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Green Power Premium – Longer Battery Life Made Easy

Green Power Premium – Longer Battery Life Made Easy

Battery life + smartphones = … well, I don't know what it equals, but it's certainly no match made in heaven. Luckily there are a lot of things that can be done to help prolong the battery's energy levels, including fully automatic apps such as Green Power Premium. More details below.


Reviewed version Latest version
4.14 9.36

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Nexus S
Android version: 2.3.6

More running time—that's what we all want, right? To not be slaves to our power outlets and all that jazz... There are plenty of apps that promise to improve the running time of smartphones, be it task killers or other types of battery savers. Green Power Premium sets itself apart from the rest: according to the developers, once a user has configured his or her personal preferences, the app will continue running automatically, meaning one can simply forget about it. It does so by 'smartly managing Wifi, Mobile data & Bluetooth'.

Here's an overview of the most important functions:

  • WiFi management
  • Mobile data mnagement
  • Bluetooth management
  • Traffic check: Helps prevent disturbances for other applications
  • Night mode
  • Clean UI
  • 12 languages
  • Easy widget
  • Tasker and local plug-in

The application is only 1,01 MB after it's been installed. The homescreen harbours some information related to the battery and settings, as well as the different options and functions which can be accessed via the menu:

  • Status: Displays information about the mode you selected as well as remaining battery life in percent
  • Messages
  • Settings
  • Tag mode
  • Night mode

I never switch my phone off at night, so I was particularly curious about the night mode. I could switch off functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. manually every evening, but why bother when this application can take over and do these thigns automatically?

How did we actually test this application for you?
We used a Nexus S, the battery life of which (when used normally) is around 40 hours. I don't make a lot of calls but I do use a lot of widgets and have about 70 apps installed, I write a lot of text messages (via WhatsApp) as well as emails, and I will occasionally play games. Unless it's for work I hardly ever use Bluetooth, though WiFi and 3G are always turned on.

As I mentioned, for me the general settings and day and night mode were the most interesting aspects. To preserve my phone's battery, I chose the following options:
WiFi, Mobile data and Bluetooth settings

I stuck to the recommended settings as far as WiFi and mobile data go, meaning the app automatically switches both functions on and off according to the other settings. There are advanced settings that you can fiddle around with if you so wish, but I really didn't feel the need to, and plus it is only recommended for advanced users to try their hand here.

Day & Night settings:

Day mode

  • Duration for wireless ON
  • Duration for wireless OFF
  • Switch on: Wireless is switched on when device is unbarred
  • Power supply: WiFi is automatically switched on and stays on when device is hooked up to power supply

Night mode

  • First set when night time begins and ends
  • I selected WiFi and mobile data to be switched off at night. Should you want one or the other to switch on during certain times of the night you can configure the settings.

General settings:


  • Display off: Wireless is switched off 20 seconds after the display has been switched off (select a period between 0 seconds and 10 minutes), the advantage here being that should you be in downloading something or should there be any other form of active data traffic, Green Power Premium will not switch WiFi off until all traffic has ended.
  • Traffic settings
  • Traffic threshold (i.e. the data limit of when WiFi is switched off): 1k/B
  • Traffic check duration: 10 seconds (the shorter the amount of time the better for saving battery power; longer periods make sense for users using streaming apps)

WiFi remains on when I'm making calls, seeing as I don't make all that many. I don't tend to use hot spots, so I unticked the option from the list. Lastly, I set Green Power to start up when booting, and for notifications to be sent via the colourful logo.

There's an overview of all settings options in the app's main window.

Well folks, those are the settings I opted for, seeing as they best suit my individual needs. The real testing phase begins now and will last for the next few days at least—I'll see whether the app helps me save battery power. Should you have already tried Gree Power Premium please share your experiences and opinions in the comments below!

Bottom line:
Okay, so I've been testing this application for just over a week now and I must say that I've noticed a difference as far as battery power goes. Thanks to the automated switching on and off of WiFi and mobile date my device tends to last between 5-8 hours longer than it usually does.
Green Power Premium is a remarkable tool, kind of like a garlic wreath against energy vampires.
The settings options are extensive and allow users to make the most out of the app's potential by adapting it to their own preferences. What I like best (aside from more battery life, of course) is that all it takes is one set up/configuration and then the app does the rest by itself, without you having to think about anything. Battery saver, time saver, top notch!

Screen & Controls

I found Green Power Premium to be pretty much self-explanatory. As mentioned earlier, the settings are the most important function, as they will allow you to adapt the app to you own preferences.

Controls and navigating the app are fairly simple, seeing as explanations and how-to's are provided for each function.

A small symbol located in the device's status bar provides quick access to the application—brilliant! A simple widget allows you to pause Green Power Premium.

Speed & Stability

Green Power Premium performed very well throughout the entire test phase. It doesn't crash, lag or freeze.

Price/Performance Ratio

Green Power Premium normally costs 1,46 Euro when downloaded from the Market, which is a fair price for this type of application. Seeing as it is our App of the Week it is currently available for only 75 Cent. A free version is also available; it features ad banners and doesn't come with as many functions (the night mode, for instance, is not included).


Green Power Premium – Longer Battery Life Made Easy Green Power Premium – Longer Battery Life Made Easy

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