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Gravity Wins - Make Newton Proud!

Gravity Wins - Make Newton Proud!

Some games just never get old. Especially ones that kept you occupied as a child. Gravity Wins is a spin-off of the very popular Connect Four game, loved and cherished by children and grownups alike. The more polished and smartphone-friendly version of the game is bound to win new fans so why don’t we give a test now, shall we?


Reviewed version Latest version
1.9 2.05

Features & Use

The basic idea behind Connect 4 is to align four round pieces in a row – something all of you surely already know. The main question here is: can Gravity add some spice to an old and worn out classic?

Indeed, Gravity wins switches things around quite a bite. The thing is that the game board makes a 90 degree turn clockwise at regular interval. So every time you think you’ve got something figure out, the game is quite literally turned on its head. As a result, the game requires a lot more strategic thinking and concentration than the original.

This small but meaningful twist is what makes Gravity wins so great and probably the best Connect Four clone on the market. It’s much more fun and challenging at the same time to play against real people with your own strategy and see who comes out on top in the end.

The multiplayer is where it’s at with Gravity Wins. The only problem is that the difference between single and multiplayer isn’t very clear. When you’re playing against the computer, the CPU switches between being a push-over to being a super experienced player. After a while, you start catching on and can find ways to predict what the computer’s next move wil be.

Obviously, this is my own evaluation of the difficulty level and maybe others will find my analysis to be a bit out of whack.

So that basically sums things up as far as the game itself is concerned. The Settings are also really basic: all you can do is turn the background sounds on or off. You can also adjust the number of turns after which the board should flip.

Unfortunately, the game lacks a real online multiplayer mode. What a shame, really, because a great game like this is just meant to be played online.

Another thing missing is the ability to customize the game to fit your personal needs and tastes. Changing the design and color of the pieces, board or background is not a part of this game.

Bottom Line:

Gravity Wins is a great and fun little game with multiplayer potential, which it unfortunately fails to fulfill. Playing against the smartphone computer is OK, but it would be a gazillion times better to play against a real human being with an organic brain.

But to give credit where it’s due: Gravity Wins is still worth a try for all those Connect Four fans. Having said that, any major improvements would be a welcome addition.


Screen & Controls

Except for the lack of customizing option, Gravity Wins still scores well in this section.

When in the midst of the action, you won’t have to worry about any lags or crashed – everything runs smoothly and reliably. Another positive aspect is the whole graphic layout of the game. It’s just nice to see the pieces fall into piece and the board rotate around the screen. Throughout the menus and game screens there are always neat animations as eye candy for you.



Speed & Stability

Absolutely now issues with stability and performance. No crashes, lags or any of that other nonsense. The only time you'll have to wait for a more than a split-second is when Gravity Wins first starts up. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Gravity Wins is available to download from the AndroidPIT App Center. 


Gravity Wins - Make Newton Proud! Gravity Wins - Make Newton Proud! Gravity Wins - Make Newton Proud! Gravity Wins - Make Newton Proud!

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