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It's Official: Google Will Be Presenting the New Nexus on October 29th

Will the new Nexus be manufactured by LG?

That's the question we're expecting Google to answer on October 29th, when the company holds a press conference in New York to announce the next Nexus and Android 4.2. 

 A press invite has been sent out to 29 lucky journalists, with the header reading "The playground is open" –the same motto Google used when hyping their Nexus 7 tablet. Therefore, it is virtually certain that the next Nexus will be unveiled at this event. The LG Nexus 4 has now repeatedly shown up online and we're pretty sure this is the device that we'll be seeing in New York. It's also possible that other Nexus smartphones will be unveiled by Samsung, Sony and HTC. Maybe Google will also show off a 32GB version of the Nexus 7, or possibly even a 10-inch Nexus tablet.

It's no coincidence, I'm sure, that Microsoft is unveiling their Windows Phone 8 Mobile OS on the exact same day. Who will steal the show? We'll have to wait and see...

Source: All Things D


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  • @Ti Mo haha yup. It's more fun for me to speculate that it refers to something more than simply the model number.

  • Ti Mo Oct 18, 2012 Link to comment

    Maybe it's called Nexus 4 cause it's he 4th Nexus? LOL
    Nahhhh, that thought too abstract ain't it?

  • @Tom Good point. I hope google sees the wisdom of not using LG as a sole OEM of the Nexus. Their phones have been far from stellar and I had one or two friends who ditched their optimus due to display issues - one had light bleeding and the other had a non functional touch screen in the lower corner.

    @Steven, hoping against hope yoy are right. Nexus 4, the 4 may refer to the screen size, capacity or number of OEMs involved. Hopefully we see Samsung, Moto and htc or Sony in the mix.

  • My guess is we'll be seeing multiple Google Nexus devices...

  • IMO using LG brand to produce Nexus ....The Nexus ....top of the line is a flop. LG , regardless how good the Nexus 4 might be , is a household utencils brand. Nobody wants Nexus phones from Whirlpool , LG , Bosch , Siemens , Miles. Former are simply household utencils .....period.
    Google IMO have not assessed correctly the market. Again IMO Nexus should be designed by Google and be assembled in Google stables ....Nexus is a Ferrari of Smart phones.
    However I wish the Great G all the best in further development of the Nexus Line.
    Myself , if there us no adequate product , I shall jump LG Nexus 4
    and wait for next Nexus.
    I don't wish to go around with an LG Degree Nexus.
    Have all great time on the day of presentation in NYC.
    Tom Golob