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Google+ Hits 100 Million Active Users Per Month


Google+ has received generally mixed reviews since its debut, and although it isn’t anywhere near having the almost one billion active users that Facebook currently has, it’s definitely making huge improvements as a platform, and is slowly but surely becoming more and more popular. So popular in fact, that Google+ now has a total of 400 million members, with 100 million of them per month being active.

The news came from Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra, and it’s certainly impressive to see the platform growing so quickly after only being launched a year ago. The total amount of users includes both mobile and web users, and is most likely greatly influenced by the daily 1 million+ Android activations that Google is currently enjoying. Google+ is also paying a lot more attention to their mobile apps than Facebook, and offers a slick UI for phones and an optimized app for tablets (something I am still waiting on FB to finally do).

I personally like the UI, privacy settings, and mobile apps from Google+ alot more than their FB counterparts, and with the 50 million advertisements that pop up everytime I login to Facebook, I could certainly imagine G+ becoming a social network that I use a lot. The hardest part is getting my friends to use it, as many people are so comfortable/used to FB that they have little to no desire to start from scratch with a new social network.

That being said, it’s fair to note that Google+ reached 100 million active users WAY faster than FB did. While FB most likely doesn’t view Google+ as a short term threat, the long term danger is something that I’m sure Mr Zuckerberg has thought about.

What about you guys? Do you find yourself using Google+ more often?

Picture credits: slappygrind.wordpress.com

Source: Talk Android


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  • @marialaura uggetti - Ummm.....exactly? LOL! Do you speak English?

    @rich kid - ? Feeling great about G+?

    @CJ - YES. Those FB adverts are seriously starting to DRIVE ME INSANE.

  • Yes, Google + is easier to navigate & share with other users vs Facebook ....

    Even better? no damn adverts in the corner getting in the way & your personal info isn't being used as marketing without your consent (even if Facebook already claims you give your consent when logging into Facebook) ...

    I still tend to share via Instagram now (which makes me wonder if Snapseed (which Google just purchased) will be integrated into Google +

    C J

  • no feelin grt!

  • saranno anche belli e bravi......ma io sono ancora qui con il mio folio 100 toshiba....android 2.2 ....e non sono riuscita a scaricare nulla da google compresa l'app google play del market. non lo trovo giusto......