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Project Ara: Google shows you how to make own smartphone parts

Google has just announced that it is set to host the first ever Ara developer’s conference this April. The conferences which will have three parts will basically show people what they can do with the company’s modular phone project. This is the first piece of information we have had about the actual project since Google announced that it was keeping project Ara but selling off Motorola to Lenovo last month.

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Google has just announced the first Ara developer's conference in April / © Google

The first conference will be held online via a live and interactive Q&A, although a limited number of individuals will be able to attend in person. According to the project’s website, the conference will focus on the Ara module developer’s kit which gives people the basic information that they would need in order to make their own Ara module. Google will also have prizes and things of that nature for module developers.

This means that this is something that Google is definitely taking very seriously, much like Google Glass in its early stages. This announcement seems to bring the existence of phones which can be customized with different parts closer to a reality.

You can get a brief glimpse into project Ara with the YouTube video below. What do you make  of the whole concept? Please leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.

Source: The Verge



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  • i think this project is not meant for ppl, but for companies that want to get in that market, wherecan we buy just 1 cpu, 1 gpu, just a few of ram memories, buy 1 or 2 rom memory, no one sell that like they sell in pc market, maybe in the future, but not soon, now, is no big company that will let someone unknown on that market to come up with a smartphone that will make their high-end phones look like an old junk, same thing that happens with the cars that are not using comun fuel

  • Mark R. Feb 27, 2014 Link to comment

    yes I think this is a great project...maybe I'll finally get a high performance, water proof, dual sim phone without a camera...

  • Reg Joo Feb 27, 2014 Link to comment

    This idea could reinvigorate certain electronics mfgs, could you guess who should
    be interested in this? PC motherboard mfgs, and case makers. You can make your own
    PCs, so why can't you do it with your phone? It would have the benefit of getting everybody into the mobile game.

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