall the updates. From there, head down to our last solution.

Perform a factory data reset on your smartphone

If you're still facing problems after having tried all of the above, then you may have little choice but to do a factory reset. This is a drastic measure and there are consequences. All of your data will be lost. So you should perform a complete backup beforehand.

Once your data is backed it's time to do a reset. Go to your Settings and tap Backup & reset. Now, make sure the Back up my data slider is on. Tap Back up account to select which account you want your data backed up to. Ensure you have access to this account.

Once you've done this, go to the Backup & reset menu and tap the Factory data reset button at the bottom. Confirm that you want to do this, and your phone will be as it was when you bought it. Your data will be restored when you log back into your Google account.

AndroidPIT google play not working 8
Make sure you back everything up before performing a factory reset / © AndroidPIT

Did these solutions work for you? Do you have any other advice to get the Google Play Store working again? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Deep Endra May 21, 2017

    I tried all the method but nothing worked. I found the solution on appslova.com
    Resetting App Preference worked for me. Settings > application > click on 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen > Tap Reset App Preference. Hopefully, it will help you


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  • Nope, none of these worked. Granted, this is on a piece-of-s**t Insignia Flex tablet from WorstBuy, so it's already broken new out of the box. I expect any non Insignia-branded DigiLand tablets would behave just the same.

  • Oh, this is bullshit. Google play just STOPS downloading as soon as the screen goes off, and autoupdate... IT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS! It... does...NOT... "AUTO"... update.
    I've had this issue since the Galaxy S5, Just upgraded thinking it was an issue with the phone. PHUCK! Am i regretting this purchase. FUCK!

  • I tried almost all these "fixes". Here's what actually worked: go into the menu in Google play store, select play protect, unselect scan all apps.

    Open Google play store
    Open the menu
    Select 'Play Protect'
    Disable the scan all apps setting.
    Close out, and let's see if your downloads don't fire back up in a few minutes.
    I had over 25 updates waiting to go for weeks that cleared out in half an hour or so after shutting off play protect all app scans.

    • Taz 3 months ago Link to comment

      Great!!! that was it. You saved me a lot of time. Mine was working with VPN or over data network but not over my wifi. Searched almost everywhere found nothing till I saw your comment.Thanks a lot!

    • Stanza 2 months ago Link to comment

      This should honestly be top comment. After updating to android 10 my Google play store has been crashing after 5 seconds max every time I opened it. Tired the basic methods clear cache and what not but nothing helped up until now. Thank you so so much for solving my problem now I can finally update my apps after 2 months

  • I had this problem and trying to solve it using the suggestions you and other sites offered only succeeded in driving me crazy. I finally figured out the solution on my own. My phone came pre-loaded with a bunch of junk apps I didn't want but couldn't be uninstalled. They were taking up a huge amount of internal storage space, and I soon ran out of room for apps I really needed. So I purchased an external memory chip and installed it with the setting that it would be treated as permanent internal memory. However, I soon found that many apps will not install to "external" memory despite the setting. To get them to use the memory card, I had to turn on Developer Options and scroll way down to the option Force Apps to Write to External Memory and check yes. Everything worked great until updates started arriving, and the problem in this thread arose. Because I normally keep Developer Options turned off (my banking app and password manager do not like to run with it on), some (most) app updates apparently cannot find the app they're trying to update if it resides in External Storage. To get those updates to successfully download and install, all I have to do is, prior to beginning the update, go into Settings and enable Developer Options and check the Force Apps to Write to External Memory option. After I started doing that, the Play Store updates worked normally. After they finish, I go back into Settings and disable Developer Options again. It works for me, and now I'm not having any problems with updates.

  • Can someone call me please trying to figure out what wrong with the card just bought it and scratch it and said already been used

  • What do you do if someone some how in stalled the same apps I have and some how controling my phone not like taking over more like someone watching me like some almost all this app I can't uninstall I can't stop them and they have a lot of permission and always killing my battery what can I do with out a computer is there anyone smart enough to help me fix this not meaning your not if you don't know more like I have no idk how and who or what but I know my phone has clone apps in it that I cannot uninstall I have two of everything when I look into my apps please I'm begging for help is there any way anyone can help me

  • whu 9 months ago Link to comment


    • Fuckoo 7 months ago Link to comment

      You obviously don't have the issues mentioned in this article.....
      Out of hundreds of comments you're the only that it helped🤔

  • Not working play store

  • I tried everything and nothing worked. Then I removed my Google account but now I can't add a new Google account. It's says "experiencing trouble communicating with Google" and try again etc or something like that... looks like I am forced to do a factory reset here. I will save data (pictures etc) and perform a reset.

  • Zach09 10 months ago Link to comment

    What do I do when all it says is "Error retrieving information from server" ?

  • Mgc 11 months ago Link to comment

    Updated Playstore version and it worked, thx!

  • I downloaded and installed the latest .apk for the google play store. and it works again!!!!

  • It works wow thank youuu so much, I almost buy a new phone because this problem.

  • User Apr 11, 2019 Link to comment

    I uninstalled google play store updates, and it worked.

  • Finally Fixed. Worked on a tablet for 3 days, upgrading OS to version 8.1, rooting it, running APS to install Google play and Google play Services and finally found out it was an issue with the SD card. I removed the SD card and let Google play and play services update and now system works. Put SD card back and then updated all Apps using google play that needed it. I have a number of Apps installed on the SD card to save on internal memory. I had tried all the fixes in the article except factory reboot or clearing all data and apps but nothing worked. The root cause is there was something on the SD card that the google framework kept accessing and failed when totally unrelated Apps were opened like YouTube. I suspect that the google framework would activate when YouTube was launched and would try to access the SD card and fail or there was something that was supposed to update on the SD card (An App) and fail in the background an then show up as "Google Play has stopped". I would hope that an article could be written to show how to put the google framework in debug mode so that a log could be generated and it would be easier to find out why a service failed instead of giving a generic message.

  • I have a BluBoo x9, play store stops working as soon as it updates to the latest version, it will just continually keep asking to authenticate, which never works. The only way I can get it to work is to uninstall updated and revert back to the original factory version.
    The phone has been factory reset many times, even used a different google account, same issue.

