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Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild!
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Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild!

Don’t you just love the smell of gasoline, burnt rubber and hot asphalt? I’m sure all you motor sport fans out there will know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s Nascar or Formula 1 there’s little that can beat high speed car racing. Now you can finally rev up your engines straight from your Android phone.
Head To Head Racing - Full is the name of a game that brings motor sport excitement to your Android. Find out more in our test!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.0 1.1.4

Features & Use

Motor sport fanatics are all about taking their cars out for a thrilling ride. Head To Head Racing - Full may not be as impressive as the Need For Speed series, but it nevertheless offers a couple of exciting features.

In this game you don’t race against the computer, but against other real players like yourself!

In Career Mode you race against real life opponents from across the world. The winner gets the loser’s car. So you’ll have to win quite a few races in order to win and unlock new cars.
You start off riding a roller trying to collect as many points as possible. Slowly but surely you can unlock better vehicles. There are a total of 8 different car types available. The ultimate goal is unlocking the Formula 1 racecar. The racetracks vary as well according to your number of wins. You get to drive on original Formula 1 tracks. Malaysia, China, Spain and Brazil – they’re all there! There are a total of 32 different racetracks to try out.

Using the Race a Friend feature, you can select a friend to race against. All your friend needs is an Android Phone and an internet connection. When a player crosses the finish line, the other player is notified via email. The winner is the one that got the best time.
I can’t seem to understand why this function is so poorly organized. It would be much cooler to race a friend in real time. That would definitely make this game more appealing.

You can also play two-player using one device. Each player gets his turn at racing and then you can compare your times. Yet again, it would have been preferable to be able to race against each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, Head to Head Racing lacks this particular option.
Pressing the menu button in the main menu allows you to create a nickname and comment. All online players that you play against will know you by that nickname and comment.

Bottom Line:

I would’ve liked to see a couple more features. Racing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi would be a great improvement.
All I can say is: Head to Head Racing is great game to pass the time!

Screen & Controls

The graphics of Head To Head Racing - Full remind of the old school days of Super Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. They could’ve definitely made the graphics look better, but all you Nintendo geeks out there will be pleased.

There are two buttons located on the screen while you race. With the help of the magnifying glass, you can zoom in to the racetrack.

Once you’ve unlocked some of the fancy racecars, you’ll see a boost icon on your screen. Pressing this button gives you a short but intense speed-up.
The controls are the highlight of this game. The game uses the phone’s integrated motion sensors to control the direction of the car. No need for any additional buttons. It’s about as intuitive and easy as playing on Wii.

Speed & Stability

Lags? Nope! Crashes? None! Head To Head Racing - Full is extremely reliable!

Price/Performance Ratio

Head To Head Racing - Full can be downloaded for $1.99 from the Android Market.

Before purchasing the app, you can give the lite version a try.


Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild! Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild! Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild! Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild! Head To Head Racing - Full: Born to Be Wild!

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