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Google+ App Gets Updated, Blows Facebook App Out of the Water
Google+ Apps 1 min read 4 comments

Google+ App Gets Updated, Blows Facebook App Out of the Water

A while back, Google launched this social networking site that is today inhabited ghosts and cockroaches. Called Google+, it was supposed to obliterate Facebook. Sadly, no one joined (except 5 people).

Well, 5 people, you should be happy to know that the official Google+ app has been updated! And it actually looks really, really great! Like, seriously, if there were like 5 MORE people who joined Google+ I would totally rather check this app than the useless garbage Facebook app which is literally like Microsoft Word's Paperclip pooping on a dead rat.

The new app features a dramatically improved UI, improved navigation, easy access to Hangouts, support for post editing, and the ability to download posts or Messenger conversations. But greatest of all is the UI, which today looks incredibly smooth and sexy. Maybe with all of these updates, more friends will join. But for now, us 5 are having a lot of fun not being on Facebook.

(Photo: TheVerge.com)

Source: CNET


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  • Actually a lot of people joined google+, just most of them aren't very active on it.

  • The update certainly offers a smooth UI, but there is a learning curve to go with it. Also, I miss the option to just see my stream... Without the other non-friends and family.. It may still be in there but I have yet to filter it to my old settings..

    I'll continue to play with it and agree, it is SLICK !

  • Para todo el mundo google tiene un programa que viene siendo como sifuera Bluray para la experiencia de google lea dado algo grande quepensar A facebook

  • I already noticed that the English language users like the new app with all the eye candy. But when it come to usability and readability the new app is just plain horrible.

    Well, on the Galaxy Nexus it is kind of OK but on the Transformer it is pure augenkrebs.

    {Interesting that google translate translates the German term “augenkrebs” (used by Germans for horrible user interfaces and literally means eye cancer) into well “augenkrebs” :-) }