  • Thx Men, this helped me some how. Turned automatic time off and then back on and google play was back up and running. Weird but solved the problem. I knew it was somehow on my end because i could access google play from a different device that happens to be using the same account. Phone had no issues, only the tablet.
    Anyway, thx for the help.

  • I restarted my phone. It worked.

  • Aaa Oct 23, 2018 Link to comment

    I tried literally everything on this site as well as other sites. Since nothing worked I thought I'd share how I solved the issue with my phone for anyone else in my position .... connect your phone to a laptop and download the .apk of google play into the internal storage of your phone. Simply run it and that should solve the problem if nothing else does

  • I am having trouble with play store I have down loaded the latest update via apk mirror on a rooted Android tv box after installing it says app not installed when I check in google play store which I always have to go into settings and clear cache , force stop etc for the play store to work, I then check in settings within google play store to see if it has been updated but it hasn’t worked, I have tried doing this umpteen times with out success now I keep getting messages from apk mirror saying critical google play store needs updating, I am now confused and I do not know how to resolve the problem, can you help please

  • I just discovered that I had to switch to my phone account gmail to update my apps. Before I did this I had the menu but no apps to look at.

  • i have a problem. i tried all of these (and more from other websites) and nothing has worked. it wont let me use any apps that i have downloaded and says that i need to update it. i have (regretfully) done a factory reset and still nothing has worked. I need this, so please help me. how can I update an app that is not updatable? Why is this happening? This was my sisters tablet and she didn't use it anymore so i did a factory reset. After, this started happening. What do I do?

    • Try with a different account. Don't use the account you're trying to use. If it works with a different account then most likely your account may have some limitations as to android usage.
      Oh and also try it from a different device with the account you're trying to access google play now, and if it works on a different device, your current device may not be in perfect conditions anymore. Could be something else but these two options may help you to trace the issue.

  • Yeah it is. Working great.

  • Thanks for the information....Amazing stuff

  • Thanks for the this article. For my Samsung S3 where I could not add a Google account. Performing the following actions worked for me. Rooting the phone using KongoRoot. confirmed that the phone was indeed rooted as I I had got and error saying I need to use the desktop version. Changed the permission to R/W using ES Explorer app. Deleted the hosts.txt file. Created a new hosts file and entered the following lines localhost
    # android.clients.google.com
    and saved it.
    Restarted the phone dialed ##72786# (network update)
    Connected to internet, disabled mobile data, checked VPN is off.
    Then added a google account.
    Note: I elected to deny google access/notification when I got popups while installing the ES explorer and Kingroot apps.

  • Here is what my Alcatel Idol 5 does: it will download apps for a while, then stop. I will do most of the things you listed and that Google says in the help section. It works once or twice. I have had to remove my Google account twice. What causes this phone to do this repeatedly, and what can be done to stop it. I haven't found a way to talk to Alcatel yet.

  • Thanks... this fixed my play store crashes!

  • I've been getting the popup, "Unfortunately Google services has stopped" I cant use you tube, chrome and play services. All I get is a blank white window. The guy at cricket said my play store needs to be updated. I've tried everything, please help!!! Thank you.

  • Absolutely none of any of these fixes worked. Including twice doing a factory reset. WTH?........everything worked on this tablet when I got it.....for a whole five days...now it is also telling me Avast has stopped working also... It is not tied in to google play. What do I do now this is the second dud tablet I have bought this year. Do I need to go back to windows?????????????

  • T Mst Jul 10, 2017 Link to comment

    Killing it and restarting does the trick on my Lollipop device. I've been clearing the cache, but apparently that's not necessary.

  • my setting when i want to clear google play cache closed after sevral Times how to ok it?

  • I tried all the method but nothing worked. I found the solution on appslova.com
    Resetting App Preference worked for me. Settings > application > click on 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen > Tap Reset App Preference. Hopefully, it will help you


    • PONNIAH SEKAR, there are many solution for this. It's just which one work for you. Like Clear the Cache and Data, Uninstall Google Play Services, Update Google Play Services, Reset App Preference etc. I suggest you visit appslova.com and you will find solutions step wise.

  • This is a great post. lots of people have problem due to Google play store.
    For the last few days I have been unable to update or download apps on the Play Store.
    All I get is the downloading bar and it says it's downloading but it just sits their like that for hours unless I stop it. I have same problem on my Sgs3 over 3G and Wifi! I I have tried clearing data and cache on download manager and Play Store application but it makes no difference, have tried turning on and off but no difference. I read that Play Store had some major changes on Friday to change the way updates work and maybe this has something to do with it, and I can download successfully from Samsung store so it appears to be a Play Store issue.
    so these kind of problem arise with me in past.

    • I too tried everything before resetting app preferences, under settings>applications, which did the trick.
      Select the 3 dots, top right, for options and tap Reset app preferences.
      I was looking for individual preferences so that I could choose another app for doing downloads (ES File Explorer for ex.) as it appeared to be the downloader itself which was at fault.
      Hope this helps.

  • Jason Apr 24, 2017 Link to comment

    Ok, so I've been mucking with this for a good day now on my S8+ . first thinking it was the phone then I did all the reset cache and all that crap but nothing worked. Tmobile was going to get me 2 new phones as both my s8 were having the issue but I solved the issue. It's a carrier problem. So how the hell did I solve it? I threw my phone away...ok no I didn't but I thought about it. Anyways so what solved it for me? First, do to settings. Go to connections, mobile networks,them change LTE to 4g which for me was the second choice in the list of networks. Then let it change to 4g which may take a few seconds to truly connect to it then go to Play store download something or at least get it to start downloading which for me happened on the first try and then once it shows now that something can be downloaded I stopped the download and switched my connection back to LTE and re tried downloading an app. All good now! It seems to be a network issue with play store and the network of the carrier. But again this worked for me on my S8+ and the wife's S8

    • Thank you Jason! You were Spot On! I have Sprint, so I didn't have an option for 3G or 4G. I change from automatic to CDMA. Once the phone restarted, it opened Google Play Store and I had 32 updated waiting smh. Thank you again.

