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YouTube comments to be policed by Google+

If you gave up reading YouTube comments a long time ago like me, you might have to change that habit soon: they're about to get a whole lot more relevant. Google+ will soon take over the role of comment moderator for YouTube videos, meaning there will be some serious changes in how idiots ruin the integrity of a video on the site.

Things are about to get a whole lot more civilized in YouTube comments. / © SodaHead

When Google+ takes over, the first changes will be to personalization, with Google+ circles getting priority depending on the particular user logged into the site. Sure, that makes sense, why not read relevant comments first rather than the vitriol of hordes of trolls that normally prey on comments sections. Celebrities will also get a boost, along with user up-voted comments and video creator comments. You can even leave private comments visible only to select people. All in all, what you'll be seeing will suddenly become a lot more relevant to you.

''Why thank you, Google. Terribly pleased to be here.'' / © AndroidPIT

This is great news for anyone who habitually stopped reading YouTube comments years ago. I have enough concerns about the intelligence of the internet as it is. Now I might actually start reading on YouTube again. And be better for it, fancy that. The channel discussion tab comes first, this week in fact, and will spread across the rest of the site in the coming months, civilizing the masses as it progresses. While I'm usually partial to criticism of Google, if they use their considerable influence to send trolls to the wastelands where they belong, then I'm all for it.

How do you feel about this idea? Are you happy to banish YouTube trolls to the ether?


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  • Who cares about trolls? Besides, if a video is utter propaganda it needs trolling. Censorship is the oppression of speach phase of a Dictatorship. North Korean media is censored too. They have freedom of speech, as long as it's all pro Kim Jong Un, otherwise it's a hate crime and you, and your family will be re-ducated in one of those wonderful camps they have with electric fences all round. You write this like it's just about getting rid of ugly annoying rants but I'm not that stupid. I see what it is. Will this be censored?

  • Hey Den, the point is simply that comments from your friends and the video uploader get priority. You can still see comments the old way (just use the drop down) but the standard approach will be to make it tailored to the viewer. Personally I'd much rather know what people I know think of a video before complete strangers - this is why I talk to my friends more than complete strangers, I tend to value their opinions more. And Amy, I'm pretty sure you can simply not log in if you want to avoid the Google radar.

  • Den Ce Sep 26, 2013 Link to comment

    Who the F... is Google and you to say something is more relevant when comments are in question???? You are both trolls!

  • Amy R. Sep 26, 2013 Link to comment

    This kind of crap just pisses me off. Become another blip in Google's filter bubble once again!! Nope, not for me. I might as well move to Mars............... Sorry Utube.