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Help me find the best Android keyboard

Help me find the best Android keyboard

Last week, I included SwiftKey in my most overrated apps list. Some of you agreed that it's far from the best keyboard app, and some of you were surprised by my choice. Currently, I'm using Google Keyboard, but I'm also in the market for recommendations. Help me find a better keyboard! Give me your recommendations, and I will try one out for a week.

AndroidPIT most overrated apps 4
Not for me. / © ANDROIDPIT

I used SwiftKey for several months before finally uninstalling it. I found the predictive text to be inaccurate and inefficient. Some suggested I disable it, but the thing is, I want the feature, just not the way SwiftKey does it.

Prior to SwiftKey, I was using the Samsung keyboard that came as stock on my Galaxy S6. Now, I'm on Google Keyboard. I am happy with Google's offering, but can't help but feel, having read your comments, that there are better options out there.

androidpit fleksy keyboard 2
Could Fleksy Keyboard be the best keyboard? I have no idea. You tell me. / © ANDROIDPIT

I'm asking for your recommendations on the best alternative to Google Keyboard that isn't SwiftKey. The most popular recommendation, or the most persuasively argued, will win my heart and my time.

I will try out one keyboard app for a week and report back on whether or not I find it preferable to Google Keyboard.

So, please, take to the comments and let me know what Android keyboard you think will win me over.

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  • It is just a matter of choice. Google keyboard is great following their material layout option but I uninstalled it because I was looking for emojis. Fleksy on the other hand is cool but Android keyboard is more cool. Now, I'm using ai.type keyboard which has all my choice.

  • Check out the Kika Emoji Keyboard. Not only does it have 1600+ emojis and hundreds of stickers, it also partners with GIPHY for quick access to the whole GIPHY GIF library. The swiping and predictive text features, and the customization options are pretty great too. Oh, and we were featured at SXSW2016. (note: I work for them, though I push because I care :D).

  • After quickly learning to despise swiftkey and swype keyboards, I finally grew accustomed to Fleksy due to it's customization options though at times I will switch to google keyboard. Sometimes I will even just rock the default samsung keyboard for a week or two at a time. Having a custom keyboard is nice at times, especially if you swap languages often but I find little use in most out there now.

  • i use Ai keyboard its fantastic

  • I've tried Fleksy, Minuum, and Google Keyboard. They are all great, and I used Fleksy until now. In my opinion, Fleksy is good and very customizable. Minuum is good if you like minimalistic. Google Keyboard isn't really customizable and minimalistic, but maybe there's something that i don't know.

  • Paolo Mar 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Fleksy is SIGNIFICANTLY more efficient for punching out long text (Tumblr posts and forum comments) than Swiftkey in my usage. Or maybe that's partly because I did a poor job of training Swiftkey's prediction...

  • As some others here, I've also tried them all and keep falling back to SwiftKey all the time. It's just the best, but most of all: the fastest.

  • I've tried them all. I keep going back to swiftkey. Fleksy is cool, but has some massive issues when I'm typing. I end up rewriting over and over.

  • Touchpal works best if you don't wanna spend. Otherwise Swype is next to perfection.

  • joost Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Swype! Just because the prediction is much better, especially in my language: Dutch. But I miss the little arrows with which you can move the cursor, swift had it but can't find it on swift.

  • Multiling O keyboard: I don't type English all the time; this one you can easily customize for your language, layout, letters, ...

  • Right now i am on Google Keyboard but i have used Flesky too... In my opinion Flesky is better than Swiftkey.

  • Try Minuum Keyboard.

  • Like it

  • I love Google Keyboard. It actually remembers what u type, like anything else, you have to "train" it, hahaha. I tried Fleksy, like Mark S., could never get it, and never bothered with it. Initially I was on Samsung Keyboard. I installed Google Keyboard. I have this insane idea that I have a Google OS, why not have EVERYTHING Google. haahah. So I got myself a Nexus 9, which also comes preinstalled with Google Keyboard.

  • for tapping I like swiftkey...for swiping, I like swype...for a little bit of both I like Google Keyboard

    I change keyboards far too often. I tried fleksy, but couldn't get into it

  • dgw Mar 19, 2016 Link to comment

    I think I own most but I keep going back to Swype. It is the fastest entry keyboard for me. I will type emails on my phone because I can type faster than on my laptop.

  • Fleksy all the way!

  • When I first got my Galaxy S6, moving from an iPhone 4, the first thing somebody told me to do was to install Swiftkey. Right away I could see why. I've tried Google keyboard, and while I like the use of it, there is no option for a numbers row, and that's a total turn off for me. But I see lots of recommendations for Fleksy, so I'll give that a go for a while.

  • Personally, it's got to be SwiftKey all the way. In my opinion, and on my devices, it's the fastest, best performing, nicest, and most customisable keyboard out there, hands-down.

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