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Google Sound Search Leaked For All ICS Devices

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — Jul 2, 2012

Shazam and SoundHound better watch out because Google's latest invention - Google Sound Search - is available for download for ICS devices. Also known as Google Ears, the new Jelly Bean feature allows users to identify songs - and then purchase them from the Google Play Store. The new widget will come preinstalled on all Jelly Bean device, but has already been leaked for ICS phones. So what are you waiting for?

Google have done a great job of taking the original conception from Shazam and then stripping it of all the fluff. Reducing the song recognition to widget is a very practical idea, allowing users to identify tracks even faster than before. Now with just one tap, Google Ears can identify virtually any song. And best of all, a user over at XDA Developers has been kind enough to release the apk file of Google Sound Search so that anyone with an ICS phone whether rooted or not can enjoy the feature before Jelly Bean drops. 

You can download the Google Sound Search aka Google Ears here. What is your verdict? Is it better than both SoundHound and Shazam?




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