    • I tried EVERYTHING and this did the trick ... thanks

  • I have a solution, but only for Metro PCS. Go to settings, click more, go to cellular networks. Click access point names. Click the + button on the top right of the screen to add another access point. Change the name to whatever you like. Change APN to fast .metropcs .com (no spaces)
    Scroll down to mmsc. Change that to https ://metropcs. mmsmvno .com/mms/wapenc (no spaces) . After that click the three dots on the top right of the screen. Click save, then when you get back to the access point names choose the one you just made. Let your 4g LTE signal refresh then Walla!!!! Downloads from play store are no longer stuck at downloading/ pending

  • Play store is erorr

  • Pls play store is erorr

  • Intex Aqua with version 5.1.
    I reset many time but not able to update any app from play store.
    Please suggest.

  • Solution that worked for me: Settings> apps> Google play store> clear data, cashe, uninstall updates, disable, force stop and restart the phone or tablet. Upon returning will update itself plus all apps that were not updating so far.

  • Help i done everything even reset my phone and still doesnt work any suggestions?

  • Best regards

  • i am rying to download google play on my kindle fire device, i followed all the steps and i now have the icon but it wonyt open, please help!

  • And if its still not working and you have a rooted phone then check out this video if you please :) it is the easiest way ever.

  • I had a stroke Dec 5 Im trying to get this stupid thing working but Its makeing my brain hurt Is It me or Is this a pain?

  • After a Restore attempt I lost access to Google Play. All the suggestions offered here and on other sites failed. Then I went to
    Netflix and it said I needed to update Google Play....that worked for some mysterious reason. Worth a try if all else fails. Just thought I would pass this on.

  • i had google play issue on j5 i tried everything but in the end i had an issue with my wifi , google play worked fine with my mobile data but when connected to my homewifi problem occured.... so i changed my router and everything is fine now

  • Just simply give internet access to All System and installed App and there you go app store will be working again this solution is for "Google Play Is not able to use Internet " or "Play Store Not working".

  • The ultimate solution, which worked for me as what the authors of the above article suggestions all did not work.is to switch to mobile data not wifi. Subscribe to your 3g or 4g with the sim on your phone....This will connect your google play store to the internet.....and you can update your apps then switch back to ur wifi to do normal internet things like play online games,browse with your browser...but when it comes to updateing apps on play stor..you have to switch over to mobile data.
    It really worked for me.......cheers.

  • edit your hosts file in device folder. thats what i did and it works

  • Did not work earse everything

  • Thanks for such a great information! It helped me a lot, but I have found these tips very helpful as well

  • I finally restore ma phone as Factory setting.... But still showing error as please update your play services... and when I follow the same to update it again shows error as " There was a problem parsing the Package"

  • The only thing that worked for me was factory data reset. In the process, I lost all my saved messages in Whatsapp and Messenger

  • Check date and time settings is very important if google play store not working.

  • IF nothing works then you can download free apps from apkmirror ;)

    • Then how do you intend updating the app ? If not for the sake of updating apps, no one would waste time with google play store.

      • By downloading the apk, you can still install the app through the play store. My girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy E Lite tablet has this issue. By forcing the apps to install using the framework from the play store, they will get updates as necessary. However, she still isn't able to search fro anything within the play store itself, but that is most likely due to her using a University email for her Google account

  • none worked on samsung tab 3 and i did the reset. Now i cant do anything with it

  • Great article. All my downloads showed as pending. I had to go to date and time and turn off automatic, then turn it back on and all was working after. Thanks guys, the tips on this article as spot on.

  • I had the RH-01 connection error in the Google Play Store on my tablet
    with Internet connection by Bluetooth tethering via my phone.
    No cache or data clearing helped, nor date/time reset or reboot.
    Internet worked on the tablet in the Chrome browser, but not in the Google play
    store. Then I set up a WLAN hotspot on my phone and connected the tablet
    via WLAN, and the RH-01 error disappeared and Google play store worked.
    Weird but true.


  • I've done all the things... From clearing cache to reset my android. But nothing happened. As I switched on my phone, TaDa.... the google services has stopped and com.google.gaspps has stopped awaiting to frighten me. Completely lost my mind. Don't know what to do

    • The only solution i haved that kept working is to switch over to your mobile data....that will solve the issue...Its very weird why this could be the only solution.

  • Before you do a factory reset, you might want to try this one which fixed mine;
    Security > Setting > Data Usage > Allow background data : ON ( was OFF )

  • Hello, I have a Galaxy A7, just upgraded to marshmallow.The problem is that i can't even login to My google account!
    Any solution please??

  • Fab worked for me :-)

  • None of these suggestions has worked. It appears that everything to do with Google is not functioning properly.

  • Kez Jul 20, 2016 Link to comment

    In my experience, I tried everything including hard reset but to no avail. I had to flash the stock rom, and voila! The problem may have something to do with CWM recovery and flashing clears all.

  • When I click the play store app it just takes me to the page and wont load any further. It happens all the time, then I randomly try it and then it works for a few days. I dont understand whats going on! Please help!

  • Jose Jul 18, 2016 Link to comment

    I changed my router IPv6 configuration to Stateful and it fixed this issue... no need any program installation or enable or disable any app.

  • so my phone has been doing his for months now, i tried everything on this page except factory reset. Then, somehow i remembered that i had disabled a few google apps including chrome, so I WENT BACK AND ENABLED ALL THE GOOGLE APPS, EVERYTHING CAME BACK!. problem solved. I went to settings-apps-app manager-turned off. clicked on all the disabled google apps and enabled them.

  • F F Jul 5, 2016 Link to comment

    "Check your disabled apps"
    I've been doing that and there is NOT an "enable" or "re-enable" button. What should I do?

  • I was on a phone con at 3:00 PM today about "Google Play services is not responding. Would you like to close it".Could anyone be of assistance?

  • I have an ASUS tablet that I recently did a factory reset on. Now all of the Google apps are crashing and the Play Store fails when attempting to download apps. Any Ideas?

  • I have galaxy A7 to download play store service,it says I don't have device please help

  • Hi

  • Hi. What if even after factory reset google play isn't working properly, i stil have problem with it starting download and after that it only sat stopped.

  • Help me my play store shows the latest version but it is not the recent version.i tried updating but no use.Please help me

  • Thank you for this! My Google Play store hasnt worked for a while until i was able to fix it thanks to this article!!!
    Jim W

  • Zack Jun 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Hi, I have tried everything suggested above and still not working. All apps related to google cannot be accessed. I cannot even add my google account. Btw im using Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000). Can you please help me solve the problem.

