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Handrite Notes Notepad Pro – Take handwritten notes in a flash

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro – Take handwritten notes in a flash

Writing notes and reminders is an important task that I require of my smartphone. By synchronizing my device, I always have a clear view over everything that I need to get done, which ensures that I will never forget something.

Since this isn't something that is just important to me alone, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of alternative apps, which offer many different useful functions. Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is an app that allows you to hand write the letters, just like the name announces. This app's many feature and practicality will be discussed in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.86 2.18

Features & Use

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2
Asus Nexus 7 with 4.2.2 Custom ROM

Once the app is started, you have a blank screen where the future notes will eventually appear. You'll be able to get started writing notes by using the small icons on the top bar of the screen. There's also the option of employing widgets that would then be displayed on your home screen. Afterwards, you're brought directly to the blank note, which is divided into various sections:

  • In the very top bar you can title the note, delete icons, share, as well as adjust the settings and export the note in PDF, to name a few.

  • Underneath, you'll be able to add various labels, which will allow you to filter through your notes. Information on settings and changes are also visible here.

  • Then, under the labels, the rest of the space is for your actual written note. Here you'll find three horizontal lines, reminiscent of good ol' school days, in which you'll write. By simply swiping your finger across the screen, lines appear instantly where your finger traces. This is how you write letters, numbers, signs, calculations or anything else you want. You can set the font and location to however you like, which gives you lots of freedom.

  • You'll find the functions bar at the bottom, where you can switch from handwriting to typing, choose other types of pens (width and color), as well as manage spaces and passages. You can also add your own pictures or self-drawn sketches (which is only available with other free apps).

Something I really liked was the fact that the handwritten words, spaces or passages aren't simply strong together. That being said, it should be clear to those wanting this app that its purpose is for quick note jotting. You're barking up the wrong tree if you plan on creating perfectly formed letters.

Once you're done writing your note, you can go back to the main screen and the note is automatically saved. It's easily organized by creating different sub-folders (or note books like the app calls them).

The app also has a few widgets that allow you to display your note on your screen as a constant and visible reminder (one note per widget). It would have been pretty cool if the developers had creating the scroll mechanic, native to Android, where you simply flip through the various notes in one widget.

The settings allow you to employ your notes for your various needs. For example, there's the automatic word input which replaces entering everything in manually, which I actually preferred.

You're also able to edit the various tips, automatic spaces and random viewing options. Configuration options for exporting documents are also available.

There's one problem that really bothered me. The size and widthof the pen kept on switching back and forth from thick to thin, which was annoying. On the other hand, the thickness is easily readjusted, so it just takes a second to fix.

Bottom Line

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is an app that does exactly what is is advertised to do: fast and simple note writing.

These notes can easily be modified. However, don't expect perfectly written texts, which isn't necessary for speedy note taking.

Something I find very important, that unfortunately this app doesn’t have, is the capability to synchronize. This would have meant writing notes on one device and being able to view them on another. One possibility for the developers would have been to make this happen with a Cloud provider like DropBox.

All in all, Handrite Pro is a satisfactory app, especially for quick note-taking and sketch-making. Obviously it would be great to have a device like the Galaxy Note that offers a stylus, which would allow you to write more accurately.

Screen & Controls

Handrite Notes Notepad Pro incorporated a design that is intune to the Android Holo look that I really like. What's more it's well set up making fast note taking easy.

In order to make writing notes easier, the app offers you a tip once in a while. These can be turned off in the settings.

Speed & Stability

In terms of speed, there is nothing to complain about with Handrite Notes Notepad Pro. What's most important with an app like this is that the writing of letters (swishing on the display) is accurately and quickly interepreted.

Price/Performance Ratio

We are presenting you with an exclusive offer: Handrite Notes Notepad Pro is our app of the week (08.04 – 14.4.13) and is going for only 1.91 US Dollars. Normally it costs $4.07.

Before actually spending any money, you can also take a peak at the free version, which doesn't allow you to export PDF files and has a limited amount of ''note books''.


Handrite Notes Notepad Pro – Take handwritten notes in a flash Handrite Notes Notepad Pro – Take handwritten notes in a flash Handrite Notes Notepad Pro – Take handwritten notes in a flash

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