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Finding Android's best keyboard: my week with Fleksy

Finding Android's best keyboard: my week with Fleksy

Almost two weeks ago, I asked you to recommend me an Android keyboard that wasn't Google Keyboard (which I love) or SwiftKey (which I hate). The results leaned heavily in Fleksy's favor, so I installed it as my typing companion for a week. Here's how it faired below my thumbs.

AndroidPIT keyboard fleksy hero 3
Installed and ready to go. / © ANDROIDPIT

Tallying the votes across the article comments and on Facebook, almost half of you recommended I try Fleksy. Although I know several people who do or have used Fleksy, I had never tried it out, so I was going in blind. I promised to try out the most-recommended keyboard for a week. So whether I loved or loathed it from the start, it had time to warm or cool below my inquisitive opposable digits.

It seemed, from the start, that I had stumbled across Fleksy at an opportune moment. Until the latest update, it had hashtags, stickers and gifs as standard additions to the keyboard. I never use these things, and they would have just cluttered up the interface, so I was quick to get rid of them. All themes are now free, too, so I set it up with a nice material design appearance.

AndroidPIT keyboard fleksy hero 5
With Material Design, a smaller size, and a number row, Fleksy suited me just fine. / © ANDROIDPIT

Fleksy is actually quite a pretty keyboard. I shrank it down a size, so it was less intrusive, and I was happy with the way it looked, although I still prefer Google Keyboard's minimalist styling.

After spending, a while with Fleksy, and getting used to some of its features, like the swipe gestures to change between suggestions and delete entire words, it was clear the Fleksy is a really ergonomic keyboard and extremely responsive.

I would say, based on my very subjective experience, that I was typing quicker on Fleksy than any keyboard I've used before. It's possible, but for me not preferable, to go without having a spacebar, and its autocorrect was spot-on most of the time. Using acronyms, there was a bit of stuttering and confusion, but after that initial head-scratching by Fleksy, it began allowing me to use WTF, without turning it into EGGS.

AndroidPIT keyboard fleksy hero 1
I had to contain Fleksy's predilection for eggs. / © ANDROIDPIT

A long press brings up the symbols, which saves a ton of time, and the last word you typed pops up at the top of the keyboard in small type, so you don't have to keep flicking your eyes to the text itself to check that everything's going smoothly up there.

AndroidPIT keyboard fleksy hero 2
I use the long press to bring up symbols a lot. / © ANDROIDPIT

In fact, the only thing I didn't like about Fleksy was that, if I inserted a comma after a word, it wouldn't autocorrect the word. So I had to go back and delete it and type it again to make a correction. Luckily, I found an Autocorrect with punctuation setting in the menu, which sorted this out immediately.

Making this change, and blocking notifications from the app, made Fleksy a steadfast and restrained companion. Although my inner aesthete recoils, it remains my default keyboard. Thanks for the recommendation, AndroidPIT readers!

Do you use Fleksy? What do you like and dislike about it? Let me know in the comments.

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  • I'm still using it. Its theme, chameleon theme is best. Smooth typing and simple look.

  • Make sure to stick with Fleksy for 3 days, I didn't like it at first but it gets amazing once you get good at using it.. SwiftKey is just irritating, always incorrectly autocorrecting things that are already correct wasting time for no reason.

    Double thumbing away at rapid speed (which is how I'm writing this comment) is just so much more efficient and when you get used to the little swiping tricks it becomes very fast.

  • Try SwiftKey Neural. It's much better than main branch SwiftKey.

  • I tried Fleksy, Go (ew), Google, Kii, Minuum, SwiftKey, Swype, each for a 2 day period, and Fleksy was by far my favourite and quickest to type on.

  • Paolo Mar 31, 2016 Link to comment

    Swiftkey has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY in swiping accuracy as of late (I'd try to swipe "swiping" and it confuses it with "sweeping", and it happens to so many words that overlap with where you swipe and the letters it "touches". Frustrating is an understatement!)

    Fleksy is so much better for rapid typing in my experience...

  • Tried Fleksy for a bit, but after getting used to swipe keyboards with word prediction, Fleshy seems a bit out dated to me.

  • I've tried to like Fleksy, usually after I read an article like this one. But just something about it doesn't agree with me. I'll stick to Swiftkey. I've been using Swiftkey Neural, it's a little different. Not sure how.

  • Found Fleksy terrible! Swype or Swiftekey both far better.

  • McNeil Mar 30, 2016 Link to comment

    please try xperia keyboard!!! Pretty please lol

    • Paolo Mar 31, 2016 Link to comment

      Unless you own an ACTUAL Xperia or have root and custom ROMs, you can't actually use it. Last I used it two YEARS ago, it was decent enough.

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