  • thank you

  • Yeah it is. Working great.

  • play store dont work on slow netwrk....google should look at this bcos more thn 100 countries r still using slow netwrk like 2g......it should nt abt only Lte

  • yes great information, these tips is very helpul for us!

  • aditya Jun 15, 2016 Link to comment

    hiii...m using xperia c after google playstore, gmail . i mean to say every google app stop working , gmail cant sync ,new account cannot be added it says cant establish a reliable coonection even after factory reset it not working
    after reinstalling software from sony care itworks. any solution?

  • It totally worked, thank you so much.

  • Everyhing were i did its was to CLEAVER EVERYHING DATA AND CHACE AND THEN TO OPEN "GOOGLE PLAY GAMES " NOT "GOOGLE PLAY" and to sing in my old acc ... but before to reset everything remove google account

  • Can someone please help me, I just bought a new blackberry Leap and can't get the Google Play to work on it, I've tried everything stated above and still not working. My device would not even register on my Google play account if i login on the computer

    • Sam Jun 5, 2016 Link to comment

      I have a samsung S4 and installing the newest version of google play did not work It was only when I uninstalled all the updates did google play finally work for me. Its not one of the suggestions from above but maybe try that and see of it works?

      • Thanks for your suggestion, that actually worked. I return my phone to factory setting and was able to install google play finally

  • angel Jun 3, 2016 Link to comment

    Please help. Samsung s5 not working properly.not many apps open. They unfortunately stop. Google play store doesnt open and I cant find google play services. Cam download apps but many do not open. Trued factory reset... does not function. Click on delete and nothing happens

  • I just an android for the first time. I get two letters i. For searching apps and it crashes. This is ridiculous


  • Could someone tell me what version of google play services would run at my phone? I recently got a gionee w909, it's andriod 5.1. and has no any google play services installed... I miss all google services

  • it helped me alot!! it worked by the fifth step, so happy :D

  • I need to uninstall google play store updates on 2.3.6 but this is showing how to do it on 5.0

  • I really need help.

    My son's LG phone has same problem. I tried all steps but no luck. I even did factory reset. After reset, set up with the old gmail account and the phone said can't connect with email. And still has no luck with google store.

  • This worked by the seventh step already !!! Thank you :D

  • Do check the background data of play store and Download mananger. I have did this mistake one time.

  • Jes L May 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I've tried all the suggestions in the book to get my Google Play Store working! I had kept getting "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped"? So I had the idea to use my PC to sign into my Gmail account to check on my credit card information! You know, the credit or debit card used when purchasing Google Play Store apps?? And guess what? My credit card info was wrong! I thought I had found the cure for sure! So I updated my credit card info, went to try Google Play Store again... I quickly discovered all sorts of errors trying to use Google Play Store. I can't write all the errors down here! So I tried all the suggestions all over again on my phone, did another factory reset, clear more data, more cache, force stop, on again, deleted my Gmail account and set-it up again on my phone, etc.. Google Play Store still doesn't work! I'm getting Google server error messages, all sorts of Google bla bla has stopped working, we have to laugh or I'll lose it! :)

    • I was getting the message "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped" no matter what I had tried! I had tried EVERYTHING that was mentioned online and nothing worked! I even rooted my phone! The only thing that finally worked for me to get Play Store working was to download a different browser to my phone which was easier said than done! I remember Play Store had mentioned once that my browser (my phone's default browser) was no longer supported. So after having tried everything else - I remembered the message! I was finally able to download Firefox onto my phone my using the default browser set to Desktop View instead of Mobile View! I made sure to set my phone to allow for 3rd party apps to be downloaded - and finally I was able to download Firefox! Google had kept switching me over to Play Store every time I went to download Firefox until I switched to Desktop View in the phone's default browser! Since Play Store wasn't working I couldn't download Firefox or Chrome using Play Store! Anyway, once I got Firefox installed I disabled my phone's default browser via Settings then Apps and I was all set. Now when I click "Play Store" the Firefox browser opens and gives me instant access

  • thank you this has been driving me crazy since I tried to get updates everything went wrong ...sorted now thank you

  • Thanks

  • Alex Apr 23, 2016 Link to comment

    This is one of the best article!Thanks for posting,

  • WAPNIL Apr 21, 2016 Link to comment


  • I had my phone restored, entire software updated, installed latest version of play store but still stucked at downloading......getting 😡

  • maro93 Apr 16, 2016 Link to comment

    I have installed notification push service which o deleted by accident and it solved the problem after trying every thing including factory reset and all advices that people recommended for a rooted phone

  • Rooted phones ftw, none of the other remedies helped me! I almost factory reset, thank you so much! The hash allowed me to re-add my account and connect to the store, if you have a rooted device and es file explorer then your good as gold for the host edit change! Have a great day.

  • I'm not even able to uninstall the Google play store update. The phone keeps freezing and crashing when I'm trying to do so. I've tried to install the latest Google play store update, but no luck on that too. Freezes and crashes. Please help me out.

  • OMG THANKYOU! Had spent hours searching web to solve PlayStore issue with SamsungS3. Followed your sequential, simple , step-by-step instructions & solved problem in 5 minutes. Thanks Tom Jones, New Orleans

  • Thanks for the practical tips, but does it work better if we uninstall updates or update to the latest version?

  • When I first had this phone I installed 2 APPs First Direct and TACX and they worked! suddenly both have vanished, Not on Google Play site. I am continually being buggered about with this phone. I am 81 so I am sure you will say "silly old Fart" it's all his fault. It is not I am very angry. Am cancelling Tal Talk account in 24 hours if this latest problem is not fixed. Thank you Mike Daniels

  • 4 and 5 are extremely bad ideas. By manually installing Google Play Service, there are great chances to make all Google apps (plus some other apps that use Google Play Services) crash.
    I tried on my G4 (and yes, it was the correct version I installed) and I had to factory reset it.
    Clearing the cache is not as bad but can end up with same results.

