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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has the reputation of the being the “nicest” of the GTA series. Rockstars scored massively by introducing GTA III to the Android platform—so now the question is: can Rockstars achieve as much success with this classic? And how will this classic game play out on smaller displays? Let's find out.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.03 1.07

Features & Use

Test device:Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android Version: 4.1.1
Root: No
Modificationen: None

The required permissions strike us as straight-forward.

The 1980s—crazy times (which I was only able to experience for less than one month of my life, so I don't remember much at all). Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came out in 2002 but feels very 80s thanks to the graphics and soundtrack and basically the overall flavour of the game. I've always appreciate the black humour and backstories that come with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

In case you've not heard of Grand Theft Auto here's a quick intro: you're transported into a virtual city/region that's quite reminiscent of mid-80's Miami in the case of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and NYC/Liberty City in the case of Grand Theft Auto IV. Criminals are at large and the cities are riddled with crooks and corruption.
There's a fun freedom that comes with playing these games: the cities feel dynamic and you are quite free to roam around and accept different missions. Most means of transportation can be used to roam around the city in.
In a nutshell: GTA games are a fun mix of racer and shooter game, set in a free world. What really sets the games apart – for me – is that use of satire and black humour to address social issues, many of which are pulled from the real world, including some of the characters involved in the issues. Check out the trailer to get a better feel for this game genre.

But how does the Android version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City score? My answer: very well! You get the full version of the game, and if you played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back in the day I predict that you'll agree with me that there aren't any details missing.

Bottom line:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a near perfect rendition of the popular console game for Android devices. It's lots of fun to play and I would recommend it to any GTA fan or curious newbie!

Screen & Controls

Controls are pretty awesome, but playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on a touchscreen won't be the same experience as when using a real Controller, especially when you're involved in more complex missions or even situations such as maneuvering a tighter passage. You'll find that controls aren't as precise, but they are very good and can also be adapted to individual preferences.

As for graphics: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City looks amazing on the large 5.55” HD display of the Galaxy Note 2, and very true to what you might be used to from playing the game on a console. There are, course, slight difference: some textures are more pixelled, mainly when it comes to signs. Overall Grand Theft Auto: Vice City looks fantastic though.


Speed & Stability

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City performed ultra smoothly, even when on the highest setting on a Galaxy Note 2. While we do want to point out that Note 2 software is very powerful and the app's performance may vary if you're running it on lower quality devices. Open-World games such as GTA require high performance and the graphics can be adapted and dialed down.

The app crashed once, aside from that we didn't experience any problems with it.


Price/Performance Ratio

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City costs EUR4.63 from the Google Play Store, which is not exactly peanuts for a game app. However, this GTA is well made and we predict that GTA fans will get a lot of pleasure out of it, so the game is worth it in this sense.



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


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