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History Eraser – Good-bye and Good Riddance!
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History Eraser – Good-bye and Good Riddance!

A smartphone is a versatile little tool. Phoning, surfing, sending email and SMS, watching videos and lots more: all in one good-looking package. The downside is that all of your activity is recorded, including search history. The searches and cache take up a fair amount of space, sometimes so much so that it will actually affect a device's performance.

History Eraser can help you combat this pesky problem. Find out how in our review below.


Reviewed version Latest version
4.1.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.1.2
Root: No
Modifications: None

The app History Eraser is exactly what its name suggests: a giant eraser/rubber to help rid you of app cache. This clears away more space within storage and even helps enhance the device's overall performance. A win-win scenario, especially when you consider that the space sucked up by cache is sometimes ten times larger than an actual app itself. So you can just imagine what your storage looks like if you've installed multiple apps, some of which will be running simultaneously.

I opened History Eraser and, lo and behold, my 60 apps are taking up more than 260 MB for the cache. My Galaxy Nexus can handle it, but older generation devices might start sputtering at this point.

Aside from clearing cache, History Eraser can also rid you of the smartphone's history which includes browser history and clipboard as well as search history in the Play Store and Google Maps and Gmail.
You can also erase call lists, SMS and MMS, YouTube search results and search tags within Google search. The latter two options can be done externally via settings windows on Google search / YouTube.

Tick boxes to select which histories you wish to delete. There is also an option for clearing everything in one go. This will clear away all elements.

Another interesting option can be found in the settings: you can activate to have a certain option be applicable every time the display becomes active, meaning certain elements will automatically always be deleted. This is an especially viable option if you're worried that third parties can get their hands on your device and consult your histories and/or call lists.

Bottom line:

History Eraser does what it promises to do and is very reliable. More free space means the device will deliver a better performance (which, of course is contingent on the device itself). I managed to clear 270 MB of cache and felt pretty pleased, like after a good spring cleaning ;)


Screen & Controls

History Eraser is easy to use and navigate. The list views are excellent.

Ads are displayed within the app but they are not intrusive.


Speed & Stability

History Eraser runs very smoothly. Deleting search histories is simple and straight-forward.


Price/Performance Ratio

History Eraser is free from the App Center. Ads are displayed within the app.



History Eraser – Good-bye and Good Riddance! History Eraser – Good-bye and Good Riddance! History Eraser – Good-bye and Good Riddance! History Eraser – Good-bye and Good Riddance!


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    Deactivated Account Nov 14, 2012 Link to comment

    I don't think it'll be possible... But go ahead and ask questions of that nature in the forum, perhaps someone will be able to help you out there!

  • can you root my phone remotely with an app down load? if you can please do so.