    I'm surprised that a website specialized on Android give such bad advice

  • for rooted phone .. install lucky patcher .. allow root permission then go to play store>tools>move to system app then reboot .. after that go to apps then clear data and cache of both play store and google services .. and lastly open the app .. hope this will help you . :)

  • Right, that's it; NOTHING works, android is just sh*te, I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy an iPhone, expensive, but worth it to have something that works and is reliable, can't keep having contacts start going missing and apps suddenly stop working, affects my professional life and costs me money and work. Just bought a BRAND NEW samsung and cant even get play store working, just unacceptable incompetence rom google and samsung, as usual.
    Had the same problem with computers, was sick of buying a new windows laptop every 18 months, splashed out on an iMac and haven't looked back. Android, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, all cheap cr*p.

  • My Google play store is not working I can't add my account and I tried all that above trips and still not working so please help me to fixed my Google accounts

  • I've tried all the methods and nothing works !!! My whatsapp needed to be updated but now I couldnt do it because of my play store...How to slove this issue ?? I'm getting really mad with this play store now !!!

  • one of the best solution. it worked for me and one of my friend. simply i was trying and looking for the error solution for play store. i tried most of fixing method which is u can find on google but finally i solved my play store error through lucky patcher. firstofal i've downloaded play store and lucky pacther. then i went through lucky pather to downloaded file google play store and i'd install as a system app. after that my phone reboot once. i checked google play,,, oh woooowww it works.please guys try this may it work like mine . thanks

  • In my experience if your date is wrong on your device. Play store won't connect. Check your date is correct should be one of your first steps.

  • For those Experiencing error 963, I have found a solution that works, at least it did for me. What I found was, I was able to roll back google play store to an older version. Open app settings >> google play >>> uninstal updates. This rolls back to a previous version of google play, but still usable. Then you can go back to google play and download/update the application you were having issues with. I hope this helps.

  • uninstalling the most recent update got google play to start working again.

  • I cannot understand it. Instructions Settings Apps All but I have no Apps I have Applications but there is no All.

  • I have tried all the above but still it is not opening. I have Xolo A500s IPS

  • elias Mar 10, 2016 Link to comment

    I have Samsung j5 I have tried all above nothing changed it still says checking info for long hours then nothing happens please help couse since New play store has never opened email it's ok.

  • Here the solution, that worked for me (Android 6.0): I had to give Google Play Services the permission for the storage.

  • Thank you so much clearing data and cache worked for me

  • The Google Play Store works - just not the Amazon apps. I can't update anything Amazon, nor install, nor can I access my Kindle app. I just spent an hour and a half online with Amazon, went through six people, and nothing helped. I shouldn't have to factory reset my phone because Google and/or Amazon can't get their crap together. I'm very frustrated right now. None of this troubleshooting worked.

  • Every time i try to assess google play or anything connected to it, it says i must log in with an account for google. whenever i try to it says not supported and won't let me log in. I have tried various times to log in, to go to my google play store but it says, "Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped," then i have to press a button for the notification to go off my screen whenever it pops up, it freezes everything. Ive tried to log into my google account to stop this, to try and re-open google plays services it won't let me, it says can not log in. Need help, what can i do to stop this?

  • Thanks! This really worked - cleared cache and data on play store and cache on services and all is good.

  • Hey Thanks . Clearing the cache and data worked for me.

  • Hi I rooted my android device and while uninstalling some unwanted apps I also uninstalled the Google play store app. I tried installing from the internet and it still didn't work. I tried the suggestion up top but my device doesn't have the etc folder past the system folder. How can I get back the app store please help.

    • download Root Explorer when you get there go to etc and find host then there's going to be on the middle / right corner there is a button that says are r/w change that to r/o by simply clicking it then when your there go to hosts hold it and scroll down and click open with Text editor and then you put the hashtag sign in front of the IP address the second one and reboot your device and show work again

      • thanks for the info Mr. Brito, i have also the same issue, when i open the hosts with text editor there is onley one set of IP cant find the second set.

      • Their was only ( localhost). No second set of numbers. Tried but didn't work. Might there be any other solution??

    • Exact same problem I have

  • PROBLEM WITH PLAY STORE not working.
    My experience. I tried everything. Factory setting etc.
    Then I had the idea of downloading an app through my browser. Twitter was the app. It gave me the choice to download through the browser or Play Store. Well, not having anything to lose, I chose Play store and BINGO. It fixed the problem.
    I believe it's because I took a different direction and caused whatever glitch to unglitch.

  • Have a look in:

    Settings > Data Usage:

    Scroll through the list of apps to Google Play Store, click on it then scroll down to 'Restrict background data' and make sure it is not ticked. Also in the list of aps look for one called 'Media' (it might not be there) and also check that Restrict background data is not ticked. This worked for me ;-)

    • Zest Feb 6, 2016 Link to comment

      @Nicky Albertyn... Thanks u so much.. the issue already resolved after I cleared that data from Google service framework..

  • i tried modifying the host file but it is not letting me do it. please help

  • Zest Feb 4, 2016 Link to comment

    I did all what u have mentioned above... Actually the factory reset worked with me.. But after a week I am in the same trouble again... Anybody to help old..

  • Even after factory reset google store or whatever needs a google account won't work.... What to do? I have an Acer Iconia A1-830... Can someone help...

  • When i initially had the 'Google play has stopped working' i factory restored the galaxy s3 in the past i could set the phone up, this time i choose ' English ', click next and the increasingly frustrating
    ' Google play has stopped working ' pops up. ..it won't let me set my phone up as when you click ' ok ' to that you click ' next ' on ' English ' again. ..and the same happens over and over. ..I'm trying to find the answer on this forum it looks like other's have a similar problem. It was such a good phone until this.

  • Which file.manager can we prepare to go in system.? Oppo mirror 3 user(rooted)

  • modifying the host file works for me... thanks :)

  • I reset my Acer tablet to factory defaults and I could not get Google Play Store to connect. I reset 3 times to no avail. I could search the internet and run other apps. I downloaded the latest version of the Play Store and all is well! Thank You very much!!!

  • My rooted phone is not letting me back in after I resetted it. Im stuck on the intro screen because I cant get google play.. help

  • Thank you. Clearing the play services cache and/or disabling and reenabling the app download manager worked for me. Not sure which as I performed both but it worked. I've been unable to download apps for months despite trying many things.

