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Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge

Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge

Every now and then a game comes out that wins almost all gamers' hearts. Be it an original gameplay, great storyline, fun graphics or a combo of all of the above, some games are winners.

In Granny Smith a little rascal gets his kicks out of nicking apples from an elderly lady, Mrs. Smith, who in turn is set on retrieving her beloved fruit. So she grabs her cane and runs after him as best she can.

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Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.2 1.3.5

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Modifications: None

Before we start: Some of you might be wondering why you're seeing this review again, seeing as we'd originally published it not too long ago; this is because Granny Smith is our app of the week and you can download it for only EUR 0.98 till December 23rd, exclusively right here on AndroidPIT!

The jazzy music sets the right tone for the game, as does the sepia colour scheme and retro TV screen aesthetic.

Before you start playing your first round you can check out the tutorial which shows how you – as Granny Smith – can don roller skates and a cane to chase the apple thief.

Controls are simple: hit the button on the right to jump into the air and turn clockwise.
The left button lets you raise the walking stick and glide.

The parcour takes you through a series of landscapes: green, grassy hills, over rooftops... what one won't do for the sake of apples!

Collect coins along the way by jumping and turning mid-air so that you land on your feet. Perfect jump stunts earn you extra points.

You can collect up to three apples per level. At the end of each level you'll receive a small award with which you may purchase new items from the main menu. These include helmets, bananas and baseball balls.

If you're wearing a helmet you'll be able to get up and keep going right away in the event that you fall. Place the banana peels on the ground and set little traps for the thief; they'll make him slow down. Baseball balls let you destroy certain obstacles.

There are three worlds à 12 levels. When you successfully complete a world a new character is activated: Scruffy the dog and Stanley.

Additional coins may be purchased via the Play Store, but this is not vital to the game.

The audio quality of the background music and sound effects is great and I chose to keep them on as they're a nice addition to the game – and that's saying a lot considering that I almost always switch off the music/sound effects due to poor audio quality.

Bottom line:

Granny Smith is very nicely made: good graphics, a simple but fun gameplay and cool music. The great thing about this game is that even when you lose you are still motivated to keep playing.

There aren't enough levels for my liking (57 at the moment), but a little birdie told me that more levels will be released in the not so distant future. 

Screen & Controls

As mentioned, the Granny Smith graphics are fun and sweet and I'm sure you'll appreciate the cartoon-like look of the game.

Controls take a while to figure out but once you've settled in they're lots of fun as well as challenging.



Speed & Stability

Granny Smith runs really well and without crashing.


Price/Performance Ratio

Granny Smith costs EUR 1.82, which seems like a fair price. The snag in the story is that currently only 36 levels are available and seeing as making it through these levels doesn't take very long one can only hope that more levels are in the works.

Virtual coins cost either EUR 1.05 for 1 000 coins or EUR 2.03 for 3 000. There's no need to purchase additional coins, but if you choose to do so we find the prices to be fair.

Update: Granny Smith is currently our app of the week (until December 23rd) and we're pleased to offer a special rate of only EUR 0.98 from the AndroidPIT App Center!



Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge Granny Smith – Granny's Revenge

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