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How would you like a half-priced HTC One M8 made of plastic?

How would you like a half-priced HTC One M8 made of plastic?

After HTC went on about the premium feeling metal chassis on the HTC One M8, even going to the extent of providing training manuals pitching the M8 against Samsung 's Galaxy S5, it looks like HTC may release a plastic chassis version of the One M8. While this may seem destructive to some, the cheaper material will reportedly make the plastic M8 half the price of the metallic version. It looks like it will be a device for the Asian market only and should be released next month.

htc butterfly s 6
HTCs Butterfly range of devices may have a new addition in the One M8. / © HTC

Putting flagship specs in a plastic version is nothing new for HTC, who have produced Butterfly devices for the Asian market previously. As a move in itself, offering the same specs in a cheaper build material that allows for a drastic price reduction is a nice move, but it's a little watered down considering HTC's chest beating about the cheap plastic of Samsung's flagship if they then release their own plastic smartphone. Still, a half-priced One M8 could provide some serious competition for the Galaxy S5, even more so than the aluminum version if a buyer prefers the weight and impact absorption of plastic housing.

HTC's flagship build quality is legendary, but will it translate to plastic? / © AndroidPIT

The pricing of the plastic One M8 in China, allowing for currency conversion, is around 485 USD (3000 yuan), whereas the metal-bodied One M8 comes in at the equivalent of 855 USD (5299 yuan). The report comes from TMTPost and is as always, to be taken with a grain of salt, especially when you consider the comment that there will be no distinction between the metal and plastic versions of the One M8, despite a recent benchmark that appeared suggesting that HTC's next Butterfly device would forgo the UltraPixel camera found on the One M8 for a regular 13 MP shooter instead. We don't have long to wait to find out at least.

Would you jump at the chance of a plastic, more affordable One M8? What do you think about offering a metal and plastic version of a device with the same internals?

Via: G4Games Source: TMT Post

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  • After having the Galaxy S3 mini it would depend on the type of plastic used, but I really like the feel & weight of the metal one

  • That's because I'm always in rant mode, turning it off just on rare occasions :D
    I absolutely agree with you regarding plastic bodies, some are cheap looking and feeling indeed. I would like some exotic material bodies, let's say graphene for example.

    • Yes! I wrote a thing a while back about Graphene and cannot wait for it to make its way to smartphones. I mean, the thing can be used to make the body, the display, the chips inside, everything. And it'll weigh nothing, be indestructible, highly conductive and so on and so forth. All that for probably only $950!

  • I'm really tired of this "metal is premium" BS. It's not. Everyone can slap a metal on anything. Especially such a cheap one as aluminum is. And it's really bad for the phones. And it's ugly to the touch. It's just the simplest way to present the "premium" feel to the weak minded.

    Still, de gustibus non est disputandum. There.

    /rant off

    • @Bojan, you forgot to add /rant on first! I think the issue really is with the kinds of plastic we're seeing. The Galaxy S3 was super cheap looking and feeling (to me anyway), but the S5, Nexus 5 and 7, and so on feel fine to me. Not cheap feeling at all (although I still hate the back of the S5). Perhaps it's just my personal preference for tacky rubber over shiny plastic. I personally have never had a metallic phone for shock/price/weight reasons, so there's a dark side to ''premium'' too.

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