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Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name?

Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name?

While looking for a game that I could test for you today, I came across "Hardest Game Ever 2" and wondered: with thousands of apps on the market, if someone actually dares to say this about their app, then it has to be worth a look.

Motivated by the title of the application, I wanted to find out if it really lives up to its title's promise. To find out the conclusion I have come to after playing the game, you'll have to read the test.


Reviewed version Latest version
14.0 11.0

Features & Use

When you start "Hardest Game Ever 2" you'll find yourself on the main screen, which leads to Stage or Arcade game modes (Arcade mode must be purchased). In Stage mode you have the choice of Original or Extreme packs, which lead in turn to level overviews (not all unlocked at the start). The different levels are divided into easy, normal, hard and insane. You always have to unlock all of a difficulty level to get to the next one.

When looking at the superficial levels it becomes evident that each game has to be completed with very different requirements. One is not faced with a specific game play procedure which you could practice and master over time. Instead, each level presents a completely different challenge that you must overcome. So in one level, for example, you have to tickle a foot that moves quickly, requiring speed of the player to come to the forefront.

In other games, such as calculating a certain number of scoops of ice cream cones, one must be fast, but it's more important not to lose your concentration, otherwise you will have to start over. The same principle is followed in Level 4, whose goal is to help a little boy overcome the steps to the toilet. Maximum speed is required. If you accidentally take too many steps, you will fall off and must begin anew.

So it is the combination of concentration and speed exercises, coupled with ever-changing requirements, that makes for the variety and difficulty in this game. A pattern can only be seen in the controls. The game screen usually features different colored boxes at the bottom that you must press in order depending on the task at hand (to climb stairs, for example).

Although I have not yet played through the entire game, I must say that, while a few of the levels certainly take a few attempts before you have mastered them, the game is unlikely to claim the ultimate "Hardest Game Ever" title.
It's still not a bad choice for a title though, because it motivated me enough to at least play.
And even if Hardest Game Ever 2 is probably not the hardest game ever, it brings both variety and fun, and is, for me at least, a nice game to pass the time.

Screen & Controls

"Hardest Game Ever 2" is, in terms of screen design, very clear and colorful. Before you start playing, you can set settings for music and effects volume in the main menu (the background music is a little annoying and the effects should be turned down a bit if you plan to play several levels).

If you can't continue through the levels you have the opportunity to download cheats on the app. A "Cheat Heart" costs 0.99USD. Three cost 1.99USD.

Every level is introduced by a short guide that explains what to do. You can repeat levels as many times as you want. Once mastered, the level remains unlocked even after you exit the app.

You have the option to register via Facebook to view high score lists when you first play, and again after successfully finishing a level.
All in all, I must say I find Hardest Game Ever 2 simple and clear to use.

Speed & Stability

With the speed of ''Hardest Game Ever 2'' I was very pleased. It never force closed, froze or lagged during my testing. Loading and waiting times were also fine.

Price/Performance Ratio

You can download the application ''Hardest Game Ever 2'' free in the Google Play Store.


Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name? Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name? Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name? Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name? Hardest Game Ever 2 – True to the name?

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