  • This article was very thorough and well written, BUT even after attempting every option available to me, my play store app STILL won't open! I'm so frustrated, because I don't even know how or when it went wrong... When I try to open it, for a split second, it looks like it usually would, but as soon as it fills the entire screen, it disappears again. My task manager says it's open, but it won't do anything but hide. Idk how to completely remove the app to try again and start fresh, because I'm thinking it's built in... HELP!!?!?

    • Enable WiFi, Go to settings >storage>apps> scroll down for play store, tap on here ,and tap on uninstall update, finishing. this, play store update automatically, see the "look" of play store icon in home screen now . if problem exist remove Google account and add account. Clear cache in settings> storage. Switch off device for a little while and switch on.

  • I have deleted my play store because of lucky patcher and I downloaded play store to google it works,but i can't download apps from it.... Any solution? Plz help!!

    • Same thing happens to me , I was trying to install the mooded version of paly store , any solutions?

    • I cannot download apps from google playstore for a very long time despite having enough space on my SD card....then I uninstalled updates to playstore ....Then I can installed tinder, funrun 1 , alot of apps

      Deleting cache and data from google playstore works for me last time but not effective enough...Uninstalled updates works best

  • Pliz my Google play store ask for an account,which l don't know to do anythingcocerning Google play store

  • I have wifi connected but it said no connection please help me

  • My google play apps stop working, what should I do?

  • At the risk of being called dumb, my lg, android mobile wont let me update or down load anything. No error message, i pressed update, i accept the next pop up and it shows that it is trying to connect to download but nothing happens. I usually get a download symbol at top left hand of screen, but i dont anymore. Wat have i done

  • So my specific problem was Google Play Music not downloading. All I had to do was clear the cache for Google Play Music. Hope someone finds that useful. (fortunate because clearing all data would mean 16Gbytes to re-download).

  • hi, when i come here, it simply said 'no internet connection' when there is. what should i do?

  • My phone restarts even if I don't tell it to. My phone is samsung galaxy s2 and I reset it because it was freezing and restarting itself many many times. After the reset I did all the things I had to do (gmail google name etc.) after that I saw that all the apps weren't updated. I went to google play store but it wasn't updated as well ( google play store ). After that I tried just to update youtube and it gave me the error 491. I searched about it did what it said but nothing happened. After seeing that I downloaded aptoide so I can update the apps. While trying to update them again the phone again freezes or restarts for no reason. I did update youtube and google play store but I can't install any app on it , or it freezes / restarts itself. You might ask : But you have aptoide and you can download and update any app. Why don't you do that? I went on the updated youtube and it said he needed google play service updated so I can run updated youtube. And when I press "ok" it opens google play store at the app google play service and it freezes or restarts itself. WHAT DO I DO????????

  • My says you don't have enough internal storage but there is internal space

  • Got this problem, Google Play Store wouldn't start, and displayed 'try again'. The problem was that the clock and date was wrong. Typical networking issue when the clock/date is completely out of sync. Mine was reset to year 2012... Corrected this, and Problem Solved. Some app's that relied heavily on Google Play Services wouldn't start either. But now everything is running smoothly.

    • Kim Dec 26, 2015 Link to comment

      Thank you so much! I have had the problem a few days, and couldn't understand what was wrong. Saw and read your post and noticed my time was off. Reset it and voila it's back to working. Thanks again :-) Happy Holidays :-)

    • Same here, but I didn't find out until after I had reverted updates to the app.

  • JMatt Dec 22, 2015 Link to comment

    When I unrooted my phone and performed a factory data reset. I can't sign-up in my Google account, also I can connect in my home WiFi as usual but it can't load webpages.

  • Loie Favre
    Your guide on solving Google Play problem not working is excellent.
    Having Google Play problem on my Asus Android Tablet model ME371.
    Removed all the cache from Google Play but the problem continues.
    Lastly reset to Factory settings but the problem continues and the tablet is very slow.
    How to solve the problem
    Waiting for response
    A. S. Bhasker Raj

    • Hi,go to settings>storage>apps>download manager enable this then open chrome and type www.apkmirror.com/apk/Google-inc/Google-play-store/ and search next page tap on the last version then tap on the Google play store next page. When this finished open chrome browser and type www.apkmirror.com/apk/Google-inc/Google-play-services/ search and tap on the last version next page tap on Google play store ,play services will be updated. Then go to settings>storage>cached data tap on this and clear cache.

  • thx a lot, works for me :)

  • Hi,go to settings and scroll down for Google and tap on this see next page the account name (mail ID) tap here, next page on top right see 3 dot menu, tap on here see the option to " remove account " ,touch to remove, again go to settings scroll down for " add account " ,touch here next page see for Google and tap on this and create a new account.

  • Well uh...
    I'm on a LG.
    It dosent have a option to removea account. My friend got his account on here, now I can't take it off.

  • Thanks for the so vital information with tips here. I had some problem in my Google play store few months back. At that I was looking for such a solution. But I didn't get any proper information. Now you've given nice tips. Anyhow it is too late. I thought that it'd have come much earlier than now.

  • Thanks

  • all i had to do was reset my tablet i could not figure out anymore of these

  • V P Dec 15, 2015 Link to comment

    Thanks a ton!
    Just removing and adding back my google account solved the problem.

  • Hi,go to settings>security>device administrators>Android device manager>disable this ( if enabled) again settings>storage>apps>download manager enable this ( if disabled) then try to install app from Google play store. If not success un install update in Google play services and update from Google.

  • My apps aren't downloading in the app store. This is continuously happen from over a month now where ever time I go into the Play apps store, select the app I want and then click install it will start buffering my download but never actually download. No numbers show up, the light blue line is just constantly buffering without any results. Non of my previously installed apps are updating either. I even tried clearing cache

  • My host file doesn't have a second set of numbers, and yes I am rooted my problem is when on the play store it shows the flashing download line thing, but it doesn't download, and yes I am properly connected to wifi, this is not my first time using a tablet edit: found the fix to my issue: add a # to the front of the FIRST set of numbers, which for me is localhost btw. After I saved the hosts file, play store began to work again (slowly speeding up)

  • I keep trying to download Google Play Games but whatever I do it won't work I keep getting error code 505.
    Plz help...

