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Google's reportedly still launching a cheaper 'Pixel' phone this year

Google's reportedly still launching a cheaper 'Pixel' phone this year

Google is reportedly going to release a cheaper, more basic Android smartphone that doesn't carry the Pixel branding, this year. Details, like price or detailed specs, are less clear at this stage, however. 

According to information leaked to 9to5Google by a tipster, the Android handset is being developed by the same team that's working on the high-end Pixel 2 device we confirmed last week in an interview with Rick Osterloh, head of the Pixel team.

This device, according to the tip, is being referred to internally as the 'Pixel 2B' and would likely end up being aimed at emerging markets than the existing Pixel and upcoming Pixel 2 devices. The report says it's due to launch around the same time, or soon after, the Pixel 2, but also notes that it's still in prototype stage and might never see the light of day. 

If accurate, it's a move that would make a lot of sense for Google in terms of gaining more users its own hardware. Google already tries to ensure that devices are made available at lower prices as part of its Android One program in emerging markets, but controlling all the hardware and software itself allows it to keep full control over the process and the final quality.

There's no suggestion that the final cost will be under $100 though, as is the aim with Android One devices, or that it's in any way related to the program. This, of course, is all assuming that it does make it to launch, of which there's no guarantee with rumored devices. It's commonplace for a handset maker to build multiple variations of a device while working out which one(s) it wants to ultimately take to market. 

Either way, it seems it won't be due for a US release if it does eventually go on sale. 

Jonesing for the Pixel 2 but think it's going to be too expensive? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sorin Jan 5, 2018 Link to comment

    What can "cheap" mean ?!

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Mar 7, 2017 Link to comment

    hmm a cheaper Pixel...
    that would be a Nexus..
    or android one..
    ironically at least $200 of pixels current rrp is paying for the multi million dollar cost of mainstream advertising..
    by the largest advertising company in the world to advertise its own products..

  • The top end of the price range ($650+) is starting to get crowded by Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. Lenovo has mid and low end covered pretty well, but let's not forget they do have a couple of flagship phones as well. So it would be nice to see someone else keep the cost down for a change. Particularly since Google did that with the Nexus brand. I'm beginning to think that anything over $400 is overpriced and would prefer that under $300 would be a guide price point. Just need a few more CDMA phones for Verizon that would meet that and I'd be happy. Just saying.

    • Well, when you see what you are getting for price difference between op3t and pixel, then you can say that definitely everything over 400$ is overprised.
      Does "great" over "good" camera worth 400$ extra!? AI is something that is worth that money?
      Not to me...
      So, as long as for my money i am getting fast and optimized device, that comes with international warranty and service support (unlike Xiaomi, Meizu and some others...) i will never ever buy new flagship device from big brands again.
      Op3, last year's Huawei p9, s7 HTC 10...they all now cost around 400$ and with rumors about price increases (like S8 and iP8) that would mean it's half of price of new flagships, and i don't think that those things are going to be that much better.

      Yes, we all that comes here, on this and other similar sites are interested in phones and other gadgets,so we are spending on things wr love... but imagine what we could do if we just don't go that high!?
      If you leave 400$ in your pocket for sometime other... Some other gadget, holiday, weekend out, new clothes... Gift for your love ones, and why not charity!?
      If only 10% of iPhone and s8 buyers would go for something else, and price difference would give to charity, some really good things could be done.

    • More CDMA phones would awesome.

  • It's really not fair to think that EVERYONE in the US is rich enough for a $700-$800 phone. I will most likely NEVER spend more than $150 on a phone!

    • Even if you are rich, do you really need 800$ phone!?
      Than, yes...you could afford it without thinking (after all phones are still relatively cheap)... But why?
      Because you need it or that others around you see that you have latest and greatest!?
      Are you (not pointing directly to you personally) buying new laptop every year!?
      It's just like a laptop or a car for me, if it's good business investment i will buy it, but if i can do same or similar job with cheaper device... Well, meybe it's just me.. I don't like Kardashians, i don't need BLING-BLING to show people that i eorth something...

      • I typically keep a PC that's running well until about a year after microsoft obsoletes its windows version. I spent $500 on an i5 laptop in 2015, running win 8.1, and i expect it'll still be doing a good job in 2020. Given that I spent $500 for an entire PC w/16GB RAM, $800 for a phone??? Never gonna happen -- I have MUCH better things to do with my money... like, mortgage, insurance, groceries, etc. This is why I bought a ZTE Zmax Pro -- solid mid-range specs and performance (with a 6" screen and 3400mAh battery!), at a budget price ($99 at MetroPCS). I don't waste time on games, so a solid mid-range device is more than adequate. It *would* be nice to have bare-bones Android, but I'm sure as heck not paying $800 for it.

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