  • Android novice with an AT&T phone... Android 4.1.1 I think. Today the prompted Google Play Services will not go to completion. At it for 9 hours. Is there a way to directly download the most current version. Also, did not see the current version. Guidance sought

  • to the freedom.apk user. install freedom again then start it. then again exit it from its menu. only local host will remain. it worked for me. no need to put # in front of second host.

  • Hey, if any of you guys were using FREEDOM APK and tried to cheat Google, then you are playtime bricked. Go to Antoine and download the grey hosts editor and then remove the playstore entry and then it will work again. Plain and simple. On Lollipop it stinks to lose Google.

  • if you had an app called freedom (root users) and deleted it , re-download it . non of those options worked for me :) good luck

  • None of this worked. Ever since i did a hard reset because it was stuck on the samsung screen on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1, the problem with not downloading anything happened, and none of these worked!

    • I'm in the exact position, exact same time, exact same device.
      Have you found a fix?
      I've tried everything I could find

      • Same here. I reset my LG Risio as a new device and now when I try to search for downloads on Google Play, it just closes. I tried resetting the phone again, but the same thing happens.

    • Same i hardware rebooted my galaxy s3 phone and stuck on home screen. ..help

  • The solution provided in the article worked perfectly for me. I reinstalled the Play store & the google play services using the APK files. Thank you so much!

  • I have this problem with Play Store on both my phone and when accessing it from PC/Mac. On the desktop, I was trying to preview a song, and it would play, then fade out (still playing), then come back on and then go out again. Annoying.

    On my phone, my songs in Google Play (but also Pandora or Songza, etc) will just randomly stop in the middle of a song. Random, sometimes it will go several songs before doing it, other times it occurs multiple times in the same song. I've tried clearing the cache, but no dice. I never used to have this problem with Galaxy S4 (Galaxy 6 now). I would think it's something with my phone, but then what is the explanation for the computer anomaly? Halp!

    • Let me guess, you're using a cable to connect but to your computer? Your problem is extremely simple. Buy a new cable :). What's happened is the cable is broken (slightly) and it loses completely connectivity somewhere within the cable at some point briefly. What happens when a cable / headphones are disconnected from your phone while music is playing? The music automatically pauses :). The reason I'm pretty sure this is your issue is the fact that you said it happens with multiple applications, not just one. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, but if you are using a cable, I am probably right. Try a new cable and please get back to me how it works / if there's any difference?

  • Great info!!! My Play Store app freezed at white blank. I read this article of yours, and decided only to do step 1 and 2. And voila!! My Play Store came back alive!! Not only that, my WiFi connection is back to normal as well. Thanks a lot for writing this solutions. Great job!!!

  • Hi,first of all that check the app (Google play) is disabled in your pad ,go to settings >storage>apps>select "All" scroll down up to the bottom and see and if there is the app you search touch on it and see " app info " page, at the bottom of the page see notification " Launch " touch on this, app will be enabled, and will come on home screen and if the app is not there ie manufacturer didn't install it ,if it is so you can only change the device.

  • dude can you tell me how to fix my google play. . i recently purchase asus zen pad and there is no google play in it so i download it manually but after i install the google play and open it the app keep shutting down on its own please help !!

    • its common to be a problem in your mobile itself or your available space is less than 500 mega . try doing a factory reset and if you're worried about your apps you can back them up by the app "titanium backup" hope that helps :)

  • It is better to do a factory reset.

  • Eddie Oct 27, 2015 Link to comment

    When I uninstalled the updates the google play store simply disappeared and I can't find ANY apk that work because every time I try to I got the "app not installed" message.................

    • that is not a google play problem that is actually an SD problem your SD card maybe damaged or you just did a factory reset , any ways the apps which has those problems can be easy restored by downloading them , relax you dont to download it fully you have the data (the application ONLY is missing) hope that helps :)

  • I miss my iphone 4s. This droid os is unstable unreliable junk.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Apps were not downloading properly in the Google Play store. It would show as installing but would not show progress and it took a long time. I uninstalled the updates to the app and that fixed the problem. Thanks for the advice!

  • Hi, go to settings >storage>apps ,scroll down for Google play services ,tap on this and see in box " uninstall updates " if this is greyed out ie not lit up ,you will not be able to click on this first this should be cleared, Go to settings , tap on this and scroll down for "security" tap here scroll down for" device administrators" tap on this and see "android device manager" disable this .then go to settings>storage>apps> tap here ,scroll for "Google play services" tap on this. See notification "un install updates " tap here. When finished, open chrome browser and in Google search box type this " Google play services update " and tap on search button, look in results there can see an emblem of "Google play services " tap on emblem a box comes see the "Google play store" emblem here., tap on this, it will lead to Google play store ,there can see " Google play services update " tap on this notification. Google play store will be updated.this is applicable for android tablets and mobiles.

  • I find this process confusing a nd not appyable to my Android Tablet byACER
    I do not have a Android phone and this Google Play store is interfering with my tablet!U need to restore my Google services for my Tablet!I like and need my Google Play Store!Make it easier to download and Install for non totally
    Electronically elderly people like me!One button to install if you please!

  • Thank you sooo much. I was very worried until I found out about this. I really appreciate how this helped soo much people like it helped me.

  • Open playstore

  • Hi ,Google play services update.

  • i tried everything, even update sysrptem, but it never work...
    every time i try to use it, it exit itself...help !

  • Hi i read the post but i cannot even use a valid mail to connect to the play store it always says that connection couldn't establish please guys help me fix it :(

  • I could not start the google play app. After reading through these instructions and following most of the (except a full reset) I noticed that the download manager on my phone has been disabled. I re-enabled it and my issue was solved! Hope this will be of use to someone else.

  • Shyam Sep 22, 2015 Link to comment

    Thank you. "unfortunately google services ..." problem issue solved by downloading the latest apk and installing it. I went through many websites but the solutions here clear and crisp. I was about to trash my phone but now working fine.

  • How open Google play store

  • I've tryed all steps above, it doesn't work. All apps still shuts down, can't open any browser, google play services, google play store, gmail etc keep crushing.

  • Please help

  • Where is preferred file manager

  • Hey thanks its work for me i just downlaod apps store and install it 😜

    • Anu d Sep 7, 2015 Link to comment

      No connection ...retry ...is what play store stays ....net is fine...browsers etc.is working fine ....have tried few of the above tricks .no use ...plz help

  • Jackie Aug 31, 2015 Link to comment

    Hi I kept getting errors in google play store and somehow uninstalled it. When I try to reinstall it from google it doesnt allow me help pls ......

  • Many thanks.. it works for me.... 👌

  • Hmmm. I don't have anything installed...and I can't get into GP to install anything..but a nice wee arrow thing is slowly hypnotising me into acceptance of this.

  • Mack K Aug 14, 2015 Link to comment

    My version of google play services is different from yours in the picture and has different options. I can't "clear data"; only cache. Other options are Manage, uninstall or stop. My prob is my Galaxy S is trapped in an unintentional wrong google acct log in attempt. I was in the right acct, tapped my other google acct in play store drop down list bcuz I just wanted to see a list of apps assoc'd with it. Instead, I got a pop up asking me to accept or decline google TOS. If I click decline, it closes Play Store. I don't want to click accept because I don't want that acct's data on this phone. So what do I do? Already tried clearing google play store app cache and even stopping and restarting the service. Maybe wipe the phone cache partition?

  • Help! All my Google Services on my Android Phone have stopped working and I can't remove my account or factory reset the phone.

    Tech info:
    Moto G (1st gen)
    Android 5.0.2 (lollipop)
    1 GB ram
    8 GB storage
    Carrier : Lycamobile

    • Go to my files or files manager internal memory scrol down find whats app than media than images and videos delete all the sent data from whats app and problem solved. Try this

  • i was getting error 194 on downloading apps from paystore so i uninstalled the updates but it alws get updates everytime !!!!!!!!!! and then i face same 194 errors..what shud i do ? why playstore seems to update itself again and again

  • Hi when I attempt to sign in on Google play it says there was a problem with Google servers can someone please help me

  • I've reset my phone and also cleared the play services but my Google play won't work as well as only other Google logins

    • Go to my files or files manager internal memory scrol down find whats app than media than images and videos delete all the sent data from whats app and problem solved. Try this

  • I rest my phone and now when I'm setting my phone it wont let accept the eula & diagnostic data. I need help

    • Go to my files or files manager internal memory scrol down find whats app than media than images and videos delete all the sent data from whats app and problem solved. Try this

  • Hi I'm Samantha but everyone calls me Sammy. I've got a rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 7 inch WiFi. I have gone in to system/etc/hosts to change second IP address on the tablet as my tablet will not let me sign in to google account as it keeps saying something about WiFi not being strong enough and to use a stronger signal or connection error but i can get on to the internet though. at the moment i'm in root explorer on my tab and i'm seeing 2 sets of IP addresses. one is: and second one is: 127.131.***.** android.clients.google.com, is it the second IP address to put a # next to as i'm new to this. Thanks

  • Hi. I'm brazilian and I am really sorry for my poor english. But, anyway, I'll try to explain my bad situation clearly.

    Well... I think my Google Play is not working 'cause I uninstalled the system apk "Downloads". Now, when I try to download some app from Play Store, it starts the download, but the same keeps at the "blue line process" looping ad infinitum.
    So, how do I get the system file for Android 4.1.2, for me to solve my problem.
    After all, the apk is not available on Play Store to download and, even if it does, I just can't download anything! What a shit!
    Please, someone, give me a link to get this file. It's all I ask!


    • Go to my files or files manager internal memory scrol down find whats app than media than images and videos delete all the sent data from whats app and problem solved. Try this

    • Go to xda developers. com search for Google play apk file. download it. I did the same thing trust me it works. XDA developers are very well known in the Android community.

  • Hi - so for over a month and half I have not been able to get into Play Store and the internet icon is grey - not the typical blue colour. I have followed your suggestions - even to the point of resetting my device. That did not work. When I got to the point of setting up a Google account and entered my existing account it said "android device may not be provisioned for data services". So i decided to set it up with a new account - but that did not work either. And the icon is still grey. So....I went to your page detailing how to download and install the latest Google Play Store APK.... BUT that has not worked either.
    Now I am left with a tablet that has been wiped, no access to anything Google - BUT i can access the internet. This is most frustrating to say the least. Any ideas? Please!!

  • Been having this issue for a couple days now. Even have a cache cleaner.. but apparently it doesn't work well. I deleted the cache of google play and now I can download everything I was trying to previously. Yay.

  • I have tried all of these many times over. Play store and gallery continue to crash.

  • LG-G3-D852

    Lost and screwed.

    I am a new android user (1 month), and something is very very wrong with my phone. It's too late for me to exchange it, so I have no clue what to do.

    No google products will let me sign in, or use them. Play store, email, maps... nothing. All I ever get is that stupid:

    "Can't establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer service."

    I've tried EVERYTHING possible that I could find. I've reset my phone like 20 times, I tried to root so I could do the "host" instructions, but I can't figure how to install the file. I tried to sideload using Dropbox, but when I try to extract the file, my phone can't/won't read it.

    I'm pretty much screwed. Brand new phone, and all I can seem to do is make calls and send texts. I'm hoping someone here with the brains for this can help me. Everyone here seems pretty helpful, and that's certainly great for me, but when you reply, can you please use the kiss rule?

    Thanks bunches and bunches, shelly.

    • Sophia Jul 26, 2015 Link to comment

      I'd suggest you to do a hard reset on your phone (google how to do it, because it's different on each model), and if it doesn't work (but I think it will) do call costumer service, or take it to technical assistance (you should find addresses on the LG site).
      Also, you are trying to root the wrong way; make sure you find a good tutorial to follow. But WARNING!!!!1!!111! Don't do it yet, it voids your warranty permanently! Only root your phone if technical assistance can't help you in any way or they won't be able to help you later.

  • Deleting the Play Store updates and going back to original version worked on my LG Volt 2. Problem is Google Play Store keeps reinstalling the updates so I have to do it each time I want to download an app.

  • Thanks! Deleting Google Play services cache + data and rebooting fixed it for me.

  • Hello what I did when I tried all the above and yield ntin was to download host editor and add 2 host; 1st is and the second was plz its for rooted android device only